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Polemount design for solar panels
    6” Series Top of Pole Mount www.mtsolar.us 844-MT-SOLAR (687-6527) Installation Manual  2   Thank you for choosing MT Solar Pole Mounts. It is the installer’s responsibility to determine foundaon parameters based on local site condions, such as wind speed, snow load, soil type, exposure category, etc. Installaons also must comply with local building regulaons and requirements. We recommend consulng an engineer for a recommendaon on foundaon dimensions and pipe size and thickness. MT Solar can also provide a stamped drawing engineered for site - specic requirements for an addional fee. Please contact us to nd out more. Tips for Convenonal Pipe Installaon:    Dig hole according to recommended depth and diameter.  Set pipe in hole and use a level to ensure it is plumb and vercal to the ground.  If installing mulple poles, use a string to line up pipes.    Brace pipe to prevent it from moving while pouring concrete.    Proper compacon of backll around sonotube or form is recommended, unless pouring so that con-crete is in direct contact with the soil.  Allow concrete to cure for recommended length of me.  3   6” Series TPM Components—  Exploded View Components List:   Tools Required:  1 1/8” Socket    3/4” Socket    9/16” Socket    Crescent Wrench  Torque Wrench    Tape Measure     Angle Finder     Compass    Ladder    Qty   Descripon   4   3x2 Angle   2   2x3 Tube   1   2.5 Pipe   1   2 Pipe   1   U Bracket / Pole Cap   1   Adjuster   1   Adjuster Handle   1   Back Plate   8   Beam Clamps   2   Locking Collar   1   Liing Bracket   1   Liing Insert   4   3/4 x9 Bolts   4   3/4 Nuts   8   3/4 Flat Washers   Qty   Descripon   2   3/4 x3 Square Head Bolts   3   1/2 x1 Square Head Bolts   1   1/2 x1 1/2 Bolt   2   1/2 Flat Washers   1   1/2 Nylon Lock Nut   4   1/2”x3 1/2” Bolts   8   1/2 Flat Washers   8   1/2” Split Washers   4   1/2”x1 1/2” Bolts   4   1/2”x1 1/4” Bolts   4   1/2”x1 1/4 Flange Nuts   **   3/8”x1 1/4” Carriage Bolts   **   3/8” Flange Nuts   **   3/8 x1 Stainless Bolts   **   3/8” Serrated Flange Nuts   ** Varies depending on the number, size and layout of modules. See packing list for Quanty.  4   103   104 A   Installaon Guide   102   101 101: With the 6 Sch 40 or Sch 80 steel pipe installed in the ground, place the liing insert into the top of the pipe unl it sits ush. 102: Place the liing bracket into the liing insert with the eye facing south.   103: Hang a 1 ton or greater chain fall hoist from the liing eye.   104: Hang the U - Bracket Assembly on the Chain Hoist.   105   106   105: While holding the U - Bracket around the pole, insert 3 of the 3/4 x 9” bolts through the holes in the back of the U - bracket and through the holes on the Back Plate with 3/4” at washers on both sides and 3/4” nuts. 106: Insert the 3/4” x 3” Set Bolts in Back Plate, but do not ghten if leaving chain fall hoist connected. Note: If installing mulple mounts with a single hoist, bolt the pole cap on the pole at the desired working height. Tighten 3/4” bolts and 3/4” set screws to 200  - lb. Assemble rack, rails and modules. Then, move liing assembly and hoist to pole when ready to li. Aach to pole cap and loosen bolts. Connue with raising the array for wiring or compleng the installaon. 104 B  
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