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BGC Sydney timeline
  General Background Sometime in the 30s super-powered men and women made themselves known. They had modest abilities, but they made themselves felt throughout the world. During the 40s governments everywhere started to reruit powered beings for speial units. The governments all over the world ran e!periments to reate these super-beings. any servie people volunteered or were volunteered for these e!periments. any of themost powerful beings of the era ame from these e!periments. #olks like $ber an, and a%or &itory ame from these e!periments. The war was won with the efforts of the ommon soldiers, for there were always far, far more regular army people thanthere ever were of the superheroes. 'lso during this era many of the apes stayed home to defend the home front. During the (0s )ritain*s +rail night retired. umors started about who the man who alled himself a%or &itory really was. $T/ reeived its harter. /t was a deade of reovery from the war, of prosperity and of pre%udie. During the 10s the 2romethians beame the first super-team. They worked mostly in the bakground so they never reeived muh notoriety. The hampions were in the spotlight of the media muh more and reeived the bulk of the attention. The 0s and 50s were the silver age of the superhero. The publi beame more used to the fat that there were beings that were muh more powerful. any hero and villain fan lubs sprung up as the adventures of the apes beame legend. During the 60s many of the heroi paragons showed their feet of lay. any of the heros of 77 // showed their humanity by getting involved with groups that were out for world domination. any heroes went underground during this diffiult era. Some heros had beome involved with the /nvisible 8mpire. The +uard rooted out elements of the neo-a9i +roup The '!is from it*s ranks. /n :66( the S# )ay 'rea is devastated by a humongous 8arth;uake. The superheroes helped dig the survivors out of the rubble and later helped rebuild muh of the damaged bridges and other infrastruture. ater the mayor of San #raniso re-inorporates the )ay 'rea as one ity renamed )ay ity. The 'radian 'ademy opened to teah young paranormals how to deal with their powers. /n <tober of :666 a new supervillan named the 2roprietor made himself known by teaming up with 8urostar, the 'ssassinos and many others and took ontrol of the $kraine. <n <t ==nd :666 an international group of superheroes %oined together to defeat this menae one and for all. <ne they all arrived they found a trap. The 2roprietor ereted a huge dome of energy  miles in Diameter around the battleground. The energies of the dome enhaned healing making the battle muh more brutal as heroes grew desperate to defeat their foe. On January 1, 2000, The Proprietor is defeated and the energies unleashed kill all of the heroes in the dome. This was the deade when the 7orld Trade enter and the 2entagon were %et-bombed by terrorists on the unforgettable 6>::>=00:. /n response, the $nited States and its allies ?inluding +reat )ritain, 'ustralia, and 2oland@ overthrew and oupied 'fghanistan and /ra;. 2resident linton*s &ie 2resident, 'l +ore, won the popular vote yet ?due to voting haos in #lorida@ lost the 2resideny to +eorge 7. )ush, son of 2resident +eorge A. 7. )ush. linton*s efforts to broker peae between /srael and 2alestine failed. ' pair of snipers killed and killed repeatedly in the7ashington D area. ilosevi was handed over the the Aague ?=00:@. The Spae Shuttle olumbia died a firey death above the $nited States ?=003@. /n the =004 2residential eletion, the demorat Aoward Dean and the epublian inumbent +eorge 7. )ush were nek and nek, with the tie broken by suspet Diebold orporation votingmahines, whih kept things tied up the $.S. Supreme ourt for a seond eletion in a row.The BDot-om )oomB and BTeleom )oomB in the stok markets rashed dramatially, erasing over a trillion dollars in paper wealth. This dragged the real eonomy of the $nited States into a reession, whih did the world eonomy no good. Cour Aumble 7ebmaster lost about a ;uarter of a million dollars in stok value that he had earned over years ofonsulting. The reession offiially ended, but even afterwards there were == onseutive months of %ob loss in the $S'. Sandals roked the eonomy with riminally bad news from 8nron ?