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Sunaina Sharma (289) 259-0407 Online portfolio: Education 2014 - 2017 (Ph. D) Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Sustainability (In Progress) Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University (A+ average)
     Sunaina Sharma (289) 259-0407 Online portfolio: www.sunainasharma.weebly.om Education 2014 - 2017(Ph. D) Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Sustainability(In Pror!ss)Schulich School of Education #ipissin $ni%!rsity (&' a%!ra!)!s!arch u!stion* +o, can th! us! of diital t!chnoloy in th! s!condary classroo !na! stud!nts200/ - 2010(. Ed.) ast!rs of Education in urriculu !ad!rshipSchulich School of Education #ipissin $ni%!rsity (&' a%!ra!)2001 - 2002(3. Ed.) 3ach!lor of Education Int!r!diat!S!nior 5ntario Institut! for Studi!s in Education $ni%!rsity of 6oronto (& a%!ra!)17 - 2001(3. &. +on.) 3ach!lor of &rts in Socioloy (+onours) inor* Enlish cast!r $ni%!rsity (& a%!ra!)  ! itional #ualifiations: +onours Sp!cialist in ont!porary Studi!s !adin Sp!cialist (part 1) Employment Experience urr!ntD!part!nt +!ad for Enlish anada and 8orld Studi!s and od!rns and !ad!r of 2014 - 2017School-,id! it!racy!st!r 3. P!arson +ih School 3urlinton ã 8or9 ,ith oth!r t!ach!rs to !nsur! $rowin% &uess' th! &hool ffetieness *ramewor+ and th! curriculu is ipl!!nt!d as ,!ll as to proot! th! int!ration of lit!racy s9ills in all sub:!ct ar!as ã &ct as ;Principal in har!< ,h!n th! adinistrators ar! out of th! buildin ã ;6!chnoloy Enhanc!d !ad!r< in y schoolurr!ntS!condary 6!ach!r 2002 - 2017!st!r 3. P!arson +ih School 3urlinton ã 6auht int!r!diat! and s!nior l!%!ls of Enlish in acad!ic coll!! and uni%!rsity l!%!ls includin th! 5 cours! ã +ad a s!ction of continuous inta9! Stud!nt Succ!ssS!lf-Pac!d !arnin (E#=1D E#=4 E#=4$ E#=>) ã +a%! tauht th! =PP P!!r !ad!rship and Support class by usin an !?p!ri!ntial l!arnin od!l as ,!ll as incorporatin bl!nd!d l!arnin200/ - 201@&ssociat! 6!ach!r 3roc9 $ni%!rsity #iaara $ni%!rsity #ipissin $ni%!rsity and DABou%ill! oll!! ã !ntor stud!nt t!ach!rs to h!lp th! d!%!lop and r!fin! th!ir s9ills to b! futur! !ducators2011 - 2012$ni%!rsity Instructor  3roc9 $ni%!rsity +ailton ã 6auht Int!r!diat!S!nior Enlish to stud!nts in th! 3ach!lor of Education (3. Ed.) proraSu!rurriculu 8rit!r 200+alton District School 3oard ã 8rot! n!, curriculu anuals for th! E#= > and E#= 4 cours!sSu!rurriculu 8rit!r 2004+alton District School 3oard ã 8rot! cross-curricular r!adin and ,ritin !?!rcis! anuals to pr!par! stud!nts for th! 5ntario S!condary School it!racy 6!st (5SS6)  Professional Activities  ,ational nitiaties 2011&3 if! it!racy anada (lin9 ) ã 8rot! ;6ips to Encoura! !adin as a Caily< for th!  *amily iteray  pa!2011I# r!, 6rain!d oordinator  ã 6rain!d to facilitat! th! nation,id! prora  /roinial nitiaties 20116h! Dir!ctions E%id!nc! and Policy !s!arch =roup , th! inistry of Education ã Participat!d in th! hin+ iteray    mpat &tu y  to assist th! inistry ,ith ath!rin inforation about th! !ff!cti%!n!ss of 5ntarioAs hin+ iteray &uess  docu!nt 2010inistry of Education ã Participat!d in a focus roup to ipro%! th! ,ay t!ach!rs ar! !