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Mackenzie Hartle 302 East Main Street Bradford, Pennsylvania, 16701 (814) 596-6722 AREAS OF MAJOR EXPERIENCE Technology Education I became proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint while taking two years of technology education. I also provided the school with morning news and developed scripts. Childcare I devel
  Mackenzie Hartle302 East Main StreetBradford, Pennsylvania, 16701(1! #$6%6722&enziekay1#31')ail*co) AREAS OF MAJOR EXPERIENCE T echnology Education  I became profcient in Microsot Word, Excel, and PowerPoint while takingtwo years o technology education. I also proided the school with morningnews and deeloped scripts.  Childcare  I deeloped communication and interpersonal skills with seeral years o experience in childcare.  Distinguished onors  I hae receied !istinguished onors throughout my entire schooling #$%&'((). PROFESSIONA! EXPERIENCE  March& *une +(' -radord egional Medical /enter, '' Interstate Parkway, -radord, Pennsylania, '0(' olunteer  1ugust& Present !errick /ity !iner, %2 !errick oad, -radord, Pennsylania, '0(' Dish#asher ED$CATION  *une +('3 -radord 1rea 4chool !istrict, -radord, Pennsylania, '0(' Di%lo&a    M' INTERESTS ã My goal is to get my /ertifed 5ursing 1ssistant certifcation in my 4enior year o high school. ã  I plan on pursuing a medical career. SPECIA! ACCOMP!ISMENTS ã I scored adanced on all o my 6eystone exams7 -iology, 1lgebra, and 8iterature. ã I was inducted into the 5ational 9echnical onors 4ociety program in +(', or my hard work ethic and academic excellence. ã I was inducted into the 5ational onors 4ociety as o +(', which re:uires a minimum o a $0; <P1. ã I receied a arsity letter in my 4ophomore olleyball career. ã 4ophomore year I helped my olleyball team become !istrict $ champions.
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