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A details overview of recommendation LSA. Useful for a quick guidelines on LSAs onboard.
  RESOLUTION MSC.81(70) (adopted on 11 December 1998) REVISED RECOMMENDATION ON TESTING OF LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCES  MSC 70/23/Add.1 I:\MSC\70\23A1.WPD ANNEX 6RESOLUTION MSC.81(70)(adopted on 11 December 1998)REVISED RECOMMENDATION ON TESTING OF LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCES THE MARITIME SAFETY COMMITTEE,RECALLING Article 28(b) of the Convention on the International Maritime Organizationconcerning the functions of the Committee,RECALLING ALSO that the Assembly, when adopting resolution A.689(17) on Testing of life-saving appliances, authorized the Committee to keep the Recommendation on testing of life-savingappliances under review and to adopt, when appropriate, amendments thereto,RECALLING FURTHER that, since the adoption of resolution A.689(17), the Committee hasamended the Recommendation annexed thereto in five occasions, i.e. by resolution MSC.54(66), bycirculars MSC/Circ.596, MSC/Circ.615 and MSC/Circ.809 and through the present resolution, NOTING that the 1995 SOLAS Conference, in adopting amendments to the 1974 SOLASConvention concerning the safety of ro-ro passenger ships, also adopted resolution 7 on Development of requirements, guidelines and performance standards, whereby the Committee was requested to developrelevant requirements, guidelines and performance standards to assist in the implementation of theamendments adopted by the Conference, NOTING ALSO that the requirements of the International Life-Saving Appliance (LSA) Codecame into force on 1 July 1998 under the provisions of new chapter III of the 1974 SOLAS Convention,RECOGNIZING the need to introduce more precise requirements in the testing of life-savingappliances,HAVING CONSIDERED the recommendation made by the Sub-Committee on Ship Design andEquipment at its forty-first session,1.ADOPTS the Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-Saving Appliances, set out in the Annexto the present resolution;2.RECOMMENDS Governments to ensure that life-saving appliances are subjected to:.1the tests recommended in the Annex to the present resolution; or .2such tests as the Administration is satisfied are substantially equivalent to thoserecommended in the Annex to the present resolution. RESOLUTION MSC.81(70) (adopted on 11 December 1998) REVISED RECOMMENDATION ON TESTING OF LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCES  MSC 70/23/Add.1ANNEX 6Page 2 I:\MSC\70\23A1.WPD ANNEX REVISED RECOMMENDATION ON TESTING OF LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCESCONTENTS INTRODUCTIONPART 1 - PROTOTYPE TESTS FOR LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCES 1LIFEBUOYS 1.1Lifebuoys specification1.2Temperature cycling test1.3Drop test1.4Test for oil resistance1.5Fire test1.6Flotation test1.7Strength test1.8Test for operation with a light and smoke signal1.9Lifebuoy self-activating smoke signal tests 2LIFEJACKETS 2.1Temperature cycling test2.2Buoyancy test2.3Fire test2.4Test for oil resistance2.5Tests of materials for cover, tapes and seams2.6Strength tests2.7Additional tests for lifejacket buoyancy material other than cork or kapok 2.8Donning test2.9Water performance tests2.10Children's lifejacket tests2.11Tests for inflatable lifejackets 3IMMERSION SUITS, ANTI-EXPOSURE SUITS AND THERMAL PROTECTIVE AIDS 3.1Tests common to non-insulated and insulated immersion suits3.2 Thermal protective tests3.3Thermal protective aids for survival craft 4PYROTECHNICS - ROCKET PARACHUTE FLARES, HAND FLARES   AND BUOYANTSMOKE SIGNALS 4.1General4.2Temperature tests4.3Water and corrosion resistance test4.4Handling safety test4.5Safety inspection4.6Rocket parachute flares test 4.7Hand flares test4.8 Buoyant smoke signals test RESOLUTION MSC.81(70) (adopted on 11 December 1998) REVISED RECOMMENDATION ON TESTING OF LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCES  MSC 70/23/Add.1ANNEX 6Page 3 I:\MSC\70\23A1.WPD 5LIFERAFTS - RIGID AND INFLATABLE 5.1Drop test5.2Jump test5.3Weight test5.4Towing test5.5Mooring out tests5.6Liferaft painter system test5.7Loading and seating test5.8Boarding and closing arrangement test5.9Stability test5.10Manoeuvrability test5.11Swamp test5.12Canopy closure test5.13Buoyancy of float-free liferafts5.14Detailed inspection5.15Weak link test5.16Davit-launched liferafts: strength test of lifting components5.17Additional tests applicable to inflatable liferafts only5.18Additional tests applicable to automatically self-righting liferafts only5.19Submergence test for automatically self-righting and canopied reversible liferafts5.20Wind velocity test5.21Test for self-draining of floors of canopied reversible liferafts and automatically self-rightingliferafts5.22Liferaft light tests 6LIFEBOATS 6.1Definitions and general conditions6.2Lifeboat material tests6.3Lifeboat overload test6.4Davit-launched lifeboat impact and drop test6.5Free-fall lifeboat free-fall test6.6Lifeboat seating strength test6.7Lifeboat seating space test6.8Lifeboat freeboard and stability tests6.9Release mechanism test6.10Lifeboat operational test6.11Lifeboat towing and painter release test6.12Lifeboat light tests6.13Canopy erection test6.14Additional tests for totally enclosed lifeboats6.15Air supply test for lifeboats with a self-contained air support system 6.16Additional tests for fire-protected lifeboats 6.17Measuring and evaluating acceleration forces 7RESCUE BOATS AND FAST RESCUE BOATS 7.1Rigid rescue boats7.2Inflated rescue boats7.3Rigid/inflated rescue boats7.4Rigid fast rescue boats RESOLUTION MSC.81(70) (adopted on 11 December 1998) REVISED RECOMMENDATION ON TESTING OF LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCES
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