The Fifth Sun

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libro de autor mexicano GONZALO ALMARAZ GONZALEZ
   THE FIFTH SUN MAKUILTONAL  TO THOSE IGNORANT outperformREAD BOOKS. To these, retaining what was read. To these, COMPRISING THE READ. And, THESE, THOSE WHO PUT HANDS ON. (Indian Proverb).  UNDER THE FIRST KNOWLEDGE IS THE ABILITY TO FACE THAT IS NOT EVIDENT. (Jacques Lacan). THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IS THE ONE THAT OWNS ITSELF. (Lucius Annaeus Seneca).IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD, dress thyself. (Mahatma Gandhi).  We dare not BECAUSE THEY ARE MANY THINGS DIFFICULT, BUT WE ARE NOT DIFFICULT BECAUSE DARE THEM.  Lucius Annaeus Seneca. P R O L O G OIn order to get evidence for the existence of the resting place of the remains of Emperor Cuauhtémoc and Moctezuma's treasure's (not  yet found) 8 elements of the Rescue Squad Del Socorro Alpino de Mexico A. C. Section Guerrero are involved in an adventure never  before imagined, to climb to the intricacies of the Sierra Madre del Sur in search of evidence of the existence of the last Aztec city.Guerrero lost in the woods, that holy city, is guarded for hundreds of years by supernatural forces, in which even Aztec warriors dared to put the soles of your feet in it, fear and respect for these forces  custody.In a revelation of mysteries and unexplained events, the narrative ofthis story takes the reader on an analysis of mystical and incomprehensible questions such as: The true meaning of the ball game (which was played in almost all pre-Columbian Mesoamerica); and also clarifies the existence of three-dimensional universe with the famous parallel universes or other dimensions, giving answers to the riddles such as: Where were the great civilizations?, why suddenly emerged as a quantum leap in Earth history, with all his vast knowledge in the sciences and the arts? But most of all: Why did they disappear?, Why the existence ofdeath itself, as well as the manifestation of extraterrestrial  beings? And what is the future of planet earth? The answer surely  been answered by the same story as saying exposed LORD BYRON:  THE BEST PROPHET OF THE FUTURE IS THE PAST. Because: The answers of the future are connected to the past. That's where humans have forgotten to seek answers to the pressing problems of the present, which will result in the very future of themselves and the planet. The effervescence of the pre-guerrillas called Dirty War in the mid-70as., Converges almost parallel with this issue in a climax of extreme events by the inaccessible terrain of the mountain, which isthe ideal for the cultivation of narcotics like opium and marijuana, a clandestine and mysterious is sponsored by an officer of great power (the chief), entrenched in the government of the time, makingthe naive and inexperienced expedition a living hell, lived by the restless and stubborn brigade that so bold and united not daunted
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