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DEYANA STOKES 1315 Forsyth Landing Drive/ Forsyth, GA 31029 478.318.3460 OBJECTIVES To join an organization where I can use my skills and expertise to develop and establish standards for the enhancement of job performance throughout the company. E D U C AT I O N Armstrong State University 2021-2025 BA - Medical Science EXPERIENCE Medical Assistant | We b s t e r D
  DEYANA STOKES 1315 Forsyth Landing Drive/ Forsyth, GA 31! #$%&31%&3#'s&deyana&sto(es)*+s+hoos&orgdeyanasto(es&-ee.y&+o* OBJECTIVES  To oin an organi0ation -here  +an 2se *y s(is and e4ertise to deveo4 and esta.ish standards or the enhan+e*ent o o. 4eror*an+e thro2gho2t the +o*4any& EDUCATIONArmstrong State University !!16!!57A 6 8edi+a S+ien+e EXPERIENCE 8edi+a Assistant   |   Wester Deve!o ment In#$ !!3 9 8ar+h !!5 72dget re4orts, Fiing, data entry, aing, ty4ing, +o4ying, re+ording, handing vario2s re4orts, r2nning errands, assisting the dire+tor/.oss INTERESTS   Tra+( and Fied  :is2a Arts  ;eading  F2t2re Far*ers o A*eri+a <FFA= Deyana Stokes   BSMS   Ms. Dorsey   B Group / Business Education
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