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  Alexander S. Templeton, M.Ed.,M.A. “Secondary, and Post-Secondary Teacher, Curriculum and Youth developer; CertifedFacilitator”  Address PO Box 2551Rohnert Park, CA. 94927 Email: alexstempleton @ gmail .om  Skype ID: Alexan!er empleton WeChat ID: Alex emple Cell Phone: #1 $7%7& 2'5(41)9 Professional nline Portfolios: https *++  .linke!in .om +in +alexan!ertempleton - http*++.alextempletonsonlineportolio.org+  Ed! ation Masters of Arts #M.A.$ in Ed! ation % TES& #Tea hin' En'lish to Speakers of ther &an'!a'es$ at /onoma /tate 0niersit. Past Presi!ent o 3/O Cl6 at //0 an! orth Ba hapter mem6er o CA( 3/O 8PA* '.9) Masters in Ed! ational &eadership #M.Ed.$ % (i'her Ed! ation  /t!ent iersit an! /t!ent Personnel /eries 0niersit o ea!a, as :egas. Class o 2%%9; hesis , ecisive !etention odels #or Transitionin$ inority Students  8PA '.)7 )a helor of Arts #).A.$ in Se ondary Ed! ation % So ial S ien es C!m!lati*e and Spe ial Ed! ation +%- S!stit!te 0niersit o ea!a, as :egas; Class o 2%%5; /enator or the College o 3!ation, an! Rles - 3this Chairman o the College o 3!ation 8PA* '.17 Tea hin' Credential / California Sin'le S!0e t So ial S ien es 1ith C&AD 2 3e*ada So ial St!dies C!m!lati*e 4e ent Experien e Temporary 5!est Tea her   / Mary Collins Cherry 6alley Charter S hool / 7an!ary -89 toApril -89 ã <ntegrating Caliornia state stan!ar!s an! /PAR= rrilm to teah msle an! ntrition ithin Phsial 3!ation to st!ents gra!es six throgh >. ã Planning an! implementing lesson plans or Phsial 3!ation =(> st!ents ith aommo!ations in aor!ane ith R/P teahers, <3P plans, an! st!ent learning !isa6ilities inormation. ã Assisting an! atten!ing in n!raisers, speial eents, parent ommniations, an! ommnit representation. So ial St!dies Tea her / Ameri an Canyon Middle S hool / 7an!ary -8 to 7!ne -8; ã   eahing )th, 7th 8ra!e ?orl! an! Anient istor, an! 3xplorator /oial /t!ies ith an emphasis on 3thni /t!ies an! Politial 3ngagement. ã Aommo!ating rrilm an! !ierentiating instrtion or 3+3, an! speial nee!s+5%4 st!ents ã Colla6oratie !esign, an! ailitation o proet(6ase! teahing an! learning, integrating ormatie an! smmatie assessment o Caliornia stan!ar!s an! 6enhmarks or ontent areas 1  ã /aol!ing explanator, argmentatie, an! persasie riting or lo leel an! 3+3 learners ã Balaning proet 6ase! learning pe!agog an! !isrsie proet planning throgh ailitating st!ent(6ase! grop ork, teaher(le! !iret instrtion, an! st!ent(entere! onstrtiist metho!s Preiosl part time tan!em teahing three lasses o > th  gra!e /oial /t!ies on alternating lass she!les sharing a lassroom ith a !epartment ohort mem6er to reliee her or her regional A:< oor!inator training. Ad0!n t <a !lty / 3apa 6alley Colle'e / May -8= to De emer -8= ã   eahing ommnit ollege a!ane! leel 3/ st!ents pronniation or a C/0 transera6le orse ithin segmental* $i.e. onsonant, oel, slla6le&, an! sprasegmentall*$i.e. intonation, rhthm, stress, os or!s, linke! an! onnete! speeh& elements o 3nglish langage. ã /oioltral an! ommniatie metho!s teahing mostl 1 /panish speakers. ã DormaliEing rom st!ent learning o6eties an! otomes to orm nit an! lesson plans, r6ris or assessment, gra!ing, an! presentation ealation. ã <nnoatie se o a!io, i!eo sotare, an! lo! appliations ã Dlipping lassroom to inorporate smart phone appliations an! spplemental e6sites or saol!ing an! enhane! interatiit or st!ent learning Tea her / Type A> Comp!ter +eyoardin' / April -8= to April -8 ã   eahing an! learner !eelopment an! skill 6il!ing or ompter ke6oar!ing skills ith os on tehniFe, ara, motiation, attit!e, an! spee! !eelopment ã <nnoation an! reatie planning integrating ping Ae ke6oar!ing sotare