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This report is the culmination of our impact assessment process at the end of 2004–05. It has looked at a selection of programmes being implemented with our partners and allies from around the world. Some programmes reviewed this year have been operating for ten years, and the impact that can be achieved through making a long-term commitment to working with partners and communities is evident. In some programmes, for example our response to the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, it has been important to assess immediate results, but longer-term impact will need to be assessed in years to come.
    Programme Impact Report Oxfam GB's work with partners and allies around the world July 2005       Contents Introduction i Overview iii Impact Report by Aim: 1 The right to gender equity 1 2 The right to life and security 13 3 The right to a sustainable livelihood 28 4 The right to basic social services 44 5 The right to be heard 57    List of case studies   Greater equality between women and men in northern Uganda 2   Violence against women — a public matter in the Dominican Republic 6   Developing women as political representatives in Sierra Leone 7   A gender audit of community engagement in Manchester, UK 9   Responding to the Sudan crisis 14   Community consultation and shelter programming in Sri Lanka 16   Emergency livelihoods and public-health responses in Haiti 17   Responding to floods in Bangladesh 18   Conflict reduction in the Horn, East, and Central Africa region 24   Vulnerable livelihoods in the Shire Highlands of Malawi 30   Juggling apples and potatoes in Tirana, Albania 32   Raising mussels in Duyen Hai District, Viet Nam 34   A producers’ network in Ghana 35   Micro-finance and business-services support in Samegrelo, West Georgia 37   Debt on your Doorstep in the UK 38   Empowering school communities in Zambezia, northern Mozambique 45    Civil society and the Global Fund 46   Quality in the classroom in Duyen Hai district, Viet Nam 47    Education for the first time for pastoralist children in Tillaberi, Niger 49      Learning about school drop-out in Cambodia 51     Moving on with the PRSP process in Yemen 58   Budget-monitoring in Zugdidi Region, West Georgia 60   Working with the PRSP and other policy-making processes in Honduras 61   The rights and development of indigenous peoples in Bolivia 63   The World Bank’s forestry lending in Cambodia 64
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