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  The horse  ( Equus ferus caballus ) [2][3]  is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus . It is an odd-toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family !uidae. The ho se has e#ol#ed o#e the past $% to %% million yea s f om a small multi-toed c eatu e& Eohippus & into the la ge& single-toed animal of today. 'umans began to domesticate ho ses a ound $ *& and thei domestication is belie#ed to ha#e been widesp ead by 3 *. 'o ses in the subspecies caballus  a e domesticated& although some domesticated populations li#e in the wild as fe al ho ses. These fe al populations a e not t ue wild ho ses& as this te m is used to desc ibe ho ses that ha#e ne#e been domesticated& such as the endange ed + ,ewalsis ho se& a sepa ate subspecies& and the only emaining t ue wild ho se. The e is an extensi#e& speciali,ed #ocabula y used to desc ibe e!uine- elated concepts& co#e ing e#e ything f om anatomy to life stages& si,e& colo s& ma ings& b eeds& locomotion& and beha#io . .
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