Sor 2015 Pwd(Dws) Tripura

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Schedule of Rates 2015 PWD(DWS), Tripura, India
  GOVERNMENT OF TRIPURA PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT  2015 For    I N D E X   I.Basic Approach II.Basic Rates a. Labour b. MaterialMa c.Usage harges o! la#ts $ Machi#eries  III.haptershapter - 1hapter - %&ater 'uppl( hapter - )'pot sourcehapter - *Earth &or+ hapter - 5Repair &or+ hapter - , ADeep ube &ell &or+ hapter - , BDeep ube &ell &or+ !or North ripura U#a+oti a#/ Dhalai District hapter - Electrical or+shapter - 2Mecha#ical or+shapter - 3Miscella#eous ite4shapter - 10'a#itar( I#stallatio#hapter - 11Iro# Re4oal la#tsLoa/i#g U#loa/i#g i#clu/i#g stac+i#g a#/ haulage o! Materials!or 6hoai &est ripura 'epahi7ala 8o4ati a#/ 'outh ripura District   Basic Rates  Chapter - 1Loading, Unloading including stacking and ha Materials
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