ã Creation o stationar st!ent progress traking, marketing materials, an! ailitating gran! opening o a!!itional e!ational site loation /ering oGe spplies an! program materials, an! other arrangements or priatel one! e!ational 6siness Se ondary T!tor / 4oseland ?ni*ersity Preparatory A ademy / De emer -8@ %% May -8= ã Proi!e! strtre in riting that as a atalst or seamless ommniation 6eteen lassiHe! an! re!ential sta an! ommittees to improe atten!ane an! retention o st!ents to =nights Aa!em ater shool aa!emi enrihment program. ã   atl se o e!ational psholog an! 6ehaior mo!iHation, aa!emi on!itioning, an! perormane or harter high shool st!ents gra!es nine throgh tele in 3nglish to help them naigate aa!emi pro6lems. ã ?ent a6oe o6 !ties in proi!ing resme tips; litera throgh msi+poetr, an! olnteere! in helping prinipals on arios tasks !ring ital remo!eling an! moing o shool resores. Contine! to 6e a primar an! preerre! s6stitte or teahing 3nglish an! A:< or Aa!emi preparation skills hile on site !ring !as o as a seon!ar ttor. 5rad!ate Instr! tional Assistant I Sonoma State ?ni*ersitys M!lti !lt!ral Department/ De . -8- to May @, -8@ ã 0tiliEe! 3/O, angage Arts, Poetr, :i!eo, 3xperiential earning, an! Aa!emi riting mini orkshops to ailitate analsis an! !isssion olloing r. 8reg /arris letre an! rea!ing assignments teahing a setion o AJ/ 1)5 ã 3Gientl perorme! as a gra!ate instrtor an! ohort mem6er speialiEing in pe!agog, ollege 3/, an! tra!itional st!ent learning an! riting, to olla6oratiel orm the Hnal exam, an! strategies or a!!ressing st!ent nee!s an! pe!agogial onerns. /itl, aratel, an! sensitiel ailitating inter+ross(ltral !ialoge a6ot histori an! ontemporar isses inoling atie Amerians an! soiet ithin a mltiltral lassroom Comm!nity )ased Instr! tor III / ?ni*ersity of 3e*ada 4enoBs Cooperati*e Extensions ã <nnoate! rrilm or in!ii!al st!ent a!aptations an! or oerall program a!anement ã <mplementer o rrilm or high shool st!ents ia researh(6ase! mo!les ot o 0CA Chiano st!ies !epartment in st! skills, lie skills, an! personal ales ithin e!ation 2  ã   hrogh atie Amerian ailitation mo!els, proi!e! spae or st!ents linking aa!emi sess ith ltral an! ommnal ealth o in!igenos histor 6 sing onstrtiist an! experiential metho!s ã /essll oor!inate! program initiaties on a timel 6asis ith sperisor an! ne hire along ith ommnit an! instittional personnel. 4etention Spe ialist / Colle'e of So!thern 3e*ada ã Dormal appointments an! st!ent a!aptation plans to help st!ents !eelop personal responsi6ilit, sel(motiation, persistene, an! other skills hih empoer them to make iser hoies an!, thereore, ahiee greater aa!emi sess. ã /essll !esigning ith ello Retention /peialists an! on!ting orkshops or st! skills an! strategies !esigne! or C/ st!ents rom arios 6akgron!s sh as a inter Hnals e!ationall entertaining eent to improe st!ent sess, inolement, an! retention. ã Reglarl reriting st!ents an! presenting or lassrooms to rther on!t one(on(one ongoing appointments to ltiate aa!emi, planning, an! aa!emi in!epen!ene or an aerage o ort(pls st!ents on a eekl 6asis. ã 3mpoering st!ents to the instittional ltre an! helping their aareness an! nee! o or series an! eetiel ommniating to !epartments an! alt reerre! 