Senegal: A state of change

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Time has never stood still in Senegal, at the crossroads of African, Islamic, and European cultures. Today the whole country is in a state of change. Nearly half its people now live in towns — where free-market economic reforms have thrown many out of work. Young people are emigrating
  Contents The land  of  the setting sun  3 Travellers from an antique land  6 From slavery to independence  7 Nationhood:  a  false start  12 Coping with crisis...  senegalaisement  14 Magicians, missionaries,and  marabouts  16 The economy  in  a nutshell  18 When aid is not the answer  22 By the people, for the people  23 Cash-cropping: a vicious circle  26 Rice  at  a price  29 'Our wealth is our animals'  31 The harvest  of  the sea  36 Village roots and city lights  4 Night-time in the shanty-town  43 The family first  44 Schools without books,clinics without medicines  47 Rumblings  of  discontent  49 The wheels grind slower  51 Relax for  mbalax  5 Sopi Sopi Sopi 57 Facts and figures  6 Dates and events  61 Sources and further reading  63 Acknowledgements  63 Oxfam  in  Senegal  64 Designed by Oxfam Design DepartmentPublished and printed by Oxfam,274 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7DZ, UKISBN 0 85598 283  7 © Oxfam (UK   Ireland) 1994Registered charity no. 202918 A State of Change Robin Sharp This book converted to digital file in 2010   tlanticOcean Mauritania NouakchottDakar Senegal'   fttffc ã i m\ r i»f. ãv  c.  — ;.ã /ã, *.1 /*-->>.. Nr te-j»- fe£ «l F   ã<V - s--- -2  ,f *^r ; ?y ã  -ã  * ^*~i   £iii   ^  K?^> * 'ã--'fc,  »* Mali Gambia-^^ Banjul'^* Guinea-- %ãBissau  / Bissau => \ — -i  V -  7 ^ >^ Guinea < ^v Conakry Sierra Leone^C   A/ Freetown  X N ã Bamako( ^ \  Ivory   >  . Coast r  i Yamoussoukro  1 V^Monrovia  i w  Ouagadougou C \\ I  1 / i Ghana \ Accra  _^ \\400  Km
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