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Portfolio Artifact #1 Portfolio Artifact #1 Francisca Esquer EDU 210 1 Portfolio Artifact #1 Part 1 “Reading law cases can sometimes be challenging for the novice” (pg. 20, Julie Underwood ∙ L. Dean Webb), was something I totally agreed with from o
  Portfolio Artifact #1 Portfolio Artifact #1 Francisca Esquer EDU 210  1 Portfolio Artifact #1 Part 1 “Reading law cases can sometimes be challenging for the novice” !g 20 $%lie Underwood & ' Dean (ebb) was something * totall+ agreed with from o%r te,tboo- * fo%nd m+self reading the case over and over again and still have some %ncertainties on the information * read (ith that being said the co%rt case that * will be describing is United .tates of APPEA' /R the *3 4*R4U*5 K.M. V. Tustin Unified School District & D.H. V. Tustin Unified School District   *t was arg%ed and s%mmited December 2 20126Pasedena 4alifornia filed on A%g%st 7 2018 /rom what * %nderstood in the end of this case it is sent bac- to a lower co%rt from which it was a!!ealed for f%rther !roceedings consistent with its o!inion  *t was on the .chool Districts com!liance with its obligations to a deaf or hard6of6hearing child %nder the *ndivid%als with Disabilities Ed%cation Act and how it did not establish com!liance with its effective comm%nication obligations to that child %nder itle ** of the Americans with Disabilities Act he !laintiff high schoolers with hearing disabilities who needed s!ecial ed%cation services %nder the *DEA alleged that their school district had an obligation %nder the itle ** of the ADA to !rovide them with a word6for6word transcri!tion service he !anel re9ected 8 reasons and remanded for f%rther !roceedings consisting with its o!inion he district co%rt held that the !laintiffs itle ** claim was foreclosed as a matter of thelaw b+ the fail%re of the !laintiffs *DEA claim he district co%rt denied the re:%est to order the service on the gro%nd that “the *DEA does not re:%ire .tates to ;ma,imi<e each child=s  2 Portfolio Artifact #1 !otential ” .ince the !laintiff co%ld not show that the+ were not being denied “meaningf%l access” to school services !rograms or activities Also teacher witnesses alleged that > ? co%ld !erform at the level of her fellow !eers@st%dents and e,tra service was not necessar+ he+ concl%ded that the+ REER.E the grants of s%mmar+ 9%dgment on the ADA claims and RE?AD for f%rther !roceedings Part 2 *n the 4onstit%tion of the .tate of evada article 11 covers Ed%cation and there are 10 sections for Ed%cation All this information is %sef%l to me a !racticing ed%cator beca%se it=s allowing me to familiari<e m+self with formal laws of ed%cationB li-e where are f%nds come from d%ties of Ed%cators were the establishments come from and what the+ stand for the s%!!ort b+ direct legislat%re a!!ro!riation in %niversities and common schools his is all information * m%st begin to familiari<e m+self with so * can f%ll+ %nderstand be able to com!l+ with and %se these laws while being an Ed%cator in this state    3 Portfolio Artifact #1 References United .tates 4o%rts for the inth 4irc%it5 4o%rt of A!!ealsB > ?  %stin Unified.chool District Retrieved from5 www caC %sco%rt gov School Law for Teachers  4om!anion (ebsite Retrieved from5www !renhall com@%nderwood
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