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Tarts, and Pies (Minimum orders of 8 for 4” and 6 for 6” tarts) Sally’s Apple 4”~ $5.00 each 6”~ $7.00 each 12”~ $30.00 each *Our most popular * Sally’s Apple tart is a rustic flaky crust, overflowing with a combination of apples, and perfected filling that includes cinnamon, and touch of nutmeg. All adorned with a delicious crunch topping. Bluest Berries 4”~ $5.00 each 6”~ $7.00 each 12”~ $30
   Tarts, and Pies (Minimum orders of 8 for 4” and 6 for 6” tarts) Sally’s Apple 4”~ $5.00 each6”~ $7.00 each!”~ $ 0.00 each #ur most %o%u&ar # 'a&&s *%%&e tart is a rustic +a crust, o-er+oin/ ith a comination of a%%&es, and %erfected 1&&in/ that inc&udes cinnamon, and touch of nutme/. *&& adorned ith a de&icious crunchto%%in/. Bluest Berries 4”~ $5.00 each6”~ $7.00 each!”~ $ 0.00 h, so seet and s&i/ht& tart. This de&icious &ueerr tart is a %erfect summer eddin/ dessert2 3an e to%%ed ith our famous crunch to% as e&&2  Just Peachy 4”~ $5.00 each6”~ $7.00 each!”~ $ 0.00 est in a +a crust, these seet, tender %eaches sim in a de&icious /&ae of uice. ('easona& a-ai&ai&it) Peach and cream (custard)  4”~ $5.00 each6”~ $7.00 each!”~ $ 0.00 * %each %erfection2 'eet uic %eaches %aired ith de&icious -ani&&a custard, a&& nested in a tender crust. ('easona& a-ai&ai&it) Rhubarb  4”~ $5.00 each6”~ $7.00 each!”~ $ 0.00  ha-e the hi/hest res%ect for a -e/eta&e that can mae such a de&icious %ie. Tart is the name of the /ame ith this %a&&et %&easer. ('easona& a-ai&ai&it) Strawberry Rhubarb 4”~$5.00 each6”~$7.00 each!”~ $ 0.00 ie the tart, ut need more seet9 'traerr :huar is the %erfect comination of seet straerries, and tan/ :huar. Looking for a avor tart or pie that is not shown above? Just ask! Above are our most popular, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t take requests!  All pies and tarts come uncut, and serving sie decided b consumer#
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