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The Ohio State University Knowledge Bank Ohio Journal of Science (Ohio Academy of Science) Ohio Journal of Science: Volume 40, Issue 2 (March, 1940) The Ohio Academy of Science Membership
The Ohio State University Knowledge Bank Ohio Journal of Science (Ohio Academy of Science) Ohio Journal of Science: Volume 40, Issue 2 (March, 1940) The Ohio Academy of Science Membership List, 1940 The Ohio Journal of Science. v40 n2 (March, 1940), Downloaded from the Knowledge Bank, The Ohio State University's institutional repository THE OHIO ACADEMY OP SCIENCE MEMBERSHIP LIST, 1940 (F ' ) Fellow, Ohio Academy of Science, with date of election. ADAMS, C. S. (F '36) Chemistry Antioch College, Yellow Springs ALBRIGHT, JOHN G. Physics Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland ALDRICH, JOHN W. Biology, esp. Ornithology 2717 Euclid Ave., Cleveland ALEXANDER, W. H. (F '20) Meteorology Hotel Normandie, Columbus ALEXOPOULOS, C. J. Botany.Kent State University, Kent AMSTUTZ, MARY E. Zoology, Entomology 410 Pleasant St., Ashland ANDERSON, AMOS C. (F '39) Psychology 30 Columbia Ave., Athens ANDERSON, BERTIL G. Zoology Western Reserve University, Cleveland ARENSON, S. B. Chemistry ASHCRAFT, D. W. Anatomy, Physiology ATWOOD, HARRY Botany Box 746, Federal Bldg., Columbus AUTEN, MARY (F '35) Zoology Ashland College, Ashland AVERY, WILLIS F. Physics B. F. Goodrich Company, Akron BACON, FRANKLIN J. Botany Western Reserve University, Cleveland BAKER, R. C. (F '39) Medical Sciences BALDUF, WALTER V. Zoology University of Illinois, Urbana, 111. BANGHAM, RALPH V. (F '24) Zoology, Anatomy 1004 N. Bever St., Wooster BARBOUR, GEORGE B. Geology BARKER, C. A. Psychology 1017 Cumberland Ave., Dayton BARNES, HUGHES Biology 202 N. Uhrich St., Uhrichsville BARR, DANIEL R. Medicine Box 137, Grand Rapids BARROWS, WILLIAM M. (F '20) Zoology BARTLEY, FLOYD Botany R. R. 4, Circleville BATTELLE MEMORIAL INSTITUTE Metallurgy 505 King Ave., Columbus BAUER, ALLEN H. Botany Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa. BAUMAN, HARRY Entomology 1091 Jefferson Ave., Akron BAYFIELD, E. G. Chemistry Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster BEARDSLEE, HENRY C. (F '25) Botany Perry BEAVER, WILLIAM C. (F '30) Zoology, Medical Sciences, Wittenberg College, Springfield BEHRE, CHARLES H. (F '28) Geology Northwestern University, Evanston, 111. BERGER, BENJAMIN Medicine 133 W. Ninth Ave., Columbus BERGER, F. L. Physics 121 Lehr Ave., Ada BERNHAGEN, RALPH J. Geology BERRY, WILLARD (F '31) Geology Duke University, Durham, N. Car. BEVAN, ARTHUR (F '20) Geology, Box 1428, University Station, Charlottesville, Va. BILLS, ARTHUR G. Psychology 3423 Whitfield Ave., Cincinnati BLACKBURN, N. D. Entomology...Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster BLAKE, F. C. (F '20) Physics BLAYDES, GLENN W. (F '35) Botany BODENBERG, EMMETT T. (F '37) Botany Wittenberg College, Springfield BOESEL, M. W. Entomology, Zoology BOETTICHER, A. W. Biology BOLE, B. P., JR. Ornithology 2717 Euclid Ave., Cleveland BOND, CLYDE H. Geography, Geology R. F. D. 3, Quaker City BOORD, CECIL E. (F '39) Chemistry BORROR, DONALD J. (F '36) Entomology BOSSERT, ROY B. Chemistry, Bacteriology...Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware 111 112 THE OHIO ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Vol. X L BOSWORTH, ALFRED W. Biological Chemistry R. R. 4, Circleville BOWMAN, H. H. M. (F '21) Botany, Zoology University of Toledo, Toledo BOYD, MILFORD J. Biological Chemistry 2347 Fairview Ave., Cincinnati BRAND, LOUIS (F '39) Mathematics 2603 University Ct., Cincinnati BRAND, P. J. Geography 341 W. Main St., Newcomerstown BRANT, A. M. Mineralogy, Geology BRAUN, ANNETTE F. (F '22) Zoology 2702 May St., Cincinnati BRAUN, E. LUCY (F '21) Botany 2702 May St., Cincinnati BRAUND, FRANK W. Natural History 1022 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland BRIDGHAM, MRS. CATHERINE M. Botany R. F. D. 1, North Jackson BRIEF, B. J. Medicine 769 Kimball Place, Columbus BRILL, H. C. Chemistry BROMLEY, MRS. HELEN J. BROWN (F '31) Botany, High Ridge Road, Stamford, Conn. BROOKS, ARTHUR S. Botany, Zoology 413 South Ave., Van Wert BROWER, A. B. Medical Sciences 60 Wyoming St., Dayton BROWN, J. B. (F 3d) Medicine BRYANT, E. R. Biology 117 Lakeside, New Concord BUCHER, W. H. (F '20) Geology, Physics BUDINGTON, R. A. (F '20) Zoology, Physiology Oberlin College, Oberlin BULGER, J. W. Entomology, Plant Pathology, Beltsville Research Center, Beltsville, Md. BUNCH, ROSELLA Geology 186 W. College St., Oberlin BURGESS, WAYLAND M. Chemistry BURRELL, R. C. Agricultural Chemistry BURTT, HAROLD E. (F '21) Psychology BUSCH, DANIEL A. Geology, Chemistry.. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. BUSCH, HARVEY L. Zoology 1596 Parkwood Road, Lakewood BUSCH, K. G. A. (F '36) Chemistry Capital University, Columbus BUSCH, KARL H. Zoology CARLSON, FRED A. (F '38) Geography CARMAN, J. ERNEST (F '20) Geology CECIL, RODNEY Entomology Box 1330, Ventura, Calif. CHANDLER, DAVID C. Biology, Limnology Stone Laboratory, Put-in-Bay CHAPMAN, FLOYD B. Botany 1944 Denune Ave., Columbus CHASE, SAMUEL W. (F '24) Zoology 2109 Adelbert Road, Cleveland CHILDERS, NORMAN Horticulture CHITTAM, JOHN W. Chemistry College of Wooster, Wooster CHURCH, MARGARET B. Botany Lyndon, Vt. CLARK, PAUL E. Chemistry New Concord CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY Botany, Zoology, 2717 Euclid Ave., Cleveland CLIPPINGER, FLORENCE Botany 4300 Midway Ave., Dayton COGHILL, G. E. Neurology, Zoology R. F. D. 2, Box 77-A, Gainesville, Fla. COLE, LAWRENCE E. Psychology Ill S. Cedar St., Oberlin COLE, W. S. (F '36) Geology COLES, VICTOR Ornithology, Botany 2910 Grasselli Ave., Cincinnati CONREY, G. W. (F '24) Geology CONSOLATA, SISTER MARY Chemistry 2234 Overlook Road, Cleveland COOPER, JOHN R. Geology. Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware COSTELLO, ROBERT E. Biology 914 Perry St., Defiance COTTERMAN, CHARLES W. Genetics COTTINGHAM, KENNETH C. (F '29) Geology 384 Seventeenth Ave., Columbus COYLE, ELIZABETH E. Botany College of Wooster, Wooster CRIST, E. L. Botany I. O. O. F. Bldg., Circleville CROWL, GORDON S. Botany CUNNINGHAM, HARRY A. Biology 227 N. Depeyster St., Kent CUNNINGHAM, JOHN F. Zoology, Entomology CURTIS, GEORGE M. (F '39) Medical and Biological Sciences...0. S. U., Columbus CUTRIGHT, CLIFFORD R. (F '30) Zoology, Entomology, Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster No. 2 MEMBERSHIP LIST 113 DAKAN, E. L. Zoology DAMBACH, CHARLES A. Ecology, Entomology 1902 Auburn Ave., Dayton DARLING, FRED S. Physical Sciences, Box 279, Ste. Anne-de-Bellevue, Province of Quebec, Canada DAVIDSON, RALPH H. (F '36) Entomology DAVIS, B. M. Physiology, esp. Zoology Oxford DEAM, CHARLES C. (F '30) Botany, Forestry Bluff ton, Ind. DEAROLF, KENNETH Dayton Public Library and Museum, Dayton DELONG, D. M. (F '2l)~Entomology DE MARINIS, FRANK Zoology 2170 Stillman