SeedsGROW Progress Report: Harvesting global food security and justice in the face of climate change

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This first progress report for the five-year Sida programme provides a comprehensive review of programme activities, progress towards outcomes, risks encountered and lessons learned in the first 18 months – from 1 October 2013 to 31 March 2015. It also discusses adjustments required to Year 2 implementation as a result of these findings. SeedsGROW – thanks to the invaluable support of its partners Sida, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (through its MFS funding programme) and the Dutch National Postcode Lottery (NPL) – is tackling the issues of unequal and unsustainable global seeds and food systems. It will also demonstrate how to make changes, and identify how effective methods can be replicated and sustained. Oxfam and its partners are proud of the programme’s considerable achievements over its first year, which include: developing and testing baseline and farmer field school tools with smallholder farmers
  GUÍA DE PROCESOSOBLIGATORIOSDE OXFAM SEEDS GROW Harvesting Global Food Security and Justice in the face of Climate Change PROGRESS REPORT: 1 st  October 2013 – 31 st  March 2015   P h  ot   o:  S  a i   k  a t  M  o  j    um d  e r   Sida Contribution:  61050063 Submitted to:  Emili Perez, Program Manager, Global Economy and EnvironmentThe Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida Submission Date:  30 September 2015  For more information please contact: Marieke Feitsma, Programme Leader SeedsGROWMarieke.Feitsma@oxfamnovib.nlTom van der Lee Director of Advocacy and Campaigns, Oxfam Novib  SEEDSGROW3 CONTENTS ACRONYMS 4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 6 SDHS 7SIDAGROW 10 1 CHANGING CONTEXTS 12 SDHS: CHANGES IN THE SEEDS SECTOR 13SIDAGROW: CHANGES IN POLITICAL CONTEXT 14CHANGES IN OXFAM’S INTERNAL CONTEXT 14 2 FINDING SYNERGIES 163 PROGRESS REPORT ON SDHS, OCTOBER 2013–MARCH 2015 18 PREPARATORY PHASE 20SDHS OVERARCHING ACTIVITIES 20SDHS PILLAR 1 22SDHS PILLAR 2 27SDHS PILLAR 3 29SDHS PILLAR 4 34 4 PROGRESS REPORT ON SIDAGROW, OCTOBER 2013 – MARCH 2015 39 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE 1: BUILDING A STAKEHOLDER MOVEMENT 41SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE 2: GLOBAL-LEVEL POLICIES AND GOVERNANCE 45SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE 3: NATIONAL-LEVEL POLICIES AND GOVERNANCE 53MONITORING, EVALUATION AND LEARNING 57 5 SEEDSGROW PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT 59 MONITORING, EVALUATION AND LEARNING 60HUMAN RESOURCES 61PROGRAMME REPORTING AND GOVERNANCE 61PROGRAMME IMPLEMENTATION AND DEVELOPMENT 62 6 SEEDSGROW FINANCES 63 SDHS FINANCES 65SIDAGROW FINANCES 67CASH FLOW AND FOREIGN EXCHANGE GAINS AND LOSSES 68BALANCE OF INCOME VERSUS EXPENDITURES 69 ANNEX 1 70  SEEDSGROW4 ANDES  Asociacion para la Naturaleza y el Desarrollo Sostenible  ARIPO African Regional Intellectual Property OrganizationASEAN Association of Southeast Asian NationsASPSP  Association Sénégalaise de Producteurs de Semences Paysannes  BtB Behind the Brands (Oxfam International campaign)CAO Compliance Advisor OmbudsmanCAWR Centre for Agro-ecology, Water and ResilienceCBD Convention on Biological DiversityCCA Climate change adaptionCFS Committee for World Food Security CGN Centre for Genetic Resources, the NetherlandsCLRA Community Land Rights AllianceCOFERSA Convergence des Femmes Rurales pour la Souverainete Alimentaire  COP Conference of Parties (used in the context of UNFCCC)CSA Climate-smart agricultureCSM Civil society mechanismCSR Corporate social responsibilityCSO Civil society organisation CTDT Community Technology Development TrustDDS Deccan Development SocietyDRR Disaster risk reductionEP European ParliamentETC group Action Group on Erosion, Technology and ConcentrationEU European UnionFAO Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United NationsFBC Food and beverage companyFCJ Food and Climate Justice (Oxfam International campaign)FFS Farmer field schoolFSE Farmer seed enterpriseFQD Fuel Quality DirectiveGIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (German Corporation for International Cooperation)GPC Global Programme CommitteeHDDS Household Diet Diversity ScoreHR Human resourcesIFAD International Fund for Agricultural DevelopmentIFC International Finance CorporationILC International Land CoalitionIPSHF Indigenous peoples and smallholder farmersISO International Organization for Standardization ITPGRFA International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and AgricultureMFS Medefinanciering Stelsel  (funding from Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)MoU Memorandum of understandingNGO Non-governmental organisationNPL National Postcode Lottery, the NetherlandsNUS Neglected and underutilised speciesOI Oxfam InternationalON Oxfam NovibPGR Plant genetic resourcesPGRFA Plant genetic resources for food and agriculture Acronyms
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