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  Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURT ManilaEN BANC G.R. No. 200242 July 17, 2012CHIEF JUSTICE RENATO C. CORONA, Petitioner, vs. SENATE OF THE PHILIPPINES sii! #s #! IMPEACHMENT COURT, $AN% OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLAN&S, PHILIPPINE SA'INGS $AN%, ARLENE (%A%A( $AG)AO, GIORGI&I AGGA$AO, MARIL*N PRIMICIAS)AGA$AS, NIEL TUPAS, RO&OLFO FARINAS, SHER+IN TUGNA, RAUL &AA, ELPI&IO $ARAGA, RE*NAL&O UMALI, NERI COLMENARES -ALSO %NO+N AS THE PROSECUTORS FROM THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATI'ES, Respondents.R E S O L  ! O N 'ILLARAMA, JR., J.: Before this Court is a petition for certiorari and prohibition #ith pra$er for i%%ediate issuance of te%porar$ restrainin& order '!RO( and #rit of preli%inar$ in)unction filed b$ the for%er Chief *ustice of this Court, Renato C. Corona, assailin& the i%peach%ent case initiated b$ the respondent Me%bers of the +ouse of Representatives '+OR( and trial bein& conducted b$ respondent Senate of the Philippines.On ece%ber -, /--, a caucus #as held b$ the %a)orit$ bloc of the +OR durin& #hich a verified co%plaint for i%peach%ent a&ainst petitioner #as sub%itted b$ the leadership of the Co%%ittee on *ustice. After a brief presentation, on the sa%e da$, the co%plaint #as voted in session and -00 Me%bers si&ned and endorsed it, #a$ above the one1third vote re2uired b$ the Constitution.On ece%ber -3, /--, the co%plaint #as trans%itted to the Senate #hich convened as an i%peach%ent court the follo#in& da$, ece%ber -4, /--.On ece%ber -5, /--, petitioner received a cop$ of the co%plaint char&in& hi% #ith culpable violation of the Constitution, betra$al of public trust and &raft and corruption, alle&edl$ co%%itted as follo#s6 AR! CLE RESPONEN! BE!RA7E !+E PBL C !RS! !+RO8+ + S !RAC9 RECOR MAR9E B7 PAR! AL !7 AN SBSER: ENCE N CASES N:OL: N8 !+E ARRO7O AM N S!RA! ON ;ROM !+E ! ME O; + S APPO N!MEN! AS SPREME COR! *S! CE AN N! L + S B OS APPO N!MEN! AS A M N 8+! C+ E; *S! CE !O !+E PRESEN!. AR! CLE   RESPONEN! COMM !!E CLPABLE : OLA! ON O; !+E CONS! !! ON AN<OR BE!RA7E !+E PBL C !RS! =+EN +E ;A LE !O  SCLOSE !O !+E PBL C + S S!A!EMEN! O;ASSE!S, L AB L ! ES AN NE! =OR!+ AS RE> RE NER SEC. -?, AR!. @ O; !+E -0? CONS! !! ON..-. t is provided for in Art. @ , Section -? of the -0? Constitution that a public officer or e%plo$ee shall, upon assu%ption of office and as often thereafter as %a$ be re2uired b$ la#,sub%it a declaration under oath of his assets, liabilities, and net #orth. n the case of the President, the :ice1President, the Me%bers of the Cabinet, and other constitutional offices, and officers of the ar%ed forces #ith &eneral or fla& ran, the declaration shall be disclosed to the public in the %anner provided b$ la#... Respondent failed to disclose to the public his state%ent of assets, liabilities, and net #orth as re2uired b$ the Constitution..3. t is also reported that so%e of the properties of Respondent are not included in his declaration of his assets, liabilities, and net #orth, in violation of the anti1&raft and corrupt practices act..4. Respondent is lie#ise suspected and accused of havin& accu%ulated ill1&otten #ealth, ac2uirin& assets of hi&h values and eepin& ban accounts #ith hu&e deposits. t has been reported that Respondent has, a%on& others, a 3//1s2. %eter apart%ent in a poshMe&a =orld Propert$ develop%ent at the ;ort in !a&ui&. +as he reported this, as he is constitutionall$1re2uired under Art. @ , Sec. -? of the Constitution in his State%ent of Assets and Liabilities and Net =orth 'SALN(D s this ac2uisition sustained and dul$ supported b$ his inco%e as a public officialD Since his assu%ption as Associate and subse2uentl$, Chief *ustice, has he co%plied #ith this dut$ of public disclosureD AR! CLE RESPONEN! COMM !!E CLPABLE : OLA! ONS O; !