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Sudan, the largest country in Africa, has known only ten years of peace since achieving independence in 1956. Internal conflicts have devastated the economy and disrupted communities: hundreds of thousands of people and their livestock have been displaced
  Sudan  Nation in the Balance  ontents Where rivers meet  3 A land of diversity  5 A bird s eye view  7 Early history  11 The nation state defined  15 Four generations of conflict  17 What is the war about?  2 The bread-basket of the Arab world?  22 Of drought and development  24 Coping with change in the Red Sea Hills  28 An equilibrium destroyed  32 The health of the nation  34 I want to learn  37 Living on the edge of the city  39 Making ends meet in the city  42 Making ends meet in the countryside  45 Ayen Mawai goes fishing  48 Of vets and paravets  5 Co-ops — Kebkabiya-style  52 A marginalised majority  55 A nation in the balance  57 Dates and events  6 Sudan: facts and figures  61 Oxfam in Sudan  62 Further reading  64 Acknowledgements  64 CRISPIN  HUGHES/OXFAM Oxfam UK and Ireland Chris Peters This book converted to digital file in 2010  ^JKf IH|^E^HP^^JlJ^^^^^^^B9P~~XF^^D^H^H^l Faces of Sudan 1^^.^2 Faces  of  Sudan  clockwise from  t p right):  Red  Sea  Hills;north Tokar;Bahr  el  Ghazal;ahr  el  Gazal;Red  Sea  ills;Northern Darfur I Jg I Is   o it J P   LL o zo I  cr \  LJ I   l JIII X O \ w   x zE cr  T
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