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  GWYNETH NICOLE CO OBJECTIVE Hard-working student who is seeking for a challenging, valuable part-time position to attain experience in a workplace environment for skillful and professional growth and development. EDUCATION  École Secondaire Notre Dame High School Red Deer, ABurrentl! in completion of rade #$ %eptember $&#' ( )une $&#* SKILLS ã %trong verbal and linguistic skills ã Able to handle fast-paced environments ã Reliable, punctual and a strong work ethic ã  +eat, clean, and professional appearance ACHIEVEMENTS Honor Roll with Distinction )une $&#' ( resent EXPERIENCE  Atria Home Victoria Park Senior Living Red Deer, AB%erver April $&#' - resent ã Demonstrated reliable punctualit! skills b! alwa!s showing up on time and not missing an! shifts  ã Demonstrated patience, tolerance, and understanding with the senior residents ã ook orders and served efficientl! under a fast-paced environment VOLUNTEER WORK   Festival of Trees 20! Red Deer, ABnd of +ovember ã Demonstrated strong communication skills through working with others ã reeted adults and children in a friendl! manner    ed Deer egional Hos#ital Red Deer, ABDecember $&#' to April $&#/ ã 0mproved social skills and social network  ã Demonstrated time management skills b! completing all the tasks needed ã Delivered food and drinks to patients on time ã onsistentl! provided affection and heartfelt hospitalit!
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