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  CEMENTING             P            R            O            D            U            C            T            S  S    E    R    V    I        C    E     S     AND The above features and/or data are supplied solely for informational purposes and BJ Services Company makes no guarantees or warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to their accuracy or use. All product warranties and guaranteesshall be governed by the BJ Services Company standard at the time of sale or delivery of service. Actual product performance or availability depends on the timing and location of the job, the type of job and the particular characteristics of each job.This document is controlled by the reference date. To ensure that this is the current version, please reference the Services section of the BJ Services Website ( or ask your BJ representative. 6/7/01 BJ SERVICES COMPANY  SAPP FLUSH Product Information Description SAPP Flush is a cement preflush used to improve the efficiency of bentonite mud removal. SAPP Flush is asolution of Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate. Features ã SAPP Flush thins bentonite muds, which facilitates their removal ahead of cement. ã SAPP Flush is easily pumped in turbulent flow. ã SAPP is generally mixed in water at 28 kg/m³, however, in larger preflushes, the concentration may be reducedto 14 kg/m³. Physical Properties Properties of SAPP are as follows: Appearance: White powder  Specific gravity: 1.86 pH: 4 (1% solution) Solubility: Water soluble Limitations SAPP Flush is not recommended for use at temperatures above 149°F (65°C) BHCT. (Beyond this point, SAPPhydrolyzes to simple phosphate salts. These salts do not have a mud thinning effect and cause unpredictablethickening of cement.) Safety and Handling See MSDS for handling precautions. Packaging SAPP is available in bags. SAPP Flush is blended on location.
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