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  RELINING, REBASING AND REPAIR OF DENTURES   Dr. Zarah SiddiquiMSc. ResidentDept. of ProsthodonticsDIKIOHS, DUHS  Relining    The procedure used to resurface the tissue surface of a denture with new base material to make the denture t more accurately. -- GPT Or The process of adding base material to the tissue surface of the denture in a quantity sucient to ll the space which e!ist between the srcinal denture contour and the altered tissue contour. #$%&&' Rebasing &ebasing is a process of replacing all the base material of a denture. Only the srcinal teeth and their arrangement remain.Or(t consists of replacing all of the denture base with new material. -- #$%&&'  Objectives  The main ob)ecti*es of relining or rebasing are to+&e-establish the correct relation of the denture to basal tissue.&estore stability and retention&estore lost occlusal and ma!illo-mandibular relationship.  Coon In!ications o# Relining an! Rebasing Imperfection in the denture base ,efects in the impression surface of the denture due to (mproper handling of the tissues during impression   making.Processing defects   Porosities  shrinkagecontraction gaseous granular. ra!in of the material #$%eo$ar resorption ontinued resorption of the residual al*eolar ridge under the complete denture. Decreased occ$usa$ %ertica$ dimension ,ue to faulty techniques Immediate dentures &egular periodic relines are required 
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