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Description Principles Of W D Gann Law Of Vibration Exert from our Book On Gann Angle Theory Gann in his work has explicitly proved that all Stocks and Commodities vibrate. He has devised a mathematical formula for calculating the rate of vibration which is called “ Gann Angle Theory” Swayam Academy , 403 - 4th Floor , Richmond Plaza, Richmond Circle , Banglore – 560 025 . email : Telephone : +919243 727272 Technical Analysis
Transcript Principles Of W D Gann Law Of Vibration Exert from our Book On Gann Angle  Theory Gann in his work has explicitly proved that all Stocks and Commodities virate! e has devised a mathematical formula for calculating the rate of viration which is called # Gann Angle Theory$ Swayam Academy , 403  4t! loor , #ic!mond Pla$a, #ic!mond %ircle , &an'lore ( )*0 0+)  email - feedbac./stoc.tradin'fndamentalscom 1elep!one - 2+43 5+5+5+    Technical Analysis 2.10 : W. D. Gann’s Techniques of Analysis and Trading2.10.2 : General Principle Of Gann’s a! Of i#ra$ion The Principles of Gann’s Law of Vibration, as discerned from his interview of December 1909 tothe “Ticer !nd nvestment Di#est$, are as follows% 1. &tocs and commodities 'and ever(thin# else on earth) vibrate* +oreover, vibrationprovides a comprehensive eplanation of price movements in financial marets*“Vibration is f-ndamental. nothin# is eempt from this law. it is -niversal, thereforeapplicable to ever( class of phenomena on the #lobe/*!fter (ears of patient st-d( have proven to m( entire satisfaction, as well as demonstrated to others, that vibrationeplains ever( possible phase and condition of the maret$'Ticer interview)* 2. &tocs and commodities vibrate in accordance with both their own individ-al ener#(vibration 'i*e* internal vibration) and also in accordance with ener#( vibration transmittedthro-#h space 'i*e* eternal vibration)* “rom m( etensive investi#ations, st-dies andapplied tests, find that not onl( do the vario-s stocs vibrate, b-t that the drivin# forcescontrollin# the stocs are also in a state of vibration$'Ticer interview)* %. The overall ener#( vibration of a stoc or commodit( is reflected in its price* “Thesevibrator( forces can onl( be nown b( the movements the( #enerate on the stocs andtheir val-es in the maret$'Ticer interview)* &. inancial marets essentiall( comprise a series of imp-lse that prod-ce pricemovements with specific rates of vibration*“&cience teaches that an ori#inal imp-lse of an( ind finall( resolves itself into periodic or rh(thmical motion$ 'Ticer interview)* '. The price movement of a stoc or commodit( -nfolds in a coherent wa(* This is beca-sestocs and commodities are essentiall( centers of ener#ies and these ener#ies 'or vibrations) are controlled mathematicall(*“&tocs, lie atoms, are reall( centers of ener#ies* Therefore the( are controlled mathematicall(/*There is no chance in nat-rebeca-se mathematical principles of the hi#hest order lie at the fo-ndation of all thin#s$'Ticer interview)*  wwwstoc.tradin'fndamentalscom 0      Technical Analysis 2.10 : W. D. Gann’s Techniques of Analysis and Trading2.10.2 : General Principle Of Gann’s a! Of i#ra$ion(. 2hen the overall vibration of a stoc or commodit( is in balance its price will maintain aconstant rate of vibration 'i*e*prices will form a trend)* 3onse4-entl( this overall rate of vibration 'or trend line) can be precisel( meas-red and f-t-re prices forecast b( meansof the so5called Gann an#les or Gann fan lines 'i*e* 1  1, 1  6, 1  7, 1  8 an#les andtheir s-bdivisions)*“The power to determine the trend of the maret is d-e to m(nowled#e of the characteristics of each individ-al stoc and a certain #ro-pin# of different stocs -nder their proper rates of vibration* &tocs are lie electrons, atoms andmolec-les, which hold persistentl( to their own individ-alit( in response to thef-ndamental Law f Vibration/*!fter eha-stive researches and investi#ations of thenown sciences, discovered that the Law f Vibration enabled me to acc-ratel(determine the eact points to which stocs or commodities sho-ld rise and fall within a#iven time* The worin# o-t of this law determines the ca-se and predicts the effect lon#before the &treet is aware of either$'Ticer interview)* ). These principles can be applied to forecast the trend of stocs or commodities over m-ltiple time frames* or eample, a minor imp-lse ma( prod-ce a price movement witha specific rate of vibration that lasts onl( a few ho-rs* !lternativel(, a ma:or imp-lse ma(prod-ce a price movement with a specific rate of vibration that lasts for a n-mber of (ears 'e*#* the rise in the Dow ;ones nd-strial !vera#e from 1961 to 1969)* “The lawwhich have applied will not onl( #ive these lon# c(cles or swin#s, b-t the dail( andeven ho-rl( movements of stocs$'Ticer interview)* *. t is tho-#ht that Gann believed the eternal ener#(vibration actin# on a stoc or commodit( is s-b:ect to astrolo#ical infl-ences 'altho-#h he does not eplicitl( state thisin his Ticer interview)*<ediscoverin# Gann’s Law of Vibration =( ;ames &mithson1>+!<?@T T@3AB 3 !B ss-e >0 C December 600* +. t co-ld be these astrolo#ical infl-ences to which Gann was referrin# when he describedmaret trends as actin# in a wa( that is analo#o-s to radio waves. i*e* the( have aspecific 2ave len#th, the( travel thro-#h space and the( are received b( and infl-encethose stocs and commodities that vibrate with a resonant fre4-enc(* “ t is impossiblehere to #ive an ade4-ate idea of the Law of Vibration as appl( it to the marets*Aowever, the la(man ma( be able to #rasp some of the principles when state that the  Law of Vibration is the f-ndamental law -pon which wireless tele#raph(, wirelesstelephones and phono#raphs are based$'Ticer interview)* wwwstoc.tradin'fndamentalscom 0+      Technical Analysis 2.10 : W. D. Gann’s Techniques of Analysis and Trading2.10.2: General Principle Of Gann’s a! Of i#ra$ion10. rom time to time a stoc or commodit( will lose its sensitivit( 'or receptivit() to certaininfl-ences 'astrolo#ical or otherwise)* !s a conse4-ence it will become inert 'i*e* its rateof vibration will fall) and its price will t(picall( enter a downtrend*“&tocs create their ownfield of action and power. power to attract and repel, which principle eplains wh( certainstocs at times lead the maret and Et-rn dead’ at other times$'Ticer interview)*Th-s, if the ass-mption that astrolo#( pla(s an important role in Gann’s method of forecastin#marets is correct, the e( techni4-e in appl(in# the Law of Vibration is to acc-ratel(identif( the ma:or astrolo#ical infl-ence drivin# a partic-lar stoc or commodit(* t is thennecessar( to identif( the res-ltant rate of vibration and to forecast how f-t-re astrolo#icalinfl-ences will impact this rate of vibration*“=( m( method can determine the vibrationof each stoc and b( also tain# certain time val-es into consideration can in thema:orit( of cases tell eactl( what the stoc will do -nder #iven conditions$ 'Ticer interview)*
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