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CARSTEN GREGERSEN 13637 Harold ave. Warren MI 48089 (586) 601-5734 References: Mrs. Victoria Barterian Teacher at Warren Woods Christian school 16975 Martin rd. Roseville MI 48066 (586) 838-8731 Mrs. “Tori” was my first swim coach who had taught me ab
  CARSTEN GREGERSEN 13637 Harold ave.Warren MI 48089(86! 601 734#$%&'eonl)%$a*l.#o$Re+eren#e,-Mr,. *#&or*a /ar&er*anTea#'er a& Warren Wood, C'r*,&*an ,#'ool1697 Mar&*n rd.Ro,ev*lle MI 48066(86! 838 8731Mr,.ar&er*an678)%$a*l.#o$Mr,. Tor*2 a, $ +*r,& ,*$ #oa#' 'o 'ad &a%'& $e ao& ded*#a&*on and de&er$*na&*on &oard, a &a,5 and &o no& %*ve  on &'*n%, 'en &'e %e& a *& 'ard.Mr. Geor%e C&,'aar,*& o,  G*rl, &enn*, #oa#' a& WWTHS309 S&'erlandWarren MI 48088(86! 77 9013e%5#&,)%$a*l.#o$Mr. C&,'a 'a, een $ &enn*, *n,&r#&or +or &o ear,: H*, $oral, and l*+e e;er*en#e, 'e ,'are, 'el &o e&&er $e *n $ on l*+e de#*,*on,. Mr. C&,'a *, ala, ava*lale &o &al5 &o 'en &'ere *, an *,,e ao& ,o$e&'*n%.Mr,. S'an <e/,,#'ere/oo5  Re#ord 5eeer 3834 Grnal& ave.Warren MI 48091(86! 38 8168,&##,de,,#'ere)%$a*l.#o$Mr, S'an *, one o+ $ o&' leader,'* #on,ellor,. S'e 'a, or5ed *&' $e *n order &o a##o$l*,' ,o$e o+ $ %oal,. S'e *, one o+ $ role $odel, and ala, 'el, 'en ,'e *, ale &o.  Mr. Ga%e =a$=*ne $%$&. >ord Mo&or #o$an and5e &ran,$*,,*on1907 /ea+a*& Gro,,e ?o*n&e ood, MI 4836(86! 909 401Mr. Ga%e *, $ #rren& ,*$ #oa#'. He *, ver $o&*va&*onal &'ro%' '*, ,ee#'e, and *, ale &o  ,' $e &o $ %rea&e,& l*$*&,. Ga%e *, ale &o en#ora%e $e 'enever &'ere ere do&, ao& ,o$e&'*n%.Mr,. <onna anG'ele<RE@o&' $*n*,&er +or S&.Mar:Br =ad een o+ >a$*l*e, ar*,'14486 De,*#5 S'el Ton,'* MI 4831(86! 3 443*drae$)a'oo.#o$Mr,. <onna *, $ o&' leader,'* #on,elor. S'e *, a '%e role $odel +or $ everda l*+e and #on&*ne, &o ,or& $e *n an a &'a& ,'e #an. Mr, donna %*de, $e &'ro%' d*++*#l& de#*,*on, &'a& o##r *n $ l*+e.
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