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Item Description Person Date due Responsible /completed Joint Adam Wednesday 8th Statement A joint statement from your group expressing your  March understanding of what is required for the ICT  Integration Project. So why has U
  ItemDescriptionPerson ResponsibleDate due /completed Joint Statement A joint statement from your group expressing your understanding of what is required for the ICT Integration Project. So why has UNDA given you the opportunity to take this unit. Why is it important for your study? AdamWednesday 8 th  MarchMind Map A mind map, which clearly shows the four lessons, who’s responsible, curriculum strands Amelia Wednesday 8 th  MarchProject Plan A Project Plan, which details what actions, will be taken by each group member and by when. (This document!) Amelia and AdamWednesday 8 th  MarchFPD A Forward Planning Document or 4 separate lessons plans. Amelia !Adam !Wednesday 8 th  MarchI # A statement articulating which three ICT tools you intend students to use and why you chose them for your curriculum. AmeliaWednesday 8 th  March$earnin%  #heory A statement indicating how your curriculum is underpinned by evidence-based learning theory e.g. constructivism. AdamWednesday 8 th  MarchPut it all to%ether Put everything onto Weebly. Check formatting and links. Adam andAmelia #hursday & th  March
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