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Learning Brief Week 06 Specialist Mathematics Term 1 UNIT 3 2017 By the end of this unit, students will: Goals ã ã
     Week 06 Term 1   201 Theoretical Components   Mathspace Lessons: Absolute Value Functions: ã  ã  ã  ã  Graphs of Rational Functions: ã   ã  ã    Additional readings available on Google Classroom WK06 folder.  Watch the following videos: ã Absolute Value Functions:  ã Graphs of Rational Functions:    Practical Components   Check Google Classroom WK05 folder: ã  WK06 Mathspace __ Domain and Range of  Absolute Value Functions Questions   ã WK06 Mathspace __ Solutions to Absolute Value Functions Questions ã WK06Mathspace __ Graphing Absolute Value Functions Questions ã WK06Mathspace __ Graphing Hyperbolas Questions ã WK06Mathspace __ Graphing Rational Functions Questions Attempt at least 6 questions from each of the listed exercises. See the next page. 5 marks Q/F/O Quiz/Forum/Other Mathspace Quiz: to be completed by 12 th  March. By the end of this unit, students will: ã understand the concepts and techniques in vectors, complex numbers, functions and graph sketching ã apply reasoning skills and solve problems in vectors, complex numbers, functions and graph sketching ã communicate their arguments and strategies when solving problems ã construct proofs of results ã interpret mathematical information and ascertain the reasonableness of their solutions to problems. This week:   Sketching graphs: ã use and apply the notation |x|  for the absolute value for the real number x  and the graph of y = |x|   ã examine the relationship between the graph of y = f(x)  and the graphs of y =  1f  ( x ) , y = |f (x)|  and y = f(|x|)   ã sketch the graphs of simple rational functions where the numerator and denominator are polynomials of low degree. Goals Learning Brief Specialist Mathematics UNIT 3    Show working or justify with reasoning. A: State the equations of f(x) and g(x): 2 marks B: Find a rational function g(x) that has the graph shown: 3 marks
Rational Function

Rational Function

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