+E CONS! !! ON AN<OR BE!RA7E !+E PBL C !RS! B7 ;A L N8 !O MEE! AN OBSER:E !+E S!R N8EN! S!ANARS NER AR!. : , SEC! ON ? '3( O; !+E CONS! !! ON !+A! PRO: ES !+A! AF MEMBER O; !+E * C AR7 MS! BE A PERSON O; PRO:EN COMPE!ENCE, N!E8R !7, PROB !7, AN NEPENENCE N ALLO= N8 !+E SPREME COR! !O AC! ON MERE LE!!ERS ; LE B7 A CONSEL =+ C+ CASE !+E SSANCE O; ;L P1;LOPP N8 EC S ONS N ; NAL AN E@EC!OR7 CASESG N CREA! N8 AN E@CESS :E EN!AN8LEMEN! = !+ MRS. ARRO7O !+RO8+ +ER APPO N!MEN! O; + S = ;E !O O;; CEG AN N  SCSS N8 = !+ L ! 8AN!S RE8AR N8 CASES PEN N8 BE;ORE !+E SPREME COR!. AR! CLE :RESPONEN! BE!RA7E !+E PBL C !RS! AN<OR COMM !!E CLPABLE : OLA! ON O; !+E CONS! !! ON =+EN +E BLA!AN!L7  SRE8ARE !+E PR NC PLE O;  SEPARA! ON O; PO=ERS B7 SS N8 A S!A!S >O AN!E ORER A8A NS! !+E +OSEO; REPRESEN!A! :ES N !+E CASE CONCERN N8 !+E MPEAC+MEN! O; !+EN OMBSMAN MERCE !AS NA:ARRO18! ERREH. AR! CLE :RESPONEN! BE!RA7E !+E PBL C !RS! !+RO8+ =AN!ON ARB !RAR NESS AN PAR! AL !7 N CONS S!EN!L7  SRE8AR N8 !+E PR NC PLE O; RES * CA!A N !+E CASES N:OL: N8 !+E -I NE=L71CREA!E C ! ES, AN !+E PROMO! ON O;  NA8A! SLAN N!O A PRO: NCE. AR! CLE : RESPONEN! BE!RA7E !+E PBL C !RS! B7 ARRO8A! N8 N!O + MSEL;, AN !O A COMM !!EE +E CREA!E, !+E A!+OR !7 AN *R S C! ON !O MPROPERL7 N:ES! 8A!E A *S! CE O; !+E SPREME COR! ;OR !+E PRPOSE O; E@CLPA! N8 + M. SC+ A!+OR !7 AN *R S C! ON S PROPERL7 REPOSE B7 !+E CONS! !! ON N !+E +OSE O; REPRESEN!A! :ES : A MPEAC+MEN!. AR! CLE : RESPONEN! BE!RA7E !+E PBL C !RS! !+RO8+ + S PAR! AL !7 N 8RAN! N8 A !EMPORAR7 RES!RA N N8 ORER '!RO( N ;A:OR O; ;ORMER PRES EN! 8LOR A MACAPA8AL1ARRO7O AN +ER +SBAN *OSE M 8EL ARRO7O N ORER !O 8 :E !+EM AN OPPOR!N !7 !O ESCAPE PROSEC! ON AN !O ;RS!RA!E !+E ENS O; *S! CE, AN N  S!OR! N8 !+E SPREME COR! EC S ON ON !+E E;;EC! : !7 O; !+E !RO N : E= O; A CLEAR ;A LRE !O COMPL7 = !+ !+E CON ! ONS O; !+E SPREME COR!JS O=N !RO. AR! CLE : RESPONEN! BE!RA7E !+E PBL C !RS!  AN<OR COMM !!E 8RA;! AN CORRP! ON =+EN +E ;A LE AN RE;SE!O  ACCON! ;OR !+E * C AR7 E:ELOPMEN! ;N '*;( AN SPEC AL ALLO=ANCE ;OR!+E * C AR7 'SA*( COLLEC! ONS. - On ece%ber I, /--, petitioner filed his Ans#er    assailin& the blitKrie& fashion b$ #hich the i%peach%ent co%plaint #as si&ned b$ the Me%bers of the +OR and i%%ediatel$ trans%itted to the Senate. Citin& previous instances #hen President A2uino openl$ epressed his re)ection of petitionerJs appoint%ent as Chief *ustice and publicl$ attaced this Court under the leadership of petitioner for derailin& his ad%inistrationJs %andate, petitioner concluded that the %ove to i%peach hi% #as the handi#or of President A2uinoJs part$ %ates and supporters, includin&hidden forces #ho #ill be benefited b$ his ouster. As to the char&es a&ainst hi%, petitioner denied the sa%e but ad%itted havin& once served the Offices of the President and :ice1President durin& the ter% of for%er President 8loria Macapa&al1Arro$o and &ranted the re2uest for courtes$ call onl$ to Mr. ante *i%eneK of the :olunteers A&ainst Cri%e and Corruption ':ACC( #hile Mr. Lauro :iKconde appeared #ith Mr. *i%eneK #ithout prior