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  ESC 411PROBLEM SET #1NAME:___________________________________________________________ SCHEDULE:________________ Show complete solution and box the fnal answer. Round o intermediate and fnal values up totwo decimal places.1.An annual deposit o P20000 was places on the und at the end o !ear or !ears. #  theund invested has a rate o $% compounded annuall! how much is the worth o the undat the end o & !ears'2.A house costs P2000000 cash. A purchaser will pa! P&0000 cash P 0000 at the end o 2 !ears and a se(uence o annual pa!ments startin) with one at the end o * !ears todischar)e all his remainin) liabilit! as to the principal and interest at 10% compoundedannuall! fnd the annual pa!ments which must be made or 10 !ears'+.,ou need - *000 per !ear or our !ears to )o to colle)e. ,our ather invested - $000 in % account or !our education when !ou were born. # !ou withdraw - *000 at the end o !our 1 th  1/ th  1& th  and 20 th  birthda! how much will be let in the account at the end o the21 st  !ear'*.A armer bou)ht a tractor costin) P$0000 pa!able in 12 semiannual pa!ments eachinstallment pa!able at the be)innin) o each period. # the rate o interest is 10%compounded semiannuall! determine the amount o each installment.$.r. dela ru3 borrowed P1000000 at 10% interest compounded (uarterl! and pa!ableever! month or $ ! much o the load remains unpaid immediatel! ater he has paid the 12 th  pa!ment'b.4hat is eective annual interest rate' .5o maintain the 6R5 it is re(uired to have P$00000 at the end o $ !ears and annuall!thereater. # mone! is worth $% determine the cost o all uture maintenance..7etermine the ordinar! and exact simple interests on P$$00 or the period rom 8anuar!$ 2002 to 9ebruar! 2/ 200+ i the rate is .$%. /.A man wishes his son to receive P $00 000.00 ten !ears rom now. 4hat amountshould he invest now i it will earn interest o 10% compounded annuall! durin)the frst $ !ears and 1$% compounded (uarterl! durin) the next 2!ears and 12%compounded semiannuall! on the remainin) !ears. 4hat will be the worth o themone! on the  th  !ear'&.A student plans to deposit P 1 $00 in the ban: now and another P + 000 ater two!ears. # he plans to withdraw P + 000 + !ears ater his last deposit or thepurpose o bu!in) shoes what will be the amount o mone! let in the ban: aterone !ear o his withdrawal' ;ective annual interest rate is 10% . 10. 9ind the nominal rate which is converted (uarterl! could be used instead o 12%compounded semiannuall!.
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