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  Rachelle Marie De La Cruz Rachelle.delacruz3@gmail.com ▪ 7218 Pine Grove, Houston, ! 77 #2 ▪ $%8%& 738'%82 Objective:   o o(tain an assistant )rinci)al )osition in a *or+ard'thining school district to utilize m- sills, )assion, and dedication to serve students and hel) achieve greater academic gains. Education niversit- o* /t. homas, Houston, ! 2 1 ' 2 12 M.Ed. in eacher 0eadershi)niversit- o* Rochester, Rochester,  2006-2010   B.A.   Major:  merican Histor-4 Ps-cholog-  Minor:  0atin merican /tudies e5as /tate teacher certi*ication6  EC-6 Generalist/Bilingual  e5as /tate Princi)al certi*ication6  Expected May 2017    Experience Hollibrook ES, Spring Branch Independent School DistrictJuly 2015 !urrent PK-2 Literacy Teacher facilitator/Instructional Coach Houston, #  Provide coaching to 23 teachers teaching grades Pre' to second. tilize student data and district assessment to determine teacher e**ectiveness and areas o* su))ort needed.  acilitate 9'8 model lessons +eel- )rimaril- in guided reading instruction.  :reate and administer common (enchmar assessments aligned to ;/ and content taught ever- 3 +ees  <(serve, coach, and de(rie* +ith 9'8 teachers +eel- to increase teacher e**ectiveness and student achievement  =evelo) and e5ecute )ro*essional learning communities $P0:& around instructional needs and student data  :reated a s-stem to trac reading level )rogress o* over > students to immediatel- target areas o* lo+ )er*ormance.  :oordinated interventions *or ier 2 and ier 3 students.  <rganize and coordinate /R administration *or grades 3'% th .  rained interventionists and )ara)ro*essionals on (est )ractices and guided reading )rocedures to  (etter serve our students  ?anaged 1 , (udget to order leveled (oos and created 2 ne+ literac- li(raries *or instruction in grades P'% th . each $or %&ericaJune 201'June 2015 Manager, Teacher Leadership Developent Houston, #  /u))ort and *oster the leadershi) develo)ment o* 29'3% cor)s mem(ers in P'12. sed student data and district (enchmars to determine teacher e**ectiveness and areas o* su))ort needed.  =evelo)ed and e5ecuted coaching )lans that involved multi)le staeholders +ith e5ternal and internal )artners.  ?et +ith administrators and e5ternal certi*ication organizations to align coaching and gro+th goals *or individual students.  :reated landsca)e anal-sis and student centered coaching )lans to ensure that instructional )ractices +ere meeting the needs o* students.   Plan and create instructional coaching strategies to ensure teachers met regionAs Buarterl- and end o* -ear goals.  /erved as Regional contact to =:mented teachers and +ored closel- +ith e5ternal counsel to ensure timel- rene+al o* status.:?P, each *or merica    ugust 2 12'Cune 2 13 Mentor Houston, !  :olla(orated closel- +ith an incoming each or merica cor)s mem(er in lesson )lanning and other areas o* concern  /uccess*ull- *acilitated the im)lementation o* the =ail- % literac- routine in m- menteeAs classroomand m- o+n  /hared e**ective and e**icient techniBues and assisted in )utting learning into )ractice.  Guided and advised m- mentee in instructional decisions that +ould (ene*it her students.=ora D. 0antri) ;lementar-, HE/=Cune 2 11' ugust 2 13 2 nd  rade Bilinual !eacher #rade level chair Houston, !  Planned and e5ecuted e**icient student'centered and driven lesson in reading, math, +riting and ;/0  :olla(orated +ith other teammates to )lan units o* stud- and *acilitate lesson deliver-.  Planned4e5ecuted team meeting to address student su))ort, student modi*ications, and student achievement data.  ?anaged and su))orted % teachers +ho shared a grou) o* 1 students.  raced )rogress to mar gro+th and immediatel- targeted areas o* lo+ )er*ormance.  :o'*ounded an a*ter'school art clu( +ith the colla(oration o* the niversit- o* Houston rt de)artment.  :o'*ounded the Peaceee)ing committee in order to design a school +ide character education )rogram. Ru*us :age ;lementar-, HE/= ugust 2 1 ' ?a- 2 11  $re%& Bilinual !eacher Houston, !  aught earl- childhood sills and standards in an inclusive classroom.  Duilt *oundational sills in reading, math, +riting, and social'emotional develo)ment.  raced )rogress to mar gro+th and immediatel- targeted areas o* lo+ )er*ormance.  ?anaged an e**icient and e**ective classroom that *osters academic e5cellence +ithout sti*ling imagination.  acilitate learning (asic no+ledge and sills such as letters, sounds, )atterns, counting, and hand+riting through creative use o* songs, rh-mes, mani)ulatives, (oos, and technolog- in +hole grou) and small grou) instruction. '(ill)  luent in /)anish  no+ledge o* ?icroso*t o**ice suite and ;5)lorer  Activitie)  HE/= Human :a)ital ello+shi), *ello+  , Houston, !    August 2012-June 2013  Re,erence)  aren 0isa, Princi)al o* Holli(roo ;lementar- aren.0isa@s)ring(ranchisd.comF 713'2%1'%8  :laudia /alcedo, ssistant Princi)al o* Holli(roo ;lementar- :laudia./alcedo@s)ring(ranchisd.comF 713'2%1'%812  ?agdalena /tricland, Princi)al o* 0antri) ;lementar- ?stricl@houstonisd.orgF 713'#2>'197
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