Syllabus African Oral Literature Final Dec 5-1

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class syllabus
   James Madison UniversityENG/THEAENG 432: Advanced Studies in African iteratureTHEA 3!3:To ics in T#eaterS$%&NG 2!'( Dr. Besi Brillian Muhonja Ofce: Keezell 428 Telephone: 540-568-42! #ail: #uhonj$%&j#u.e'u(lass sessions: T)Th 2.!0-:45 * +or$es s,es (en,er 2240Ofce ours: T)Th 8 a.#.  / a.# an' 2.5  !.5 p.#. or 1i,h appoin,#en, Course Description:   This is a 1or3shop course 'esine' ,o proi'e s,u'en,s 1i,h an e%perience o ,he 'iersi,7 an' '7na#is# o s,or7,ellin spaces an' ,echniues across 9rican cul,ures. , o;ers s,u'en,s ,he oppor,uni,7 ,o journe7 ,hrouh ,he cos#os o 9rican s,or7,ellin an' ,he s,or7,eller as a his,orian< en,er,ainer< poe,< #usician< e'uca,or< an' praise siner - a reposi,or7 o oral ,ra'i,ions 1ho #us, #as,er ,he s3ill o ins,inc,ual in,erac,ion 1i,h a lie au'ience. =,u'en,s 1ill< ,hrouh ,he se#es,er< in roups< 1or3shop a narra,ie o ,heir choosin selec,e' ro# an 9rican cul,ure< 1hose s,or7,ellin ,ra'i,ions ,he7 #us, s,u'7. 9s ,he7 'eelop ,heir projec,s< s,u'en,s 1ill e%plore ,he socio-poli,ical an' cul,ural releance o speci>c su$jec,s an' enres o 9rican ol3lore ,ha, are $len'e' in,o ,he s,or7,ellin e%perience such as ins,ru#en,a,ion< ri''les< chan,s< proer$s< praise poe,r7?pane7ric< eleiac poe,r7< chil'ren@s a#e sons an' lulla$ies< reliious sons an' poe,r7< ,opical an' poli,ical sons< ora,or7 an' or#al spea3in< an' o course< ol3,ales. The7 1ill< eer7 1ee3< as ne1 enres an' peror#ance aspec,s are in,ro'uce' in class lec,ures< 1or3shop 1ha, seres ,heir oals an' purpose in,o ,heir peror#ance piece. =,u'en,s 1ill ines,ia,e< i'en,i7 an' presen, as par, o ,heir piece< ,he cross-cul,ural releance an' applica,ion o 9rican s,or7,ellin 1i,hin #o'ern 'a7 lo$alize' an' lo$alizin e%periences. An'ers,an'in ,his concep, 1ill reuire an e%plora,ion o 9rican s,or7,ellin@sencoun,ers 1i,h colonialis#< ,he conic, $e,1een ,ra'i,ion an' #o'erni,7< ,he neo,ia,ion o 9rican an' Diasporic i'en,i,ies< poli,ical co##unica,ions< peace an' reconcilia,ion spaces< pos,-in'epen'ence 'isillusion< en'er issues< 1ar an' so on. Cro'ucin ,heir >nal peror#ances 1ill o;er an oppor,uni,7 or s,u'en,s ,o in,erac, 1i,h ,he #a,erial cul,ures o ,he 'i;eren, socie,ies represen,e'. or3in roups 1ill co#$ine Thea,re an' nlish?9ricana s,u'en,s< 1i,h ,he  Thea,re an' an7 o,her in,eres,e' s,u'en,s ocusin on peror#ance 1hile o,her roup #e#$ers proi'e ,he his,orical< cul,ural< an' li,erar7 research. nlish #ajors 1ill in lieu o peror#ance< 1or3 ,o1ar's a >nal paper.   Objectives: .O;er an in,ro'uc,ion ,o oral ar,s o 9rica.2.Broa'en ,he s,u'en,sE 1orl'ie1 on 'i;eren, issues as ,he7 rela,e ,o lo$al 9rica an' proi'e ,he# 1i,h an oppor,uni,7 ,o ealua,e ,heir o1n an' popular cul,ureEs a,,i,u'es ,o1ar's o,her cul,ures an' ,heir peoples.!.#proe ,he s,u'en,sE cri,ical ,hin3in< 'iscussion< anal7,ical< 1ri,in an' peror#ance s3ills.4.#proe ,he s,u'en,sE a$ili,7 ,o reconize e,hical an' #oral issues ,ha,#a7 arise in ,he li,erar7 1or3s ,o $e s,u'ie' an' anal7ze ,he# an' ,hecul,ures ou, o 1hich ,he7 are cons,ruc,e'.5.Feie1 an' un'ers,an' #ain recurrin ,he#es< charac,ers< an' ,echniues in 9rican ol3lore.6.O;er s,u'en,s an un'ers,an'in o 9rican oral li,era,ure as a socializa,ion an' e'uca,ional ,ool. G.O;er s,u'en,s an un'ers,an'in o enres in oral li,era,ure.8. nae ne1 or#s o orali,7 ,hrouh con,en, or# anal7sis. /. %plore ,he i#pac, o orali,7 on #o'ern 1ri,,en li,era,ure an' ice ersa. )ormat : or3shop %eadin*s : The 1ee3l7 rea'ins shoul' $e 'one $7 ,he >rs, class #ee,in o ,he 1ee3. %e+uirements : 9,,en'ance an' eneral par,icipa,ionH 0IJ ee3l7 presen,a,ions an' 1or3shopsHH !0IJ Mi'-,er# roup presen,a,ionsHHH 20 IJ +inal projec,HHHH< 40IH 9,,en'ance Colic7: =,u'en,s are reuire' ,o a,,en' an' ac,iel7 par,icipa,e in all class?la$ sessions< co#ple,e all ho#e1or3< class presen,a,ions< assin#en,s an' uizzes?,es,s on ,he 'a,es sche'ule'. 