Road, Cleveland Heights DEVEREAUX, WM. C. (F '22) Meteorology U. S. Weather Bureau, Cincinnati DEXTER, RALPH W. Biology, Ecology Kent State University, Kent DICKERMAN, E. EUGENE Zoology, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green DIETZ, DAVID (F '33) Astronomy, Physics Winthrop Road, Shaker Heights DIETZ, HARRY F. (F '32) Entomology 2805 Monroe St., Wilmington, Del. DILLER, OLIVER D. Botany Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster DOAN, CHARLES A. (F '39) Medical and Biological Sciences S. U., Columbus DOAN, KENNETH H. Zoology, Ecology Stone Laboratory, Put-in-Bay DOBBINS, RAYMOND A. (F '38) Botany Ohio Northern University, Ada DOCKERAY, F. C. (F '24) Psychology DODD, D. R. Botany, Geology DRAKE, CARL J. (F '21) Entomology Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa DUNGAN, THEODORE C. Psychology, Physics 83 Sixteenth Ave., Columbus DUNLAP, H. L. Chemistry 275 E. State St., Athens DURRANT, E. P. (F '20) Zoology, Geology EBAUGH, W. C. Chemistry Denison University, Granville EDWARDS, E. H. Zoology, Physiology 1548 Rockway Ave., Lakewood EDWARDS, L. F. (F '32) Medicine EDWARDS, R. L. (F '32) Physics EGGLESTON, H. R. Biology Marietta College, Marietta EHLERS, G. M. Geology University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. ELLIOTT, RUSH (F '33) Zoology, Medicine ELSASS, DONALD H. Zoology Capital University, Columbus ENGLE, O. H. Zoology, Botany 1409 Robinwood Road, Alliance ENGLISH, HORACE B. (F '30) Psychology ERF, HERBERT A. Physics Fernway Road, Shaker Heights EVANS, ARTHUR T. (F '31) Botany 400 E. Chestnut St., Oxford EVANS, MORGAN W. Agronomy, Botany, Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster EVANS, WILLIAM L. (F '21) Chemistry EVERHART, W. A. Chemistry Denison University, Granville EVERLY, RAY T. Entomology Holmesville EY, L. F. Bacteriology FARIES, RUTH Medical Zoology, Botany, Bellevue Nurses' Home, 426 E. 26th St., New York, N. Y. FATTIG, P. W. Zoology Box 788, Emory University, Ga. FEDERIGHI, HENRY Biology Antioch College, Yellow Springs FENNEMAN, N. M. (F '20) Geology, Geography, FERNELIUS, W. C. (F '36) Chemistry FIDDLER, MRS. CLARICE Botany Hotel Hester, Manchester FIELDS, PAUL E. Psychology 138 N. Sandusky St., Delaware FISCHER, MARTIN H. (F '20) Experimental Medicine, College of Medicine, Cincinnati FORD, EARL W. Physics Station 2, Wooster FOREMAN, FRED (F '35) Geology 217 Woodland Ave., Oberlin FRANKS, ROSCOE W. Ornithology, Botany State Office Bldg., Columbus FREEMAN, B. C. (F '39) Geology 114 THE OHIO ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Vol. XL FRIESNER, RAY C. (F '34) Botany Butler University, Indianapolis, Ind. FROMM, GUY Physics Capital University, Columbus FRONIUS, ARTHUR G. Chemistry 785 New Garden Ave., Salem FROST, REUEL B. (F '35) Geology 21 N. Cedar St., Oberlin FRYE, WALTER Geology Central High School, Akron FULFORD, MARGARET (F '36) Botany, Geology, FULLMER, E. L. (F '20) Biology Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea FUNK, JOHN L. Zoology 808 W. Spruce Ave., Ravenna GARRETT, ALFRED B. Chemistry GEBHART, JAMESW. Zoology 4926 Donald Ave., South Euclid GEIST, ROBERT M. (F '32) Entomology Capital University, Columbus GIBBONS, CHARLES C. Psychology 71 W. Frambes Ave., Columbus GIER, HERSCHEL Ornithology. GILLESPIE, J. S. Geology 1075 Madison Ave., Columbus GILLIN, GERTRUDE M. Zoology, Botany, 2175 Middlefield Road, Cleveland Heights. GLENNY, FRED H. Botany 1148 Linden Ave., Akron GOLDBERG, LAWRENCE Medical