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  Red Army rape Stalin German victim is first to break silence on Red Army rapists after 65 years By ALLAN HALL IN BERLINLast updated at 9:32 AM on 01st Mar! 2010 !ttp: ###$dailymail$o$u% ne#s artile&12'('21 )erman&*itim&+rea%&silene&Red&Army&rapists&,'&years$!tml A )erman #oman !as +eome t!e -irst o- an estimated 2million *itims o- rape +y So*iet soldiers in t!e Seond .orld .ar to +rea% t!e ta+oo on tal%in/ pu+lily a+out t!e rimes$ )a+riele oepps +oo% .!y id I Ha*e o Be A )irl4 a+out t!e rapes arried out +y t!e Red Army as t!ey mar!ed on Berlin4 is t!e -irst to +e pu+lis!ed under a *itims real name$ !e soldiers #ere enoura/ed +y t!eir leader 5ose- Stalin to re/ard t!e rime as a spoil o- #ar a-ter Hitlers in*asion !ad le-t 2,million Russians dead$ Ordeal: Gabriele Koepp, now aged 8 and as a !5 year old# $%e is t%e first woman to break t%e taboo on talking p&blicly abo&t being raped by t%e Red Army as t%ey marc%ed on 'erlin in !()5 !e Russian esta+lis!ment ontinues to deny t!e e*ents$ 6rau4 %omm & .oman4 ome & #as a p!rase t!at -emales dreaded !earin/ -rom Red Army soldiers$ In t!e #ee%s a-ter Berlin -ell4 t!e rape epidemi #as so +ad t!e Roman 7at!oli 7!ur! onsidered a+ortion -or some *itims$ E*en today4 Miss oepp4 804 !as trou+le sleepin/$ S!e ne*er !ad a romane a-ter !er ordeal$ I #ouldnt !a*e +een a+le to -eel anyt!in/ any#ay4 s!e said$ 6or me4 seuality #as  ust *iolene$ ;nly one ot!er aount o- t!e mass rapes4 A .oman In Berlin4 #as pu+lis!ed a-ter t!e#ar$ Its aut!or remained anonymous +ut its *eraity is no# dou+ted$ But t!at #oman #as 304 said Miss oepp$ I #as !ardly more t!an a !ild$ .ritin/ t!is !as not +een easy4 +ut I !ad no !oie: #!o else #ould do it< Miss oepps +oo% spea%s -or all o- t!e *itims$ Eperts4 #!o inter*ie#ed some o- t!em4 say t!ey #ere raped an a*era/e o- 12 times as t!e 'million soldiers o- t!e Red Army ad*aned on t!e Na=i apital in 19('$  !e *itims ran/ed -rom ei/!t to 904 #it! many raped to deat!$ $oviet troops in procession in 'erlin, !()6: *ictims were raped an average of !+ times as t%e 5million soldiers of t%e Red Army advanced on t%e a-i capital Miss oepp told er Spie/el ma/a=ine it #as on t!e e*enin/ o- 5anuary 2'4 19('4 a/ed 1'4 t!at !er mot!er told !er to pa% >ui%ly as s!e !ad to -lee -rom t!e Russians$ !ey li*ed S!neidemu!l4 in t!e -ormer )erman re/ion o- ?omerania #!i! is no# a ?olis! to#n alled ?ila$ In a sense4 s!e allo#ed me to run !eadlon/ on to a %ni-e4 Miss oepp said$ S!e and !er sister le-t t!e net day a+oard a attle train t!at #as supposed to !ead to#ards Berlin$ 6or some reason4 it #ent in a di--erent diretion and t!e en/ine #as soon +lo#n up +y Russian artillery$ .!en t!e soldiers ame to t!e +uildin/4 as%in/ -or /irls4 t!e older #omen alled out: .!eres little )a+i< and pulled !er out -rom underneat! t!e ta+le!e -rei/!t ar door #as lo%ed4 s!e said$ I mana/ed to lim+ up and ra#l out o- a #indo#$ My sister #as le-t +e!ind: I !a*e ne*er seen !er a/ain$ !e net day4 in a small *illa/e4 So*iet troops soured !ouses -or prey$ S!e #as raped t#ie t!at day and t#ie a/ain t!e net mornin/$ S!e said s!e !id under a ta+le in a room -illed #it! re-u/ees$ .!en t!e soldiers ame to t!e +uildin/4 as%in/ -or /irls4 t!e older #omen alled out: .!eres little )a+i< and pulled !er out -rom underneat! t!e ta+le$ I -eel !atred risin/ up inside o- me4 s!e #rote$ S!e #as dra//ed o-- to a ransa%ed !ouse$ I !a*e no tears4 s!e remem+ered$ !e net mornin/4 it #as t!e #omen4 one a/ain4 #!o pus!ed me into t!e arms o- a /reedy o--ier$ I despise t!ese #omen$ Her ordeal #ent on -or t#o #ee%s until s!e #as ta%en in at a -arm and !id -rom t!e So*iets$ S!e #as reunited #it! !er mot!er 1' mont!s later in Ham+ur/ +ut says !er mot!er #as old to !er #!en s!e tried to tal% o- !er pain and s!ame$  Miss oepp t!in%s s!e -elt /uilty -or lettin/ !er and !er sister lea*e !ome alone$ !e  +oo% #ill +e translated into En/lis! later t!is year$
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