They Made Me Brave: Reflections on women in leadership | Tuberculosis

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They Made Me Brave: Reflections on women in leadership at CHoiCe Trust (CHoiCe) and the HIV/AIDS Prevention Group (HAPG) came out of a brief from Oxfam to 'collect and publish the stories of leadership emerging from the program and is intended to build on insights into successful leadership models in development'
  Case Study  Number 10 They made me brave Reections on women in leadership atCHoiCe Trust (CHoiCe) and the HIV/AIDS Prevention Group (HAPG)  BRAVE THEY MADE ME Rctis  wm i adrship at CHiC Trst (CHiC)ad th HIV/AIDS Prvti Grp (HAPG)  IN CONTEXT INTRODUCTION ãããããããããã PAGE 04 CECILE MANHAEVE 2 ããããã PAGE 09 HILARIA SIMON 4 ããããã PAGE 16 PUMLA MABIZELA 1 INTERVIEW WITH ãããããããããã PAGE 06    ã     ã     ã     ã     ã LYDIA POLE 3 PAGE 14
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