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Monroe C ounty E nterprises EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION Provide all information requested by printing in ink or keying. Use the tab key to move through the document. GENERAL INFORMATION Name (Last) (First) (Middle Home Telephone Stokes Deyana Initial) (478) 258 - 1696 Address (Mailing Address)
  M onroe C ounty E nterprises EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION Provide all information requested by printing in ink or keying. Use the tab key to move through the document. GENERAL INFORMATION Name (Last) Stokes (First) Deyana (MiddleInitial)   Home Telephone (4! #$! % &'' Address (Mailin Address) &)&$ *orsyth +anding Drive (Cit!) *orsyth ( tate)   (#ip) )&# Cell Phone (4! )&! % )4' E$mail Address s.deyana.stokes/  PO ITION Position or T!pe o% Emplo!ment &esired Medical Scientist 'ill Aept   Part%0ime   *ull%0ime &ate A*aila+le ,-./0./,/1 1ave you ever been employed at the Monroe 2ounty 3nterprises before  5es 6o-re you able to perform the essential functions of the 7ob you are applying for8 9ith or 9ithout reasonable accommodation 5es 6o alar! &esired : $8)#.$ ; monthly E&2CATION AN& TRAINING hool orInstit3tionName and Address o% hoolMa4or. t3d!5einnin6 Endin Year&ereeHih hool Mar! Persons Hih hool     0herapeutic Services % 3mergencyMedical <esponder /,-0$/,/- Diploma Collee Name -rmstrong State UniversityMedical Science /,/-$/,/75A Collee Address &&)$ -bercorn Street   Collee Cit! 6 tate Savannah8 ,- )&4& peial A+ilities and 8ills (3 tasks from CIS)  -ssess medical diseases  Perform e>tra research 9hen needed   0ype 9ell 9ritten medical reports Pro%essional Certi9ates or Lienses Held (Yesor No)  5es E:tra3rri3lar Ati*ities (at least 2 areas of interest/hobby)   0rack and *ield  ?isual -rts  <eading  *uture *armers @f -merica  Present Comm3nit! and Pro%essional A;liations (at least 2)  Secretary of *uture *armers @f -merica  Student Union Member   5outh ,roup A N  E QUAL  O PPORTUNITY  E MPLOYER  Lan3aes Read< 'ritten or po8en Fl3entl! Other Than Enlish 6- REFERENCE +ist belo9 names and addresses of persons 9ho are qualiAed to ans9er questions concerning your Atness for the position(s you seek other than those listed in your credential Ale. (3 classmates from THIS class. Get a sheet of  aer an! Go to the #$ %ri&e fol!er ' *NCS ' +ot !o,n the information an! come back to this !oc-ment an! tye it in.)   NamePositionAddressTelephone ,rant Pi>ley-erospace 3ngineer&# Benkins <oad8 *orsyth8 ,- )&#4!.)).&!#'2harles 2arter-rchitect)$ Coling <idge Drive8 *orsyth8 ,- )&#4!.&.!2harlotte ilco>Music Director& @glethorpe Street8 *orsyth8 ,- )&#4!.!)#.!) 'OR= E>PERIENCE? ost recent rst0 incl-!e &ol-ntary ,ork an! military e1erience Emplo!er ebster Development Enc. Telephone N3m+er  (4! 4 % '&!' From (Month.Year)Oto+er./,//Address P.@. Co> $$'#&  @o+ Title Medical -ssistant N3m+er Emplo!ees 3per*ised 2 To (Month.Year)Marh./,/ pei9 &3ties (Ma:im3m B7, haraters)  lifting heavy ob7ects assembling products operating heavy machinery F budget reports taking pictures F Aling F data entry F fa>ing counseling 9ashing;cleaning vehiclesF typing F copying F recording cleaning F handling various reports F running errandsF assisting the director;boss repairing equipment inventory control F customer service driving;delivering ordering;buying supplies cutting;9ashing hair F ans9ering phone supervising & ; # stocking organiGing Ho3rs Per 'ee8  15-20 Last alar!-,.ho3rl! 3per*isor S !orsey Reason For Lea*in r#$u#te$ Co%%e&e Ma! 'e Contat This Emplo!erD  5es  I erti%! the in%ormation ontained in this appliation is tr3e< orret< and omplete I 3nderstand that< i% emplo!ed< %alse statements reported on this appliation ma! +e onsidered s3;ient a3se %or dismissal  Yo3 ill enter an eletroni sinat3re Cli8 in the ra! +o: +eside inat3re o% Appliant  selet an! sript or 3rsi*e st!le %ont  t!pe !o3r 9rst and last name (apitaliJe the 9rst letter o% eah) inat3re o% Appliant   &e!ana M to8es   &ate   ,-.B-./,/1 A N  E QUAL  O PPORTUNITY  E MPLOYER
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