=00=@, 7orldom, and other giant firms with fraudulent aounting. So muh for +lobali9ation and the ew 7orld 8onomi <rder in the first third of the deade. Sydney Timeline =0::  ã +earSmith 8ngineering Systemsfounded by Dr. Airam einhardt. =0:( ã Aalo begins purhases whih seat it in a firm position of power after the Seond antouake. =0=0 ã #irst yberdroid built by Dr &itor 7alton. =0=: ã 'ndrea aklesea graduates 2olie Training. =0== ã 7i9 aboratories destroyed in BaidentalB e!plosionE Dr &itor 7alton among the dead. =0=( ã anto // levels Tokyo. Aalo begins onsolidating its power-base in Tokyo and ommenes onstrution of egaTokyo. ã DeemberF The +lobal 'tion /nident ours. ost of Sydney, the Southern suburbsand the lower orth Shore aredestroyed by the tidal wave aused by the rash. The inident is known hereafter amongst the populae as the B)ig SplashB. =0=1 ã Goint 8uropean-Gapanese e!ploratory team unovers large oil and mineral deposits in 'ntarti. 'lthough 'ntarti Treaty prevents e!ploitation of 'ntartia until its e!piry date of =04:, several ountries ?inluding 'ustralia@ announe they will not re-ratify the treaty at that date. ã The Sydney government aepts Aalo*s T/8 ?Tehnologially /ntegrated 8onomi ity@ onept for rebuilding the ity. ã The orth Shore )usiness onsortium is offiially formed, buying up almost the entirety of the orth Shore. =0= ã 's an inreasing number of )oomers are employed in the reonstrution of Sydney, instanes of )oomer Syndrome begin to arise. /n response, the etropolitan 2olie )/D ?)oomer riminal /nvestigation Department@ is formedE one ofits offiers is Senior Sergeant 'ndrea aklesea. The )/Dhas little effetiveness in ombating the )oomer threat. ã Aalo ontrators survey Sydney for the site of the ne!t tower. =0=5 ã Aalo selets the old Surry Aills distrit for the site of its Sydney Tower and ommenes onstrution. ã +earSmith 8ngineering Systemsreleases the Hound   battleslave prototype. Despitepromising field trials, the 'merian military ?the Aound*s intended market@ deline to purhase the design, deiding instead to use Aalo*s newer-model android-style )oomers. ã 2urhasing and employment of )oomers in the reonstrutionof Sydney inreases, as do instanes of )oomer Sydnrome. ã S7 government begins negotiations with Tokyo for onsultany on proposed anti-)oomer polie unit. =0=6  ã #rano-+erman survey team aught onduting illiit oil drilling operations in the hinese-baked 'rgentinian region of 'ntartia. ã hinese surgial strike against survey team enounters resistane from #renh troopsalready on-site. onflit rapidly esalates as other ountries %oinE this is the beginning of the Polar War . ã onstrution on Aalo Sydney ?whih would make an ideal staging base for Aalo involvement in the 2olar 7ar@ is given higher priority. 's a result, the rate of )oomer Syndrome ourrenes one again inreases. ã )/D is stripped down, reorganised and re-e;uipped as 'SF the obile 'rmoured esponse S;uads. /nspetor 'ndrea aklesea is one of the prime onsultants on the taskE afterwards she is promoted toSuperintendent and given ommand of a 'S setion.=03: ã 'ndrea aklesea promoted to hief Superintendent and given ommand of 'S. =03= ã +earSmith 8ngineering Systems wins advaned vehile and  weapon systems ontrat for 'S. ã 'S field trials of prototype Hound   )attleslave modified for urban operations highly suessful. Hound   )attleslaveintrodued within 'S as elite )oomer>terrorist response unit. ã 2lans to phase aging -5 'rmoured Trooper out of 'S by =034 implemented. ã 'S representation at =03= 7orld Speial 2olie 8!position in egaTokyo. =033 ã Night of Madness:  <rbital $$SD partile platform opensfire on Aalo Sydney, ra9ing the building. Subse;uently, over 0H of Sydney*s )oomer population goes rogue. ã NOW. ã Sydney in 2!! ã Aistorial <utline o The )ig Splash o The ight of adness ã Sydney $nder Aalo o entral Sydney o orth Shore o Southern Suburbs ã yber-Sydney o urrent 2roblems ã a%or 2layers in Sydney ã urreny in Sydney ã 2laes in Sydney The Sydney of the future isn*t the niest plae in the world. 'lthough perhaps better off than egaTokyo, it suffers from the same pollution problems other ma%or population entres do, albeit to a lesser e!tent. Thanks
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