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  Crystal Keys Q: I recently went to Peru, and I took some photos there. B: All right. Q: And as a little bit of background to this, I’m going to bedoing a short workshop, and I usually teach crystal healing, and touch for health, and rebirthing, and things like that. But I’e been asked to do something on ! #s, and I asked the people why they would ask me to do anything on ! #s... B: $hy not% Q: $ell... that’s kind of what they said& 'hey went into meditation and were told to ask me, so I’e been talking with friends and looking around( and I’e had a few e)periences but I didn’t think there was enough to *ll a workshop. +oweer, I do hae some ways of working withcrystals that I think might be helpful to people to tune in with. But anyway, when they had asked me, the thought was  this is before I went to Peru  that maybe somehow in thesummer, in the things that I did, that I might hae some kind of greater understanding  which I’m getting  or contact. $ell, anyway, I didn’t see anything in Peru, but I did hae a marelous time and wonderful other e)periences. But when I deeloped the photos, there’s a photo that was taken at -achu Picchu that has an orange disc on it, and I don’t know what the srcin of that is or if it, in fact, has anything to do with e)traterrestrials, or if... B: 'o some degree, there is a consciousness connection, and here is how it can play itself out in your utiliation of  your knowledge of crystals( recognie that they represent, to some degree, some of the technology that you will be using in what you call your future. Allow yourself to deelop your innate, intuitie understanding of how crystalline forms, in certain relationships physically to each other, will create di/erentenergy 0ows, di/erent gates, di/erent openings within what you call the space1time matri). 'hat is your *rst key that has to do with creating the ibrational harmonics and the resonances necessary to 2tunnel through3 from one dimension to another. !se your emotionality( use your heart, that’s what the orange represents. It is a pro4ection of consciousness, a reminder for you of things that are familiar to you in whatyou call the past. Arrange the crystals as you used to in those mountaintop lairs. And allow yourself to remember that you are actually turning keys. 5ense the relationship physically that those crystals need to be to each other. 6ou will open doors and allow others to feel the harmonic resonances within them. 'hat is your*rst key to the restructuring and remembering of the placement and relationship of those deices. 'he ne)t step will come later. !nderstand% Q: 6es. I’m not 7uite clear about the orange disc that showed up on the slide that I took... B: A pro4ection of consciousness in the ibration that represents emotionality. !nderstand% 8
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