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Power BI Beyond the Basics Public
  Nov 2014Sydney Business Intelligence [DW] Po   wer BI – Beyondthe Basics Iman Eftekhari  Nov 2014Sydney Business Intelligence Primary Sponsor www.varigence.com.au  Business Intelligence arkup !anguage use to accelerate #usiness intelligence evelopment  IDE for accelerate #usiness intelligence solutions  E$cel a in that will make anyone using PowerPivot or cu#es in E$cel more pro uctive Varigence software provides clients with ecient !ethods for developing !anaging and using #icrosoft $usiness intelligence solutions%&he software ecosyste! rests on the foundation of Bi!l or our ho!e'grown Business Intelligence #ar(up )anguage%  Nov 2014Sydney Business Intelligence Sponsor%s& *e +ust (now Microsoft BI ,and we (now it well- www.agile#i.com.au  .il!a/ Solutions provides clients with easy to use $usiness intelligence toolsets and solutions to e/tract critical and actiona$le insights fro! their $usiness data%ur consultants are e/perts in $usiness and technology solutions with focus on delivering $usiness value% www.hilma$.com.au  Nov 2014Sydney Business Intelligence Sponsor%s& S) &ools is your source for Idera S) Server tools sales  support in the 335 6egion%Idera has S) Server tools for7  BI #onitoring  erfor!ance  3vaila$ility   Bac(up  #aintenance  Security 3uditing  Governance   3d!inistration  8evelop!ent lus 9ree &ools covering !ost functions%:!ail idera;s<ltools%co!%au for Special &rial =ers%
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