%aluat!d and apprais!d 200/ - 201> inistry of th! &ttorn!y =!n!ral , 6h! Fohn +o,ard Soci!ty ã oitt!! !b!r of th! Di%!rsion Prora  1e%ional nitiaties 201G +alton District School 3oard ã !c!i%!d 3!ha%iour ana!!nt Syst!s trainin201G +alton District School 3oard ã 6!chnoloy Enhanc!d !ad!r in y school to ,or9 to alin p!daoy and t!chnoloy201G +alton District School 3oard ã ollaborati%! Probl! Sol%in (PS) 6i!r 1 6rainin201G +alton District School 3oard ã Cacilitat!d a PD Day s!ssion on  1e-thin+in% Oral /resentations with /anel isussions an 3lo%s 201@-201G+alton District School 3oard ã &tt!nd!d th!  ea s as 6han%e !%ents  @-s!ssion prof!ssional d!%!lop!nt prora (1 s!ssion l!ft) 201@!st!r 3. P!arson +ih School ã D!%!lop!d instructions for usin ar93oo9 on @ th  ,!!9 r!ports to proot! school-,id! consist!ncy 201@+alton District School 3oard ã Pr!s!nt!d a PD Day s!inar call!d sin% $oo%le to n%a%e &tu ents eyon the 6lassroom 201@!st!r 3. P!arson +ih School ã Part of a collaborati%! inuiry pro:!ct loo9 at ho, t!chnoloy can b! us!d to r!duc! pr!s!ntation an?i!ty201@!st!r 3. P!arson +ih School ã !d a lunch and l!arn s!ssion on  mbe in% the ,ews 1eport into your 6lassroom 2014!st!r 3. P!arson +ih School ã !d a snac9 and l!arn s!ssion on  norporatin% !/ into ath an &iene 2014!st!r 3. P!arson +ih School ã Participat!d in action r!s!arch to loo9 at ho, to ipro%! E#=2PsA succ!ss rat! th! 5.S.S..6.2014!st!r 3. P!arson +ih School  ã Pr!s!nt!d a l!arnin s!ssion ,ith F!ff atania call!d sin% the 6lou to or+ for ;ou 2012+alton District School 3oard ã Pr!s!nt!d a PD Day s!inar call!d sin% /ro<et-base earnin% to 6rete 1eleane 2010+alton District School 3oard ã Pr!s!nt!d a PD Day s!inar call!d  n%a%in% &tu ents in ,$ => with 1eleane an /urpose 20105ntario S!condary School 6!ach!rAs C!d!ration (5SS6C) ã Participat!d in a $rowin% &uess  ,or9roup to h!lp d!%!lop 3oard policy20103roc9 $ni%!rsity ã =u!st !ctur!r for a 3.Ed. classH he a+war s esi%n o el in /ratie 2002 - 201G!st!r 3. P!arson +ih School ã PEP r!, oordinator* school-l!%!l di%ision of I# r!, ã $bD l!ad!r* ,or9 ,ith oth!r t!ach!rs to ipl!!nt bac9,ards d!sin curriculu plannin ã it!racy oitt!! l!ad!r* proot! school-,id! lit!racy by supportin non-Enlish t!ach!r ,ith int!ratin lit!racy into th!ir class!s ã E?tra-curriculars* >0 +our Cain! school n!,spap!r %oll!yball coach ;=ift of =i%in< capain school usicalplay charity fashion sho, Professional Recognition 201@  urlin%ton /ost articl! on a u!st sp!a9!r I in%it!d to our school to sho, stud!nts curriculu r!l!%anc! (lin9 )2014 &taff atters articl! hihlihtin an !?p!ri!ntial initiati%! I launch!d (lin9 )201>  urlin%ton /ost   spotliht on th! ;=ift of =i%in< capain I orani!d to conn!ct our stud!nts ,ith our school counity2011  urlin%ton /ost   n!,s r!port on a class pro:!ct I initiat!d to fost!r stud!nt !na!!nt (lin9 )2011  urlin%ton /ost   !ditorial hihlihtin y ability to fost!r stud!nt !na!!nt (lin9 )200  urlin%ton /ost   !ditorial hihlihtin y ability to fost!r stud!nt !na!!nt (lin9 )200  urlin%ton /ost n!,s r!port on a class pro:!ct I initiat!d to fost!r stud!nt !na!!nt (lin9 )2007&.3..D. (&bo%! and 3!yond th! all of Duty) P!arson 6!ach!r !conition &,ard Professional Writing Shara Sunaina. ;Daily it!racy &cti%at!s.<  !6 ife iteray 6ana a . #.p. 10 ar. 2011. 8!b. >0 Fuly 201>. http*,,,.abclif!lit!racy.caShara Sunaina. hy 1ea ? he 6orrelation etween 1ea in% for /leasure an &tu ent !hieement  . Ed th!sis #ipissin $ni%!rsity 5ctob!r 2010.Shara Sunaina. ;=!stur! in Photo ,as Inappropriat!.<  urlin%ton /ost  . 1/ ar. 200* p.14. Print.Shara Sunaina and 8oods !lissa. O&& @erises . 3urlinton* +alton District School 3oard. 2004. Language Skills  ã 3ilinual (+indi-Enlish)
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