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DR.AZRA HAFEEZ LECTURER & FCPS TRAINEE DOW UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES R A D IO LO G Y R A D IO LO G IC A L EX A M IN ATIO N 1. PLAIN FILMS/DIGITAL XRAYS: a. Intraoral radiograph: i. Periapical films ii. Occlusal view radiographs iii. Bitewing radiographs b. Extraoral radiograph: i. Orthopantogram (OPG) ii. Lateral view skull/Lateral cephalogram iii. PA view skull/ PA cephalogram iv. Occipitomental view v. Water’s view or paranasal sinus view (PNS) vi. Submentovertex view (SMV) or j
  RADIO LO GY DR.AZRA HAFEEZLECTURER & FCPS TRAINEEDOW UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES  RADIOLOGICAL EXAM INATION 1. PLAIN FILMS/DIGITAL XRAYS: a. Intraoral radiograph: i. Periapical flm ii. Occl!al ie# ra$i%rap' iii. (i)e#i* ra$i%rap' b. !traoral radiograph: i. rthopantogra# $ PG% ii. Lat&ral 'i&( )*+ll/Lat&ral ,&phalogra#  iii. PA ie# +!ll, PA cep'al%ram i . Occipi)%me*)al ie# . Wa)er- ie# %r para*aal i*! ie# PNS/ i. S!0me*)% er)e1 ie# S2V/ %r 3! 'a*$le ie# ii. Re ere T%#*e- ie# iii. O0li4!e la)eral ie# ma*$i0!lar 0%$5  -. T M GRAPY: a. C%mp!)e$ )%m%rap'5 CT/ 0. C%*e 0eam CT C(CT/ c. P%i)r%* emii%* )%m%ram PET/ 6. 2a*e)ic re%*a*ce imai* 2RI/ 7. Ra$i%*!!cle%i$e imai* a. Sci*)irap'5 %r 0%*e ca* 0. Si*le p'%)%* emii%* c%mp!)e$ )%m%rap'5 SPECT/
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