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plan de lectie
  LESSON PLANName : Stanciu Irina-Oana Date : February, 17 th   Class : 2 nd   Level : beginners No of students : 16 School : Scoala Gimnaziala nr1 !iile, Firtanesti Lesson : butter#ly$ - ac%uiring ne& in#ormation 'can ( e)*ress ability+ Textbook  : Fairyland 2b, )*ress ublishing Time : ./ min SPECIFIC COPETENCES 11 0es*ond a**ro*riately 'in basic communication situations+ to short sim*le %uestions in aclear and concise &ay21 0e*roduce short and sim*le songs*oems2 artici*ate in communication games and re*roduce or create rhymesshort messages31 artici*ate in grou*class *ro4ects and create and &rite short te)ts AIMS By the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to:- to talk about animals and what they can/can’t do TEAC!IN TEC!NI#$ES - dialogue, e)*lanation, con5ersation, elicitation, song, game S%ILLS : reading, &riting, s*eaing, listening INTE&ACTION :  ( S8 S-8 grou* &or  ATE&IALS : board, #lashcards, &orsheets, *ens, marers, #li* chart, la*to*, 5ideo *ro4ector  ANTICIPATED P&O'LES : - some students might need #urther hel* and e)tra indications in sol5ing the tass and they may also need some o# these indications to be gi5en in 0omanian8-some students might #eel ner5ous and reluctant to *artici*ate in the acti5ity, so they may need more encouragement  (a)m $*Aim :-to create a rela)ed and *leasant atmos*here P)ocedu)e :- greets the Ss by saying  Hello $and encourages the *u*ils to greet her bac *lays the song  Hello! he *u*ils sing, shae hands, dance and mime .  checs home&or Timin+ :. minInteraction: -S, #rontal Activit, - :  Lead-in Aim: - to recycle and practice the language taught previously (parts of the body, action verbs) P)ocedu)e. 9  All right, everyone! We are not here to relax…but having fun! So we need more action now: Stand up!Sit own!lap your hand !Smile! Hop! #ump! Spin!Wal$! %un! Swim! &ly! 'ow let( play )Simon ay !( Simon ay touch your…*e.g. head…+  does a #e& more 9touch your arm, tummy, legs  *lays the song  Head, houlder , $nee and toe . he *u*ils sing and mime    announces the title and the ob4ecti5es o# the lesson Timin+ : 6 min Activit, /.  Presentation & Practice Aim. -to *resent and acti5ate the 5ocabulary o# the lesson-to de5elo* and *ractice the *u*ils listening, s*eaing, &riting sills-to gi5e *u*ils con#idence in their ability to use the nglish language P)ocedu)e.  *ins u* the animals #lashcards on the board  *oints to the animals, one at a time,and says the &ords he *u*ils re*eat a#ter her  *oints the animals in a random order and names them he *u*ils re*eat a#ter her ass the *u*ils to o*en their boos at *age si)  &rites the number on the board and holds u* her boo  says the instructions t&ice as she mimes them ass the *u*ils to match the &ords &ith the *ictures in their noteboos  checs the *u*ils ans&ers '1b, 2#, d, 3a, .c, 6e+ hen the *u*ils *oit to and name the animalseg Its a bird; Timin+ :13 minInteraction:-S, S-, indi5idual &or   Activit, 0.  Practice Aim : -  to enable the pupils to use epression such a It can/ It can’t  - to develop and practice the pupils’ listening, speaking, writing skills P)ocedu)e.  sho&s to the *u*ils some 5erbs acti5ity #lashcards #rom the *re5ious lesson  *oints to the #lashcards and elicit the &ord he *u*ils re*eat a#ter the teacher  1  e)*lains to the *u*ils that animals can do a lot o# things  *resents to the *u*ils a chart .    'ow let ee what the e animal can do.   *oints the *icture o# the butter#ly  ass the *u*ils <hat a butter#ly can do %un u*ils ans&er  : 'o, it can(t.  : an it fly :  -e , it can.  re*eat actions &ith the rest o# the animals gi5es to the *u*ils &orsheets he *u*ils must read and circle yes or no ' &hat animals candocant do+ he *u*ils read the sentences  hel*s the *u*ils &here necessary 'a**endi) 1+ Timin+ := minInteraction: -S, S- Activit, 2 :  Production Aim : -to *ractice s*eaing sills-to build con#idence, to &or in grou*s P)ocedu)e :  di5ides the class into grou*s ach grou* &ill recei5e a large sheet o# *a*er 'larger than +, and an en5elo*e &ith some labels 'action 5erbs+ and *ictures 'animals+ e)*lains the tas he *u*ils ha5e to stic the *ictures acti5ities on the *a*er #ter that, theystic the labels &ith the right action 5erb to the right animal - models the tas *ro5iding a 5isual aids Timin+ : 13 minInteraction: -S, S-grou* &or  Activit, 3.  Evaluation  *raise the *u*ils and grades most acti5e *u*ils iming: 1 minInteraction: -S !omework assignment: min  **endi) 10ead and say ,es  or no  1 butter#ly can #ly >es no2 n ele*hant can climb >es ?o s*ider can s&im >es no3 bird can #ly >es no. #rog can 4um* >es no6 money can dra& >es no
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