per%ission or invitation. Petitioner ar&ued at len&th that the acts, %isdeeds or offenses i%puted to hi% #ere either false or baseless, and other#ise not ille&al nor i%proper. +e pra$ed for the outri&ht dis%issal of the co%plaint for failin& to %eet the  re2uire%ents of the Constitution or that the %peach%ent Court enter a )ud&%ent of ac2uittal for all the articles of i%peach%ent.Mean#hile, the prosecution panel co%posed of respondent Representatives held a press conference revealin& evidence #hich supposedl$ support their accusations a&ainst petitioner. !he follo#in& da$, ne#spapers carried front pa&e reports of hi&h1priced condo%iniu% units and other real properties in ;ort Bonifacio, !a&ui& and >ueKon Cit$ alle&edl$ o#ned b$ petitioner, as disclosedb$ prosecutors led b$ respondent Rep. Niel C. !upas, *r. !he prosecution told the %edia that it is possible that these properties #ere not included b$ petitioner in his State%ent of Assets, Liabilities and Net =orth 'SALN( #hich had not been %ade available to the public. Reactin& to this %edia ca%pai&n, Senators scolded the prosecutors re%indin& the% that under the Senate Rules of Procedure on %peach%ent !rials 3  the$ are not allo#ed to %ae an$ public disclosure or co%%ent re&ardin& the %erits of a pendin& i%peach%ent case. 4  B$ this ti%e, five petitions have alread$ been filed #ith this Court b$ different individuals seein& to en)oin the i%peach%ent trial on &rounds of i%properl$ verified co%plaint and lac of due process.On *anuar$ -I, /-, respondent Senate of the Philippines actin& as an %peach%ent Court, co%%enced trial proceedin&s a&ainst the petitioner.PetitionerJs %otion for a preli%inar$ hearin& #as denied. On *anuar$ -0, /-, Att$. Enri2ueta E. :idal, Cler of Court of this Court, in co%pliance #ith a subpoena issued b$ the %peach%ent Court, too the #itness stand and sub%itted the SALNs of petitioner for the $ears // to /-/. Other prosecution #itnesses also testified re&ardin& petitionerJs SALNs for the previous $ears 'Marianito i%aandal, Records Custodian of Malacaan& Palace, Att$. Rand$ A. Ruta2uio, Re&ister of eeds of !a&ui& and Att$. Carlo :. Alcantara, Actin& Re&ister of eeds of >ueKon Cit$(. n co%pliance #ith the directive of the %peach%ent Court, the prosecution and defense sub%itted their respective %e%oranda on the 2uestion of #hether the prosecution %a$ present evidence to prove the alle&ations in para&raphs .3 'failure to report so%e properties in SALN( and .4 'ac2uisition of ill1&otten #ealth and failure to disclose in SALN such ban accounts #ith hu&e deposits and 3//1s2.%. Me&a#orld propert$ at the ;ort in !a&ui&( under Article 'par. .. refers to petitionerJs alle&ed failure to disclose to the public his SALN as re2uired b$ the Constitution(.On *anuar$ ?, /-, the %peach%ent Court issued a Resolution 5  #hich states6 N SM, !+ERE;ORE, this Court resolves and accordin&l$ rules6-. !o allo# the Prosecution to introduce evidence in support of Para&raphs . and .3 of Article of the Articles of %peach%entG. !o disallo# the introduction of evidence in support of Par. .4 of the Articles of %peach%ent, #ith respect to #hich, this Court shall be &uided b$ and shall rel$ upon the le&al presu%ptions on the nature of an$ propert$ or asset #hich %a$ be proven to belon& to the Respondent Chief *ustice as provided under Section 0 of Republic Act No. 3/- and Section  of Republic Act No. -3?.SO ORERE. I
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