Sciences 38 W. Washington, Athens GOSLIN, CHARLES R. Botany 407 Washington Ave., Lancaster GOSLIN, ROBERT M. Zoology 316 Wilson Ave., Columbus GOURLEY, J. H. (F '26) Horticulture. GOWDY, ROBERT C. (F '20) Physics 2111 Auburn Ave., Cincinnati GRADY, ROY I. Chemistry College of Wooster, Wooster GRAY, J. C. Biology Western Reserve University, Cleveland GRIMM, WILBUR W, Zoology Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Tenn. GROVE, BERT E. Geology, Biology, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, 111. GROVER, F. 0. (F '20) Botany 270 Elm St., Oberlin HAHNERT, WM. F. Zoology Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware HALE,,KELLEY Medical Sciences 626 W. Main St., Wilmington HAMILTON, FRANK E. Medical Sciences HAMILTON, M. J. Geology, Zoology 1753 Kensington Ave., Youngstown HANSEN, MRS. HERMINA Z. Biology 41 N. Portage Path, Akron HARPER, A. R. Botany, Zoology 559 Arden Road, Columbus HARTMAN, FRANK A. Medical Sciences HARTSON, L. D. (F '32) Psychology Oberlin College, Oberlin HAUB, JAMES G. Zoology HAVEN, S. EDSON Psychology Wayne University, Detroit, Mich. HAYHURST, EMERY R. (F '21) Medical Sciences 1925 Concord Road, Columbus HAZARD, FRANK O. Biology Wilmington College, Wilmington HEFNER, ROBERT A. (F '32) Zoology HEIZER, EDWIN E. Zoology University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. HENDERSON, WILLIAM E. (F '21) Chemistry HENDRICKSON, GORDON Psychology HERBERT, GALE A. Biology Box 2682, Whitehouse HERRICK, ERVIN M. Botany R. R. 1, Hudson HERRICK, FRANCIS H. (F '20) Zoology Adelbert College, Cleveland HERRICK, J. ARTHUR Biology, esp. Plant Pathology..Kent State University, Kent HERSH, A. H. (F '35) Zoology Western Reserve University, Cleveland HESKETT, CLARENCE Geography HESS, EMILY R. Biology, Chemistry 141 Mays Ave., Ft. Thomas, Ky. HIBBARD, HOPE (F '31) Zoology Oberlin College, Oberlin HICKS, LAWRENCE E. (F '34) Botany. HILLS, MYRA E. Psychology 2836 Scarborough Road, Cleveland Heights HILLS, T. M. (F '20) Geology Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. HITCHCOCK, FRED A. (F '28) Zoology, Physiology HODGMAN, CHARLES D. Physics Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland HODGMAN, MARGARET E. Botany 2119 Marlindale Road, Cleveland Heights HOKE, ROY DAVIS Geology, Physics 1750 S. Union Ave., Alliance HOLLINGSWORTH, MARION Chemistry 0. S. U., Columbus, No. 2 MEMBERSHIP LIST 115 HOOD, G. R. Chemistry 711 Oak St., Oxford HOPKINS, EVERETT H. Psychology North Hampton HOSKINS, J. HOBART (F '27) Botany HOUSEHOLDER, FRED F. Physics 1209 Berwin St., Akron HOUSER, J. S. (F'21) Entomology, Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster HOUSLEY, C. R. Zoology, Botany Elmore HOWARD, NEALE F. (F '32) Entomology 151 W. Eleventh Ave., Columbus HOWLETT, F. S. Agriculture Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster HUBBARD, GEORGE D. (F '20) Geology 125 Woodland Ave., Oberlin HUBER, H. E. Biology Ohio Northern University, Ada HUDSON, N. PAUL (F '39) Medicine HUGHES, JOHN H. Biology 81 W. South St., Jackson HULL, H. BLAIR Engineering P. O. Box 671, Dayton HUMPHREY, S. S. Botany HUNTINGTON, C. C. (F '37) Geography.0. S. U., Columbus INMAN, O. L. (F '26) Physiology IRELAND, H. A. Geology IRWIN, N. MILDRED Botany Antioch College, Yellow Springs 447 N. Broadway St., New Philadelphia 5017 Anderson Place, Cincinnati JACOBS, EDWIN E. (F '36) Botany, Geology Ashland College, Ashland JARVIS, C. W. Physics Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware