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Michael Bay
  Michael Bay Michael Bay is an American thriller filmmaker who is known for directing and producing big-budget action films characterized by fast cutting, stylistic visuals. In his work he is known for his etensive use of special effects, including fre!uent depictions of eplosions. As well as this there are very rarely any shots that are steady still shots.Bay started directing in his early #$%s working on advertisements and music videos. &e created music videos for 'ina 'uner and many more famous stars. In ())* he directed his first feature film, Bad Boys staring +ill mith, which grossed more than ($ millionworldwide. till his first prolific bo office hit film was /earl &arbor, which hit the cinemas in #$$(.&owever despite his many filmssuccess Bay still has received manycriticisms form his films. 0ountlesscritics say that that nearly all of hisfilms are similar in theme.1evertheless Bay is unmoved by thereviews and states that he makesfilms for teenage boys.  On the left shows one of the explosion scenes/shot showing Bay’s style and interpretation in the lmPearl Harbour. (!! # On the right shows the scene from  $ransformers (!!%# &imilar to the Pearl Harbour scene' with lots of explosion and long camera shots.
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