9,,en'ance an' ac,ie class par,icipa,ion 1ill con,ri$u,e ,o 0I o ,he s,u'en,@s >nal ra'e. 9,,en'ance is #an'a,or7 $ecause o ,he na,ure o ,he course. our ins,ruc,or an' 7our class#a,es 'epen' on 7ou ,o $e presen, eer7 'a7 ,o ,a3e par, in class ac,ii,ies 'esine' or ,he par,icipa,ion o all s,u'en,s.  7ou #iss #ore ,han 2 classes< 7our >nal course ra'e 1ill $e lo1ere' $7 ! poin,s. +or each a''i,ional class ,ha, 7ou #iss< 7our ra'e 1ill $e lo1ere' $7 one a''i,ional poin,. =,u'en,s 1ho #iss class shoul' consul, ,heir s7lla$us< an' ello1 s,u'en,s a$ou, possi$le announce#en,s such as uizzes< an' a''i,ional assin#en,s. 9n7 assin#en,s are 'ue on ,he 'a7 assine'. ou are responsi$le or an7 #isse' #a,erial in class< an' 1ill no, $e e%cuse' or #issin an7 uiz announce' 'urin 7our a$sence.  7ou hae an ofcial uniersi,7 e%cuse' a$sence inclu'in a,hle,es 7ou #us, no,i7 ,he proessors $eore #issin class.=,u'en,@s par,icipa,ion an' con,ri$u,ion ,o ,he 'iscussions on ,he class rea'ins an' 1or3shops 1ill $e ealua,e' or 'ep,h o con,ri$u,ion< leel o 2  prepara,ion< consis,enc7 in con,ri$u,ion uan,i,7 an' uali,7. This $ein a 1or3shop)'iscussion class reuires ,he consistent  par,icipa,ion o ,he s,u'en, in or'er or a par,icipa,ion ra'e ,o $e earne'.HHThe s,u'en, roups 1ill $e enae' in 1or3shop< 'ra#a,ur7 an' research ac,ii,ies ,o $e use' in roup 1or3shop sessions as 1ell as class 'iscussions< >nal papers an' presen,a,ions.HHHThe #i',er# projec, is a roup presen,a,ion. ach roup 1ill o;er an in-'ep,h e%pose o 'i;eren, co##uni,ies in ,heir 1or3in coun,r7 an' a sa#plin o ,heir oral ,ra'i,ions an' #a,erial cul,ure. HHHH These are in'ii'ual projec,s. Ceror#ance s,u'en,s 1ill presen, a s,ellar s,or7,ellin peror#ance $ase' on 1or3 prepare' ,hrouh ,he se#es,er. nlish s,u'en,s 1ill each presen, a paper $ase' on ,he sa#e 1or3. The ocus o ,his >nal is ,he applica,ion o 9rican =,or7,ellin ,echniues in cross-cul,ural an' lo$al spaces. De,ails are a,,ache' ,o ,he s7lla$us. ,o--e*e of Arts and etters )irst .ee0 Attendance $o-icy: 9, ,he ins,ruc,orEs 'iscre,ion< an7 s,u'en, reis,ere' or a class in ,he (ollee o 9r,san' Le,,ers 1ho 'oes no, a,,en' ,he >rs, ,1o 2 sche'ule' #ee,ins o ,he class or 'oes no, a,,en' ,he >rs, sche'ule' #ee,in o a class ,ha, #ee,s once a 1ee3 #a7 $e a'#inis,ra,iel7 'roppe' ro# ,he class. =,u'en,s 'roppe' or non-a,,en'ance 1ill $e no,i>e' ia e-#ail $7 ,he 9ssocia,e Dean o ,he (ollee. =,u'en,s 1ho ail ,o a,,en' ,he >rs, ,1o #ee,ins o a class or 1hich ,he7 are reis,ere' $u, 1ho 'o no, receie an e-#ail no,i>ca,ion hae no, $een a'#inis,ra,iel7 'roppe' $7 ,heir ins,ruc,or. Anless ,hose s,u'en,s 'rop ,he course on ,heir o1n< ,he7 1ill receie a ra'e a, ,he en' o ,he se#es,er. 9ll s,u'en,s are responsi$le or eri7in ,he accurac7 o ,heir sche'ules an' chanes #a'e in ,heir sche'ule ia-e#ail an' ,hrouh ,he 1e$.  ate Assi*nments : =,u'en,s are reuire' ,o ,a3e ,he e%a#s an' #a3e presen,a,ions on ,he 'a7 ,he7 are a'#inis,ere'< an' ,urn in ,he projec,s on sche'ule. %cep,ions are #a'e onl7 in cases o real an' 'ocu#en,e' e#erencies. o riolous e%cuses 1ill $e en,er,aine'. Honesty : =,u'en,s are e%pec,e' ,o s,ric,l7 a$i'e $7 ,he uniersi,7@s honor co'e< 1hich< a#on o,her ,hins< prohi$i,s chea,in on e%a#s an' uizzes as1ell as or$i's plaiaris#. Niola,ions 1ill $e punishe' ,o ,he ulles, e%,en, allo1e'. , is each s,u'en,@s responsi$ili,7 ,o a#iliarize his?hersel 1i,h ,he  a#es Ma'ison Aniersi,7 onor (o'e. Gradin* Sca-e: 9/! P(G!P9-/0 P(-G0PBP 8G PDP6GP !  B8!PD6!PB-80PD-60P(P GGP+5/./ an' $elo1 4
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