JENNINGS, OTTO E. (F '20) Botany Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, Pa. JOHNSON, E. H. (F '28) Physics Box 65, Gambier JOHNSON, HOWARD W. Botany Arlington Experiment Farm, Arlington, Va. JONES, CLYDE H. Botany JONES, DAVID T. Zoology University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah JONES, EDGAR P. Zoology, Physiology University of Akron, Akron JONES, FRANCES L. Botany, Geology 1037 McMillan St., Cincinnati JONES, GEORGE T. Botany 322 W. College St., Oberlin JONES, LYNDS (F '20) Ornithology 352 W. College St., Oberlin JONES, ORVILLE C Geology 255 E. College St., Oberlin JOSEPH, SISTER MARY, S.N.D. Biology Notre Dame College, South Euclid KARNES, LOWRY B. Geography KEHOE, ROBERT A. (F '33) Physiology College of Medicine, Cincinnati KELLEY, KENNETH L. Zoology Kent State University, Kent KELLY, HENRY A. Geology, Biology 316 W. Washington St., Howell, Mich. KENDEIGH, S. CHARLES (F '35)* Biology, Experimental Zoology Laboratory, Champaign, 111. KENNEDY, CLARENCE H. (F '22) Entomology KERSTEN, HAROLD J. (F '39) Physics KETTERING, CHARLES F. Physics 807 Winters Bank Bldg., Dayton KING, DOROTHY D. Psychology 81 N. Warren Ave., Columbus KITCHIN, PAUL C. (F '39) Medicine O. S. U. Columbus KLOEPFER, H. WARNER Zoology 134 W. Eighth Ave. Columbus KNAUSS, HAROLD P. Physics O. S. U. Columbus KNOUFF, RALPH A. (F '32) Medical Sciences, O. S. U. Columbus KNOX, GEORGE Physics, Applied Optics 83 Sixteenth Ave. Columbus KNULL, JOSEF N. (F '36) Entomology KOCH, WENDELL R. Physics, Chemistry, U. S. Army Corps, Wright Field, Dayton KOSTIR, WENCEL J. (F '20) Zoology KRAATZ, WALTER C. (F '23) Zoology, Entomology University of Akron, Akron KRECKER, FREDERICK H. (F '20) Zoology KRUEGER, LILLIAN K. Botany 1330 Eleanor Ave., Toledo KUEHNLE, CHARLES H. Botany 2332 Tenth St., N. W., Canton LACKEY, JAMES B. Protozoa, Ecology LAIRD, WILSON M. Geology *Life member. Third and Kilgour Sts., Cincinnati 116 THE OHIO ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Vol. XL LAMB, G. F. (F '20) Geology LAMBERT, RAY Physics 233 Hartshorn St., Alliance 3736 Woodburn Ave., Cincinnati LAMBORN, MRS. HELEN MORNINGSTAR (F '20) Geology, 224 Piedmont Road, Columbus LAMBORN, R. E. (F '29) Geology LAMEY, CARL A. (F '39) Geology 2137 Waldeck Ave., Columbus LAMPE, LOIS (F '31) Botany LAMPTON, ROBERT K. Botany 2621 Cheltenham Road, Toledo LANDE, ALFRED Physics LANDIS, BIRELY J. (F '37) Entomology, Zoology Box 30, Puyallup, Wash. LANG, ALPHONSE Biology Xavier University, Cincinnati LANGLOIS, THOMAS H. (F '37) Ichthyology Stone Laboratory, Put-in-Bay LAPHAM, MARJORIE J. Zoology 40 E. South St., Painesville LAWSON, CHESTER A. Zoology, Botany Wittenberg College, Springfield LEEDY, DANIEL L. Zoology, Ornithology LEWIS, ANNETTE L. Psychology 394 W. Seventh Ave., Columbus LEWIS, CHARLES H. Chemistry Harpster LEWIS, ROBERT D. Botany LINDSEY, A. W. (F '27) Entomology, Zoology Denison University, Granville LINK, J. A. Medical Sciences 14 N. Limestone St., Springfield LINSCHEID, ALFRED G. Biology 1901 Templehurst Drive, South Euclid LOTZ, MRS. EDNA RICKEY Psychology Kent State University, Kent LYMAN, J. F. Chemistry MCAVOY, BLANCHE Biology 108 W. Ash St., Normal, 111. MCCAUGHEY, WM. J. (F '29) Geology, Chemistry MCCLURE, FLOYD A. (F '37) Botany Lingnan University, Canton, China MCCLURE, O. E. Physics, Chemistry 182 N. Congress St., Athens MCCORMICK, ELIZABETH M. Conservation 667 Berkeley Road, Columbus MCCORMICK, ROBERT