The Uneven Impact of Welfare Reform: The financial losses to places and people

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Welfare reform has become a defining feature of contemporary UK government policy. The impact of welfare reforms varies enormously from place to place and for different types of household. This report quantifies the impact of welfare reforms since 2010. It shows that the reforms have contributed to a widening of the prosperity gap between different regions of the UK, with families and working age adults worst affected, and knock-on effects to local economies. In total, 83 percent of the loss from the post-2015 reforms can be expected to fall on families. Parallel changes related to tax, the minimum wage, social sector rents and childcare are unlikely to offset these financial losses.
         1 THE UNEVEN IMPACT OF WELFARE REFORM The financial losses to places and people Christina Beatty and Steve Fothergill Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research Sheffield Hallam University March 2016 The research on which the report is based was funded by Sheffield Hallam University, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Oxfam. The views expressed are those of the authors alone.   2 The maps were produced using © Crown Copyright/database right (2015), an Ordnance Survey/EDINA supplied service. All data used in the calculations from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Nomis websites are subject to © Crown Copyright (2016). Data for Scotland from the National Records of Scotland (NRS) is subject to © Crown Copyright (2014).
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