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Deyana Stokes February 14, 2026 Ms R.S. Dorsey Vice President Lenox Medical District 7010 Rock Drive Forsyth, Georgia 31029 Dear Ms. Dorsey: I am replying to your online advertisement at for January 10, 2026. As requested, my application and a copy of my resume’ are enclosed. I am very interested in this position. My education and training has provided me with thorough knowledge in this field. As you can see, I recently gr
  Deyana Stokes February 14, 2026Ms R.S. DorseyVice President Lenox Medical District 010 Roc! Dri e Forsyt#, $eor%ia &102' Dear Ms. Dorsey( ) a* re+lyin% to your online ad ertise*ent at e*+loy*entsee!* or -anuary 10, 2026. s re/uested, *y a++lication and a co+y o *y resu*e are enclosed. ) a* ery interested in t#is +osition. My education and trainin% #as +ro ided *e it# t#orou%# !noled%e in t#is ield. s you can see, ) recently %raduated ro* r*stron% State ni ersity it# a 3ac#elors De%ree in Medical Science. My intern as a *edical assistant, it# ebster De elo+*ent )nc., #as aorded *e it# t#is ield and its +rocedures. ) also #a e lots o ent#usias* anda sincere desire to succeed.Fro* t#e s+eciications listed in your ad ertise*ent, ) eel t#at ) #a e t#e %eneral /ualiications. ) ould a++reciate t#e o++ortunity o +resentin% *y /ualiications in a  +ersonal inter ie.5#an! you or your consideration and ) loo! orard to *eetin% you. Sincerely, 1315 Forsyth Landing Drive   Forsyth, GA 31029   Phone: 47831834!0   sdeyanasto es#$%s%hoo&sorg  Deyana Sto!es-ob ++licantnclosure7s8(-ob ++licationResu*eReerence7s8($rant Pixley9#arles 9arter 9#arlotte ilcox 'treet Address   Address 2   Phone: 5555550125   ()$ai& address*o+r Logo ereor de&ete thiste-t
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