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  R      󰁴   󰁡   󰁴   󰁴   󰁯   󰁯    󰀦   󰁢   󰁯   󰁤   󰁹   󰁡   󰁲   󰁴     2   0   1   6 backlist titles: 10new releases: 2  Tattoo & Body Art  22016–2017 NEW RELEASES WO LONG EAS    Jacob A. Boehne ã This counting book teaches 1 to 10, plus the many ways people decorate their bodiesã A colorful, fun start to talking with children about accepting differences, from piercings to tattoosã Introduces kids to a culture that’s rarely displayed in other materials; great resource for educators  Along wih learning o coun rom 1 o 10, in hese charming pages children and heir aduls can explore he many ways people decorae heir bodies. Wih is un picures and words, he book is a simple  way o sar alking abou acceping differences, rom piercings o atoos. Te illusraions are inspired by radiional atoo designs as  well as no-so-radiional body modi󿬁caion syles. Also included is a ull-color wall poser ha offers a color-i-yoursel version on he  back. Inroducing kids o a culure ha’s rarely displayed in oher maerials, his is a perec resource or early childhood educaors, parens, and all aduls who value diversiy.  󰁪󰁡󰁣󰁯󰁢 󰁡. 󰁢󰁯󰁥󰁨󰁮󰁥 is an early childhood educaor, paren, aris, and  wrier who is ineresed in body ar. He lives in Cincinnai wih his  wie and wo children.Size: 6 x 6 ã 10 color illusraions ã 24 pp.ISBN: 978-0-7643-5039-9 ã board book ã $9.99 AVAILABLE NOW  INCLUDES A TWO-SIDED15 x 20 POSTER!  Tattoo & Body Art  32016–2017 NEW RELEASES  AOI! INK NYMPHS: Los Angeles  Nelson Blanon, Ebony Mciver & Tim Sephens ã A celebration of hot women with cool tattoos and a Southern California vibeã Over 200 pages of artistic and provocative photographyã Inspired by the Angels of Ink festival, bringing together tattoo fans, bikers, and music lovers More han 200 arul, provocaive images celebrae he bes o Souhern Caliornia’s atooed models, a diverse and gorgeous group known as he Ink Nymphs. Te wo dozen eaured women show how atoos on he emale orm can serve up an irresisible, edgy cockail o ashion, beauy, ar, and personaliy. Te book is inspired by Los  Angeles’ Angels o Ink esival, an annual amily-riendly gahering ha brings ogeher a communiy o atoo lovers, gear-heads, and rock ‘n’ roll enhusiass, along wih local, organic, and eco-riendly  businesses. Angels o Ink, a philanhropic organizaion, promoes and suppors LA’s unique alernaive kulure hrough he esival and is relaed evens. Tis lavish, beauiully sho phoography book akes he reader on a rip sraigh ino he hear o ha kulure, where smoking-ho women adorn hemselves wih he cooles o atoos. 󰁮󰁥󰁬󰁳󰁯󰁮 󰁢󰁬󰁡󰁮󰁴󰁯󰁮 is a Los Angeles-based phoographer wih a passion or aoos. 󰁴󰁩󰁭󰁯󰁴󰁨󰁹 󰁳󰁴󰁥󰁰󰁨󰁥󰁮󰁳 is he ounder o ChopperHead Magazine  , based in Los Angeles, Caliornia. 󰁥󰁢󰁯󰁮󰁹 󰁭󰁣󰁩󰁶󰁥󰁲   is a ashion model and developed Ink Nymph atoo afercare skin producs.Size: 9 x 12 ã 213 color and b/w images ã 208 pp.ISBN: 978-0-7643-4785-6 ã hard cover ã $34.99 AVAILABLE NOW   Tattoo & Body Art  42016–2017 NEW RELEASES  INK ’N GUYS  Ákos Bánfalvi ã Exclusive interviews with the most famous male tattoo and alternative modelsã 30 models with stunning photography and in-depth interviewsã Hypnotic portraits, provocative poses, and interesting themes showcase mesmerizing body art Male atoo models show off heir dazzling body ar and open up abou heir backgrounds, ineress, and opinions in his impressive collecion o sudio, open-air, black and whie, color, and ar phoography. atoo ariss and shop owners, musicians, ahlees, acors, and oher models rom around he world expose heir sculped physiques as well as heir houghs on heir own ink, “he business” in general, and sociey a large. Tese hunks and hipsers discuss heir careers and hobbies, 󿬁rs atoos, and eelings abou being models in a world where women end o absorb mos o he atenion and admiraion. Tese houghul inerviews are accompanied by eye-caching images aken by some o he bes phoographers in he indusry. Women may dominae he atoo modeling circui, bu more and more male models are 󿬂ashing heir inricae designs, sleeves, and ull-body suis or he camera. Á󰁫󰁯󰁳 󰁂á󰁮󰁦󰁡󰁬󰁶󰁩  is a well-known Hungarian journalis and principal conribuor o magazines like Hungarian Tatoo Magazine  and Tatoo Galéria . He publishes inerviews every monh wih atooed bands, atoo phoographers, atoo ariss, and atooed models. He also works or he US online atoo magazine InkSpired.Size: 9 x 12 ã 300+ color and b/w images ã 192 pp.ISBN: 978-0-7643-5201-0 ã hard cover ã $39.99 AVAILABLE IN NOVEMBER SLAVE O HE NEEDLE: 20 Years o Original Ar rom a Celebraed Seatle atoo Shop  Aaron Bell ã A 20th-anniversary retrospective of a famous Seattle tattoo shop and its crew and customersã The story of the shop, with 500 images, including bodysuits, sleeves, and tattoo-inspired paintingsã 20 years’ worth of professional experience for infinite inspiration Proessional atoo ariss and heir cliens showcase atoo imagery in various orms, eauring radiional and neo-radiional Americana, Japanese hemes, and New School designs. Find geishas, sugarskulls, dragons, and more execued wih he umos care and precision in his unique display o atoo ar ha goes beyond he ordinary 󿬂ash book o convey how inspiraion makes is way rom mind o skin. Tis celebraion o he wenieh anniversary o he srcinal Slave o he Needle atoo shop in Seatle sars wih an illusraed hisory o how he shop came o be󲀔during he “atoo Renaissance” o he mid-’90s. Tere is a secion dedicaed o painings and ink drawings o surreal and anasy ar and vibran 󿬂ash, ollowed by a collecion o sunning sleeve, backpiece, and bodysui designs creaed by he shop’s owner, crew, and guess. Tis rerospecive is a vial componen o any serious atoo aris or collecor’s library. Ou o his home base a Slave o he Needle in Seatle, 󰁁󰁡󰁲󰁯󰁮 󰁂󰁥󰁬󰁬  has conribued numerous works and aricles o various rade books and magazines, and has received many accolades or atooing since beginning his appreniceship in 1993.Size: 9 x 12 ã 520 color images ã 192 pp.ISBN: 978-0-7643-5268-3 ã hard cover ã $29.99 AVAILABLE IN DECEMBER
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