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Survey Monkey MMLA Event Results Question 1: How many MMLA/Chapter events have you attended in the last year? Question None Question 2: If you have not attended MMLA
Survey Monkey MMLA Event Results Question 1: How many MMLA/Chapter events have you attended in the last year? Question None Question 2: If you have not attended MMLA events in the past, why not? 7 Question No time in schedule Cost Not Interested None planned in my area N/A Question 3: What makes you decide to attend a MMLA event? 7 Question Speaker/Event Theme Location Networking Opportunities Cost Event All of the above Question 4: How far are you willing to travel for an event? 6 Question Up to 1 miles 1-25 more than 25 Depends on event Question 5: What type of events do you prefer to attend? 1 Question Live Educational Events Live Webinars Recorded Webinars Social Events Question 6: What topics do you find most valuable when deciding to attend a MMLA event? 1 Question Sales Compliance Current Industry Issues Motivational I prefer social events Other answers: Golf, convention, president banquet and holiday event Industry related info in addition to how lending regs relate to title industry Give me something new and interesting I haven't heard 1 times educational information needs to be more than we already get from our company and interesting Question 7: What deters you from attending more MMLA/Chapter events? Question Too many events Distance Speakers Not sure what the benefit is We need to get brokers involved. To many of our events are industry vendors. Great to socialize but not so much for attaining new business. Motivational/Inspirational Speaker Events I LOVE the events, conferences, speakers etc...mmla does a fantastic job, but the distance (outside of GR) is keeping me from going to events. I used to travel with Cindy Lowman, but I am not comfortable traveling across state by myself. I attend Chapter Events. Poor attendance Time in schedule (32) just became a member so haven't had an opportunity yet I am out of state but I have MLOs in MI Prefer luncheons not require from my job Quality events Life is too busy! I come to all I can but so far this year I was out of work and looking for a new job. Just started working and will re-engage The challenge as an Account Executive in Wholesale is that there are not many prospects for me to talk to at these events. My travel schedule I am brand new to the MMLA I am the one who stays back to watch the store so others can attend cost topics that are not meaningful to me topics that are not meaningful to me Too many social events; prefer live meetings related to compliance, agency and state issues. Not well attended by lenders I attend all events that pertain to compliance/operations and all social events that I am able to attend cost in relation to relevance of event and distance I do think the MMLA is very beneficial to certain segments of our industry. I work for a credit union, and often find that the topics and discussion are more tailored to the Mortgage Broker industry. At events I have attended in the past, I have to ask particular questions in order to relate the information to my industry. A greater emphasis on credit union and small community bank mortgage lending and issues would be welcomed. Question 8: Any additional feedback? The theme I hear from loan officers is more co-ed events, not male/female, but realtor and loan officers Building Relationships and Networking is why we go last year's compliance event was great! i had a conflict this year (before it was cancelled) I don't understand why the MMLA is not fighting for a level playing field regarding in house lenders and title companies are affecting the quality of transactions and our ability to compete fairly. It's a shame that MMLA is not fighting harder for consumer freedom and obvious steering. Breakfast meetings take up too much of the day!!! Love the MMLA monthly risk/compliance calls. Those keep me up to date and in touch Keep up the great work! New member of the MMLA, would suggest a method for sharing contact information of all members and welcoming new members. I think you all do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!! Would like more events on Wednesdays middle of week MMLA has done a better job bringing new people to the table. For too long the legacy companies within the MMLA has had too much influence. The MMLA calendar gets compressed a great deal with big events (cost) at the end of the year. Granted it is a revenue stream to have separate events but the annual conference and the installation dinner really should be done at the same time. Especially with all the holiday calendar competition across all chapters and other industry invites. Less events Membership too new to judge I have just recently joined, will be attending events in the future hopefully. more relevant topics What has MMLA done for the LO? Change up location more frequently. I didn't see many events planned in Northern Region I love all of the Educational Benefits this Association provides it Members and the Networking is always great! We need to draw more on the expertise we have within and share knowledge I have enjoyed Spring Symposium in the past, but it fell on a company event this year that was mandatory to attend. Keep up the great work! We're on the right path - follow the strategic plan there are A LOT of s, can we just get chapter event notification and a monthly state newsletter/event reminder combined? Consider changing things up - w/ state conference - been the 'same' for a long time. Keep up the good work! Calibrate with other organizations that affect the industry like appraisal association. I think the MMLA is a great organization and has covered a lot of great topics lately. I think a social/icebreaker event would be good so that veteran MMLA members would have a chance to introduce themselves and mingle with newer members. I do like the networking aspect of the group; that said, when choosing a location this should be a consideration. When holding the event at a busy, crowded bar it is difficult to talk more networking events are good ideas. What about having an economist speak at a lunch again? How many brokers are in Michigan? We don't have 1% in our membership. Need to figure out what will get them attending. The new format Mid chapter is great. great locations and speakers The Holiday/Installation Banquet the last 2 years has been the week of Veterans Day. If I travel to this event I must sacrifice my holiday. it is a great group but how do we stay prevalent in a Facebook world? I have not been attending much this year (or probably in the future) because of the distance I have to drive by myself. I wish the annual conference was closer to the West side of the ST. I really appreciate what you do to recognize the younger generation. The MMLA is a great place to network in our industry and is one of the main ways I hear about developments in the outside world that affect my work. More Compliance Events Many events (even monthly meetings) are too far to travel quality of events to make sure worth time invested Question 9: What is your role in your company? 22 Loan Officers 11 Account Executives 25 Operations/Compliance Manager 17 Sales & Marketing 8 Branch Manager VP/Executive 2 Owner 14 Closer/processor/other
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