N. Zoology Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind. MCCULLOUGH, J. C. Chemistry, Psychology 153 S. Cedar St., Oberlin MCEWEN, ROBERT S. (F '30) Zoology Oberlin College, Oberlin MCGREW, JOHN B. Physics, Chemistry, 708 First National Bank Bldg., Springfield MCNELLY, W. C. (F '38) Zoology MCPHERSON, WILLIAM (F '20) Chemistry 198 Sixteenth Ave., Columbus MACHLE, WILLARD Physiology, Kettering Laboratory, College of Medicine, Cincinnati MAHARRY, JOHN P. Geography, Geology.413 W. Warren St., Youngstown MANSON, EDMUND S., JR. Astronomy, Physics MANUEL, WILLIAM A. (F '36) Chemistry Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware MARK, CLARA G. (F '20) Geology, Botany.270 S. State St., Westerville MARTIN, CLARE (MR.) Chemistry, Physics, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green MARTIN, GEORGE C, JR. Geology 46 W. Tenth Ave., Columbus MASON, HELEN M. Botany R. F. D. 4, Newark MASON, HORATIO C. (F '37) Entomology 151 W. Eleventh Aye., Columbus MASTERS, CHARLES O. Biology.Western Reserve University, Cleveland MATEER, FLORENCE (F '21) Psychology 37 N. Monroe Ave., Columbus MATHENY, WILLIAM A. (F '22) Botany MATHER, KIRTLEY F. (F '22) Geology Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. MATHEWS, ALBERT P. (F '30) Biochemistry, Physiology, College of Medicine, Cincinnati MATHEWS, C. O. (F '32) Psychology 57 N. Washington St., Delaware MATHEWSON, STANLEY B. Psychology Box 5, Melbourne Beach, Fla. MAXFIELD, FRANCIS N. (F '32) Psychology MAYFIELD, SAMUEL M. Geology, Geography, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green MENDENHALL, EUGENE W. Entomology 97 Brighton Road, Columbus METCALF, ZENO P. (F '32)-^Ornithology State College Station, Raleigh, N. Car. METZLER, SIGMUND General Sciences 14 Cambridge Ave., Dayton MEYER, BERNARD S. (F '30) Botany MILLER, DAVID F. (F '30) Zoology No. 2 MEMBERSHIP LIST 117 MILLER, DAYTON C. (F '20) Physics...Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland MILLER, EDITH MARIE Medical Pathology Athens State Hospital, Athens MILLER, MRS. ETHEL MELSHEIMER Botany, Zoology MILLER, EUGENE J. Geology Loudonville Times, Loudonville MILLER, FREDERICK N. Chemistry Xavier University, Cincinnati MILLER, FREEMAN D. Astronomy, Physics 308 N. Pearl St., Granville MILLER, JOHN A. (F '36) Zoology MILLER, JOSEPH N. Zoology MILLER, VERNON L. Psychology 47 Harpswell St., Brunswick, Maine MILLER, WARREN C. Entomology Ill Ellenwood Ave., Bedford MITCHELL, ROBERT H. Geology, Chemistry Muskingum College, New Concord MOGENDORFF, NICHOLAS (F '36) Botany University of Toledo, Toledo MOKE, CHARLES B. Geology College of Wooster, Wooster MOLZ, FRANCIS J. Biology University of Dayton, Dayton MOON, M'DELLA Botany Bluffton College, Bluffton MOORE, DWIGHT M. Botany University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. MORGAN, GEORGE D. Zoology Denison University, Granville MORREY, C. B. (F '20) Bacteriology 317 N. Dixie Road, South Miami, Fla. MORSE, WM. C. (F '20) Biology University of Mississippi, University, Miss. MOSELEY, EDWIN L. (F '20) Zoology, Botany Bowling Green MOSES, C. F. Geology 1164 E. Main St., New Concord MOULTHROP, PHILIP N. Ornithology 2717 Euclid Ave., Cleveland MOYER, HARVEY V. (F '35) Chemistry MUEGEL, HARRY R. Botany MUNN, LOTTIE E. Chemistry Lake Erie College, Painesville MYERS, GARRY C. (F '27) Psychology 2525 Euclid Ave., Cleveland Heights MYERS, R. MAURICE Botany Northwestern University, Evanston, 111. NEISWANDER, CLAUDE R
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