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    The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences Have you lost track of developments in generative linguistics, finding yourself unsure about the distinctive features of Minimalism? Would you like to know more about recent advances in the genetics of language, or about right hemisphere linguistic operation? Has your interest in narrative drawn you to question the relation between stories and grammars? e Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences addresses these issues, along with hundreds of others. It includes basic entries for those unfamiliar with a given topic and more specific entries for those seeking more specialized knowledge. It incorporates both well-established findings and cutting-edge research as well as classical approaches and new theoretical innovations. e vol-ume is aimed at readers who have an interest in some aspect of language science but wish to learn more about the broad range of ideas, findings, practices, and prospects that constitute this rapidly expanding field, a field arguably at the center of current research on the human mind and human society. Patrick Colm Hogan  is a professor in the Department of English and the Program in Cognitive Science at the University of Connecticut. He is the author of ten books, including Cognitive Science, Literature, and the Arts: A Guide for Humanists  and e Mind and Its Stories: Narrative Universals and Human Emotion  (Cambridge University Press, 2003).   “For both range and depth of exposition and commentary on the diverse disciplinary angles that exist on the nature of language, there is no single volume to match this fine work of reference.”– Akeel Bilgrami, Columbia University “ e Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences  is a very welcome addition to the field of language sciences. Its comprehensiveness is praiseworthy, as is the quality of its entries and discussions.” – Seymour Chatman, University of California, Berkeley “is ambitious and comprehensive work, and the very high quality of the editors and con-tributors, ensure that it will be a valuable contribution to the understanding of language and its uses, for both professionals and a more general audience.” – Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Advance Praise for The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences    THE CAMBRIDGE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF   THE LANGUAGE SCIENCES Edited by PATRICK COLM HOGAN University of Connecticut
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