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  Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURT ManilaFIRST DIVISION A.C. No. 9514 April 10, 2013BERNARD N. JANDOQUIE, Complainant, vs. ATT!. QUIRINO P. RE IA, JR., Responent.R ! S O # T I O N IARAMA, JR., J.: $efo%e us is a complaint &  fo% isba%ment file b' complainant $e%na% N. (ano)uile a*ainst %esponent +tt'. ui%ino P. Revilla, (%.The Facts of the case a%e not ispute. +tt'. Revilla, (%. nota%i-e a complaintaffiavit /  si*ne b' 0ene%aline . $%osas, 0e%i-al'n $%osas Pe%osa an !lme% . +lva%ao. 0ene%aline $%osas is a siste% of 0ei-el 1'na $%osas Revilla, +tt'. Revilla, (%.2s 3ife. (ano)uile complains that +tt'. Revilla, (%. is is)ualifie to pe%fo%m the nota%ial act 4  pe% Section 45 c6, Rule IV of the /778 Rules on Nota%ial P%actice 3hich %eas as follo3s9S!C. 4. Dis)ualifications. : + nota%' public is is)ualifie f%om pe%fo%min* a nota%ial act if he9; ; ; ;5c6 is a spouse, commonla3 pa%tne%, ancesto%, escenant, o% %elative b' affinit' o% consan*uinit' of the p%incipal 8  3ithin the fou%th civil e*%ee.(ano)uile also complains that +tt'. Revilla, (%. i not %e)ui%e the th%ee affiants in the complaintaffiavit to sho3 thei% vali ientification ca%s.In his comment <  to the isba%ment complaint, +tt'. Revilla, (%. i not en' but amitte (ano)uile=s mate%ial alle*ations. The issue, acco%in* to +tt'. Revilla, (%., is 3hethe% the sin*le act of nota%i-in* the complaintaffiavit of %elatives 3ithin the fou%th civil e*%ee of affinit' an, at the same time, not %e)ui%in* them to p%esent vali ientification ca%s is a *%oun fo% isba%ment. +tt'. Revilla, (%. submits that his act is not a *%oun fo% isba%ment. 0e also sa's that he acts as counsel of the th%ee affiants> thus, he shoul be consie%e mo%e as counsel than as a nota%' public 3hen he nota%i-e thei% complaintaffiavit. 0e i not %e)ui%e the affiants to p%esent vali ientification ca%s since he ?no3s them pe%sonall'. 0ene%aline $%osas an 0e%i-al'n $%osas Pe%osa a%e siste%sinla3 3hile !lme% +lva%ao is the livein housebo' of the $%osas famil'.Since the facts a%e not conteste, the Cou%t eems it mo%e p%uent to %esolve the case instea of %efe%%in* it to the Inte*%ate $a% of the Philippines fo% investi*ation.  Inee, +tt'. Revilla, (%. violate the is)ualification %ule une% Section 45c6, Rule IV of the /778 Rules on Nota%ial P%actice. 1e a*%ee 3ith him, ho3eve%, that his violation is not a sufficient *%oun fo% isba%ment. +tt'. Revilla, (%.=s violation of the afo%esai is)ualification %ule is be'on ispute. +tt'. Revilla, (%. %eail' amitte that he nota%i-e the complaintaffiavit si*ne b' his %elatives 3ithin the fou%th civil e*%ee of affinit'. Section 45c6, Rule IV of the /778 Rules on Nota%ial P%actice clea%l' is)ualifies himf%om nota%i-in* the complaintaffiavit, f%om pe%fo%min* the nota%ial act, since t3o of the affiants o% p%incipals a%e his %elatives 3ithin the fou%th civil e*%ee of affinit'. @iven the clea% p%ovision of the is)ualification %ule, it behoove upon +tt'. Revilla, (%. to act 3ith p%uence an %efuse nota%i-in* theocument. 