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Portfolio Artifact #2 Francisca Esquer EDU 210 1 Portfolio Artifact #2 Scenario Freddie Watts, principal, and Jimmy Brothers, assistant principal, are African American and administer a predominantly African American school. In a heated conversation between Ann Griffin, a Caucasian tenured teacher and the two administrato
  Portfolio Artifact #2 Francisca Esquer  EDU 210  1Portfolio Artifact  #2 Scenario Freddie Watts, principal, and Jimmy Brothers, assistant principal, are African American and administer a predominantly African American school. In a heated conersation !et een Ann riffin, a $aucasian tenured teacher and the t o administrators, Ann stated that she %hated all  !lac& fol&s'. Word (ot around a!out her statement and caused ne(atie reactions amon( collea(ues !oth African American and $aucasian. )r. Watts recommended dismissal !ased on concerns re(ardin( her a!ility to treat students fairly, her *ud(ment, and competency as a teacher. Summary +ere in this scenario, Ann has the ri(ht to freedom of speech, li&e its stated in the First Amendment. -i&e in the case of in&er /. 0es )oines Independent $om. 1ch. 0ist. ere students ere !ein( denied their constitutional ri(ht to epression of opinion. 3nder constitutional la it states that neither students nor teachers shed their constitutional ri(hts to freedom of speech or epression at the schoolhouse door, hich is in relation to this scenario4 ere Ann riffin can claim that her ri(hts are !e iolated if she is dismissed !ased solely on her statement.Ann riffin is said to !e a tenured teacher, so she has status conferred !y the state statute that (uarantees her continued employment unless the district can esta!lish %(ood and *ust cause' for dismissal. his proides Ann ith a %property ri(ht' to continue employment, hich cannot  !e ta&en a ay ithout due process li&e it states in the Fourteenth Amendment. 1o, this ill allo her to fi(ht for her *o! until the district finds a %(ood and *ust cause' for her dismissal, hich in this scenario I !eliee there is.  2Portfolio Artifact  #2 In this scenario, Ann has stated a statement of discrimination. 5es, she is entitled to her freedom of speech, !ut speech that inoles purely personal concern is not protected. If the 0istrict can determine that Anns speech ould si(nificantly undermine her a!ility to perform her duties, disrupt the normal operation of the school, undermine superisory authority, or destroy the effectieness of or&in( relationships, hich from hat she stated sounds li&e she ould, then she can still !e disciplined !ased on her epression. Also, li&e in the case of -oeffelman /. Board of Education of the $rystal $ity 1chool 0istrict, the school !oard concluded that it had the authority to terminate a teachers contract on the (rounds that she had illfully iolated a !oard policy !y en(a(in( in discriminatory conduct and ma&in( dispara(in( racial comments. Ann, in this scenario, has done the same *ust in different ords. I !eliee in this scenario the school district can use this a(ainst Ann and esta!lish a %(ood and *ust cause' reason for dismissal. Ann ill also fall under incompetence, hich can !e used a(ainst her in determinin( reasons for dismissal. Conclusion I thin& Ann, in this scenario, should !e proided ith a procedural due process !ecause it affects a property ri(ht that she is entitled to since she is tenured. I thin& Ann ill try to fi(ht the case on ri(hts and terms of freedom of speech and tenure. 1he also has a ri(ht, throu(h due  process, to a predisciplinary meetin( !ecause the proposed discipline does affect her property and li!erty ri(ht interest. 0urin( the meetin( is hen the district must proe its case a(ainst her and in this scenario, I !eliee it can. 0ue to her statement she implied that she has discriminatoryfeelin(s and this ill lac& her a!ility of fairness amon( her students and co6 or&ers. I !eliee  3Portfolio Artifact  #2 this alone applies for dismissal follo in( the %(ood and *ust cause'   a(reement, li&e in the case -oeffelman /. Board of Education of the $rystal $ity 1chool 0istrict, and the district should terminate Ann riffin immediately. I !eliee eeryone needs to o n up and ta&e responsi!ility for their epressions and actions. In this scenario, Anns statement as particularly e(re(ious andshould hae seere consequences that she should o n up to and ta&e responsi!ility for. With the diersity in our society there is no ecuse nor time for discrimination.
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