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  Qno. 14a) Deduce the relation between induced emf and terminal voltage of separately excited , shunt and series generators?ns! elow #gure is the circuit of excited shunt and series!$ 1.%eparately excited  &hese 'ind of generators has provided #eld exciter terminals which are external D( voltage source is supplies to produce separately magnetic #eld winding shunt #eld) for magneti*e of the generator as illustrated in #gure as below!$+t  -g $ a /a 0here +t  &erminal or output voltage a  rmature current or load current /a  rmature resistance . %eries generator!$%eries generator &he #eld winding of a series generator is connect in series with the armature winding. %ince it carries the load current, the series #eld winding consists of only a few turns of thic' wire. t no$load, the generator voltage is small due to residual #eld 2ux only. 0hen a load is added, the 2ux increase, and so does the generated voltage. elow #gure is circuit diagram of series generator!$  -3uivalent to +  t ) -g $ a /a  /f 0here /f  &he series #eld winding resistance /a  &he armature winding resistance5. %hunt 6enerator!$  shunt generator has its shunt #eld winding connected in parallel with the armature so that the machine provides it own excitation. 7or voltage to build up, there must be some residual magnetism in the #eld poles. &here will be a small voltage -r) generated. elow #gure is circuit diagram of shunt generator !$  -3uivalent to +t  -g $ a /a 0here +t  &erminal or output voltage a  rmature current or load current /a  rmature resistance .
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