1e cannot a*%ee 3ith his p%oposition that 3e consie% him to have acte mo%e as counsel of the affiants, not as nota%' public, 3hen he nota%i-e the complaintaffiavit. The nota%ial ce%tificate A  at the bottom of the complaintaffiavit sho3s his si*natu%e as a nota%' public, 3ith a nota%ial commission vali until Decembe% 4&, /7&/.0e cannot the%efo%e claim that he si*ne it as counsel of the th%ee affiants.On the secon cha%*e, 3e a*%ee 3ith +tt'. Revilla, (%. that he cannot be hel liable. If the nota%' public ?no3s the affiants pe%sonall', he nee not %e)ui%e them to sho3 thei% vali ientification ca%s.This %ule is suppo%te b' the efinition of a Bu%atB une% Section A, Rule II of the /778 Rules on Nota%ial P%actice. + Bu%atB %efe%s to an act in 3hich an iniviual on a sin*le occasion9 5a6 appea%s in pe%son befo%e the nota%' public an p%esents an inst%ument o% ocument> 5b6 is pe%sonall' ?no3n to the nota%' public o% ientifie b' the nota%' public th%ou*h competent evience of ientit'> 5c6 si*ns the inst%ument o% ocument in the p%esence of the nota%'> an 56 ta?es an oath o% affi%mation befo%ethe nota%' public as to such inst%ument o% ocument. In this case, 0ene%aline $%osas is a siste% of  +tt'. Revilla, (%.=s 3ife> 0e%i-al'n $%osas Pe%osa is his 3ife=s siste%inla3> an !lme% +lva%ao is the livein housebo' of the $%osas famil'. +tt'. Revilla, (%. ?no3s the th%ee affiants pe%sonall'. Thus, he 3as ustifie in no lon*e% %e)ui%in* them to sho3 vali ientification ca%s. $ut +tt'. Revilla, (%. is not 3ithout fault fo% failin* to inicate such fact in the Bu%atB of the complaintaffiavit. No statement 3as inclue the%ein that he ?no3s the th%ee affiants pe%sonall'.    et it be imp%esse that +tt'. Revilla, (%. 3as clea%l' is)ualifie to nota%i-e the complaintaffiavit of his %elatives 3ithin the fou%th civil e*%ee of affinit'. 1hile he has a vali efense as to the secon cha%*e, it oes not e;empt him f%om liabilit' fo% violatin* the is)ualification %ule. +s 3e sai, +tt'. Revilla, (%.=s violation of the is)ualification %ule une% Section 45c6, Rule IV of the /778 Rules on Nota%ial P%actice is not a sufficient *%oun to isba% him. To ou% min, +tt'. Revilla, (%. i not commit an' eceit, malp%actice, *%oss misconuct o% *%oss immo%al conuct, o% an' othe% se%ious *%oun fo% isba%ment une% Section /, E  Rule &4E of the Rules of Cou%t. 1e %ecall the case of Ma%ia v. Co%te-   3he%e 3e %ep%imane Co%te- an is)ualifie him f%om bein* commissione as nota%' public fo% si; months. 1e 3e%e convince that sai punishment, 3hich is less seve%e than isba%ment, 3oul al%ea' suffice as sanction fo% Co%te-=s violation. In Co%te-, 3e note the p%ohibition in Section /5b6, Rule IV of the /778 Rules on Nota%ial P%actice that a pe%son shall not pe%fo%m a nota%ial act if the pe%son involve as si*nato%' to the inst%ument o% ocument 5&6 is not in the nota%'=s p%esence pe%sonall' at the time of the nota%i-ation an 5/6 is not pe%sonall' ?no3n to thenota%' public o% othe%3ise ientifie b' the nota%' public th%ou*h a competent evience of ientit'. Co%te- ha nota%i-e a special po3e% of atto%ne' 3ithout havin* the alle*e si*nato%ies appea% befo%e him. In imposin* the less seve%e punishment, 3e 3e%e minful that %emoval f%om the $a% shoul not %eall' be ec%ee 3hen an' punishment less seve%e such as %ep%iman, tempo%a%' suspension o% fine 3oul accomplish the en esi%e. 1âwphi1  Consie%in* the attenant ci%cumstances an the sin*le violation committe b' +tt'. Revilla, (%., 3e a%e in a*%eement that a punishment less seve%e than isba%ment 3oul suffice.10!R!FOR!, %esponent +tt'. ui%ino P. Revilla, (%., is R!PRIM+ND!D an DIS#+ IFI!D f%om bein* commissione as a nota%' public, o% f%om pe%fo%min* an' nota%ial act if he is p%esentl' commissione as a nota%' public, fo% a pe%io of th%ee 546 months. +tt'. Revilla, (%. is fu%the% DIR!CT!D to INFORM the Cou%t, th%ou*h an affiavit, once the pe%io of his is)ualification has lapse.SO ORD!R!D.
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