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TE 876 Kerri Jones 7/05/16 Integrating Technology Grant Centennial Elementary, a K-5 elementary school in Columbus, NE has been chosen to receive a grant for integrating technology into the curriculum to help with several goals. These goals include engaging the students in 21st century higher level of thinking, connecting the students with the world, and working collaboratively. With these goals in mind, by integrating technology into the curriculum, we are se
   TE 876Kerri Jones7/05/16Integrating Technology GrantCentennial Elementary, a K-5 elementary school in Colm!s, Ehas !een chosen to recei#e a grant $or integrating technology into the crriclm to hel% &ith se#eral goals' These goals incl(e engaging the st(ents in )1 st  centry higher le#el o$ thin*ing, connecting the st(ents &ith the &orl(, an( &or*ing colla!orati#ely' +ith these goals in min(, !y integrating technology into the crriclm, &e are see*ing to increase in or rea(ing an( math scores on state man(ate( tests' Ina st(y that too* %lace in Georgia, the (istricts ninth gra(e st(ents score( . on year-en( testing $or those that se( chrome!oo*s' The st(ents that se( tra(itional resorces score( at 80' The st(ents sing the technology ha( interacti#e so$t&are that incl(e( crriclm $or all core stan(ar(s an( &as also lin*e( to the state stan(ar(s' This technology &as $ree to e(cators an( &as se( at no cost to the (istrict arshall, )0152' +hile these scores are sho&n at a ninth gra(ele#el, or elementary st(ents are ta*ing state man(ate( tests on the com%ter' 3eing a!le to %ractice &ith $ree %rograms throghot the year &ill hel% the st(ents !ecome $amiliar &ith the (e#ices that they &ill !e testing on' There$ore, &e are loo*ing to see this same sccess at the %%er elementary le#el' any other %ositi#es $or integrating 1  technology into the crriclm incl(e4 im%ro#ing &riting s*ills, retaining in$ormation, hel%ing st(ents learn at their o&n %ace, an( %re%aring st(ents $or the $tre Co, n'('2' Centennial is %lease( to annonce that the school &ill recei#e a .0,000 grant to initiate this %rogram'r im%ro#ement goal at Centennial is to im%ro#e rea(ing, &riting an( math literacy' +e ha#e im%lemente( a &al* to rea(ing9 mo(el at each gra(e le#el so that all st(ents are recei#ing 0 minteso$ ninterr%te( rea(ing instrction' :t(ents also ha#e 75 mintes o$ math an( 50 mintes o$ langage arts each (ay' +hile the teachers %ro#i(e e%licit instrction an( $ormati#e measres to s%%ort st(ent learning, integrating the se o$ technology into the crriclm &ill enhance all three areas o$ learning' :ome (emogra%hics an( statistics o$ or elementary incl(e4 6. $ree an( re(ce( lnch, .. school mo!ility rate an( 18 English ;angage ;earners, an( &e ha#e <.. st(ents total em!ershi% Tren(s, )0162' +e crrently ha#e three sections o$ each gra(e le#el' Thirteen teachers on sta= ha#e asters (egrees, &hile 16 ha#e their 3achelor >egree' ?o&e#er, or o#erall e%erience as a sta= &ith technology com%etence is not consistent' +e ha#e )0 o$ teachers at the !eginning le#el, 50 at the interme(iate le#el an( .0 o$ or sta= are a(#ance( in their *no&le(ge on integration o$ technology' %%ortnities $or teacher training &ill nee( to !e %ro#i(e( to the $aclty to instill con@(ence an( )  *no&le(ge ha#e st(ents sing the (e#ices in their lessons' nce technology is integrate(, the learning !ecome more st(ent centere( &ith %roAect !ase( learning an( colla!oration or%he&, )01)2'+e crrently ha#e 50 iBa(s (i#i(e( !et&een t&o mo!ile carts that teachers tilie' ?o&e#er, this is not meeting or nee(s o$ technology integration an( limits the amonts o$ time an( o%%ortnities $or or st(ents to engage in a higher le#el o$ thin*ing an( engagement in )1 st  centry learning' r %lan $or the .0,000 grant is to %rchase 0 chrome!oo*s, three mo!ile charging carts, an( im%lement teacher training' Training &ill hel% mo#e or teachers throgh the :D mo(el o$ integrating technology $rom s!stittion into agmentation, an( mo(i@cation into re(e@nition &here technologyis com%letely integrate( &ith (e#ices an( st(ents Gorman, )0162'+ith the a((ition o$ 0 Chrome!oo*s to or 50 iBa(s, mch moreo$ or st(ent %o%lation can an( &ill ha#e access to technology !ringing s closer to !ecoming a 141 school' :ince &e ha#e three sections o$ each class, &ith . mo!ile carts, one entire gra(e le#el can !e sing the (e#ices at the same time on a %roAect, or in(i#i(al classes can !e sing the (e#ices or the Chrome!oo*s can !e %artnere(&ith the iBa(s in classes to gi#e choices to the st(ents as they (e#elo% %roAects' The %ossi!ilities are en(less' 3elo& is the !rea*(o&n o$ ho& the grant monies &ill !e se(, $ollo&e( !y a chart &ith the costs o$ each item to !e %rchase('.  Chromebooks  There are se#eral reasons &hy I am %ro%osing the %rchase o$ Chrome!oo*s' Cost is a maAor consi(eration' Chrome!oo*s, (e%en(ing on screen sie or toch screen range $rom 17 % to .<' IBa(s start at )6 an( can cost as high as 5<' Chrome!oo*s ha#e a *ey!oar(' IBa(s ha#e *ey!oar(s on the screen, &hich can !e time consming to ty%e on the screen o$ the (e#ice an( more (iFclt $or elementary st(ents to se consistently' Chrome!oo*s ha#e access to :3 %orts tosa#e in$ormation on a Hash (ri#e, or on a har( (ri#e, iBa(s (o not' Chrome!oo*s are easier to share' Each ser signs in sing their Googleaccont' Chrome!oo*s ha#e many Google D%%lications on the machine' iBa(s are ser s%eci@c &ith an D%%le I>' Dlso mlti%le &e!sites can !e o%en at once on a Chrome!oo*, &here as on an iBa( yo can ha#e access to one a%% at a time 3ollyt, )0162' These are  Ast some o$ the com%arisons o$ the Chrome!oo* an( D%%le iBa(' Mobile Charging Carts Dlong &ith %rchasing Chrome!oo*s $or the elementary st(ents, I ha#e also %ro%ose( the %rchase o$ three mo!ile charging carts to hose the Chrome!oo*s an( *ee% them sa$e' The carts &ill allo& the Chrome!oo*s to charge in their o&n !ay an( the carts also loc* as &ell' Supplies <
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