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Raqilah-Sade Clyburn 715 Georgetown Dr. Charlotte, NC 28213 980-229-3061 cell Objective: Obtain a career related to working in a retail environment to enhance communication skills Education: Northwest School of the Arts High School Charlotte, North Carolina Central Piedmont Community College Charlotte, North Carolina Experien
  Raqilah-Sade Clyburn 715 Georgetown Dr. Charlotte, NC 28213980-229-3061 cell Objective: Obtain a career relate to wor!ing in a retail en iron#ent to enhance co##$nication %!ill% Education:  Northwe%t &chool o' the (rt% )igh &chool Charlotte, North Carolina Central *ie#ont Co##$nit+ CollegeCharlotte, North Carolina Experience:  ol$nteere at rban /ini%tr+ 'or 1 +ear or!e with a i er%e gro$ o' eole in real-li'e cri%i% (art o' the *eer /entor *rogra# 'or 2 +ear% G$ie %t$ent% thro$gh their 'ir%t +ear o' #ile %chool Work history: Central *ie#ont Co##$nit+ College o or! %t$+- &t$ent &$cce%% &er ice% Dece#ber 1,2016-C$rrent4 arget o &ale% (%%ociate /a+ 2015-No e#er 20164 ainbow Clothing &tore &ale% a%%ociateCa%hier October 1, 2015-/a+ 20154Dollar ree Ca%hier $l+ 2015-October 20154
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