6 or 3(Alert sstem onerns an! i!eas or their sess an! progress. ã 3xetie ormal an! personal inormal ommniations onneting international, speial nee!s, an! 3/ st!ents to the appropriate resores sh as ttorial series, st! la6s, onseling, aa!emi a!ising, an! st!ent inolement. &eadership and 6ol!nteer Experien e   RaiEes Colletie I Poeti Je!iine Koth ?riting ?orkshop Dailitator an! 8rant ?riter March 2016   Koth 3olog an! AR iist /mmit ?orkshop Presenter o L/pirit an! /iene o Dana* 3o s. 3goM  July 29 th  , 2016 8est Perormer ( apa :alle 0niHe! /hool istrit Parent eaher OrganiEation Dn!raiser   March 13, 2016   8est eaher Presenter I /onoma /tate 0niersit December 4th, 2013 ã <nsing msi an! tehnolog to teah langage an! litera* A presentation an! !isssion o m Jasters Cognate rrilm ith an interatie se o tehnolog in teahing or n!ergra!ate e!ation maors in the /onoma /tate Cre!ential Program at the reFest o CinEia Dorasiepi, 3!., Jltiple /6et A!isor, an! Plaements Coor!inator or itera /t!ies an! 3lementar 3!ation. ?e!nes!a, eem6er 4th 2%1', arin all A!lt 3/ <nstrtor I Canal Alliane October 6th, -8- ã /essl teahing o eighteen mixe! interme!iate leel a!lt 3/ st!ents; one BraEilian Portgese speaker, an! seenteen /panish speakers throgh a!aptation o 6asal texts ã Rea!ing, riting, speaking, an! listening sing ommniatie learning tehniFe osing onpronniation, i!iomati expression, an! a!er6ial an! a!etie lases ã   eaher(entere!, an! learner(entere! se o hite6oar! an! !ialoge or expliit grammar instrtion in ontext, pronniation, an! grammar in sntax<nagral atino+a 8ra!ation an! Conoation Program N  March 2004 to March 2010 ã Don!er, st!ent soial agent, st!ent gra!ate, an! mem6er o the Hrst atino+a 8ra!ation+Conoation program at the 0niersit o ea!a, as :egas ã Primar !e6ater to the st!ent goernment, an! st!ent a!isor to 0:s poliies o !iersit an! inlsion ithin mltiple ommittees 3  ã Beame st!ent goernment lea!er throgh artilation o the 0niersits tre mission an!goals or the ommnit   his annal eent still 6rings together politial mem6ers, atiists, st!ent aairs proessionals, emploers, ltral artists, an! the amilies an! parents o atino+a gra!ates Professional Asso iations and P!li ations Atie* Caliornia eahing 3nglish to /peakers o Other angages $CA( 3/O& Presenter I orthern Regional CA ( 3/O Conerene, Ja 4, 2%1'. Jt. ia6lo A!lt 3!ation <natie* ational Assoiation or Jltiltral 3!ation $AJ3& &an'!a'es, A1ards, and Certi ates ((/panish I <nterme!iate rea!ing, riting, an! speaking((3A1 Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development Emergency Permit 2017 ((CertiHe! Dailitator Repario <n. 2%%>((ispani Cham6er o Commere o /onoma Cont 2%1' /holarship Reipient ((Caliornia Retire! eahers Assoiation /holarship 2%1'((Caliornia eaher Commission I 3mergen '%(a /6stitte+ CC Permit((ational onors /oiet 0niersit o ea!a as :egasI 2%%9((CPR Connetions, C I Dirst Ai! - /aet Programs I A!lt CPR + Dirst Ai! + Pe!iatri CPR + A3 I ea!a ((CertiHate o Reognition I Proessionals an! Koth Bil!ing a Commitment ( Clark Cont /hool istrit I 2%%7(2%%>((CertiHation o omplete! training o Rea!ing Dirst <mpat /t! Conerene Rea!ing /eries Oto6er 2%%5. http *++  .m!r .org +proet    N2>N)5. html ((Re6el Ahieement Aar! ( 2%%4((0: Olie ree Aar! ( 2%%4((ational Omniron(Psi onor /oiet I 2%%4((ispani Alliane or Career 3nhanement atino Ahieer Aar! ( 2%%4((/othern ea!a ispani 3mploment Program I 2%%'((/enatorial Reognition ohn 3nsign(2%%'((0nite! /tates /enatorial Reognition arr Rei! I 2%%'((Congressional Reognition /helle Berkele I 2%%'((CertiHate o Ahieement I 0niersit o ea!a as :egas I 2%%' 4eferen es n (ansell nipal r Collins Charter /hool at Cherr :alle 7& 77>(474%nsell@petk12.org ren 5rady, Ph.D. Chair o 3/O epartmentAssistant Proessor (( Crrilm /t!ies I /eon!ar 3!ation/onoma /tate 0niersitOGe* $7%7& ))4(''2>karen .gra! @ sonoma .e!  Maria 6illa'ome Program Coor!inator ( Jo!ern angagesapa :alle College millagomeE @ napaalle .e! $7%7& 25)(77)7   6! Jathematis eaherAmerian Canon igh /hool n @ ns! .org $415& '%5(5>%'$7%7& 2)5(271% Dera Cro1   <nternational /t!ent Coor!inator 4
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