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AMENDED AGENDA PINELLAS COUNTY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TASK FORCE Chair- Bobbie Hodson – Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Vice-Chair-Christine Warwick – Retired (Haven) VISION: To have a peaceful and just community; PURPOSE: 1. To promote the prevention of domestic and sexual violence. 2. To enhance victim safety. 3. To hold batterers accountable. 4. To emphasize the principles of trauma
  AMENDED AGENDAPINELLAS COUNTY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TASK FORCE Chair- Bobbie Hodson – Pinellas County Sherif’s OceVice-Chair-Christine Warwick – etired !Ha en# VISION: To have a peaceful and just community;PURPOSE: $% To pomote the pevention of domestic and se!ual violence &% To enhance victim safety '% To hold #attees accounta#le (% To emphasi$e the pinciples of tauma infomed cae %O&'S: $% To develop and implement pimay peventive state(ies &% To facilitate and implement a coodinated community esponse to domestic violence '% To povide on(oin( education and assessment of the coodinated community esponse Date: )arch &$* &+$, Time: &++ ./ to (++ ./ Location:Suncoast os!ice Meetin# Room $C% &it'in t'e Gat'e(in#   P)ace *++, Roose-e)t .)-/0 C)ea(&ate(1 FL AGENDA 0 e iew o1 the Pur.ose and 2oals o1 the 3ask 4orce* 0ntroductions* 56enda e iew* 5..ro al o1 $7$,7&+$, )inutes 5ll )e/bers * minutes 00 Pri/ary Pre ention e.ort 8enni1er Saul.au6h ,2 minutes 000 4atality e iew 3ea/ e.ort 4rieda Widera ,2 minutes 0V B0P Co//ittee e.ort9a id Swindall * minutes V 5d ocacy Co//ittee Sherry Clester ,2 minutes V0 By-laws Co//ittee2aby :o.e; ,2 minutes V00 By-laws 5/end/ent!s# 9iscussion and Vote ,2 minutes  V000 Statistics Co//itteeuth Whitney ,2 minutes I3 Steerin6 Co//ittee e.ort 5le<is =.ton ,2 minutes > Chairs e.ort Bobbie Hodson * minutes >0 5nnounce/ents ,2 minutes 4E AVE A FULL AGENDA SO PLEASE REMEM.ER ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE NOT FOR AGENDA ITEMS0 TANKS FOR  YOUR ELP IN TIS MATTER0Ne& 4e5site:'tt!:66!ine))as/-t70&ee5)80com6O)/ 4e5site:'tt!:66!ine))as/-t70&i9is!aces0com6'tt!:66!ine))as/-tas97o(ce0&isite0com6!ine))as/-tas97o(ce Futu(e Meetin#s: ;6<,6,+1 *6,=6,+1 +6,>6,+1?6,?6,+1 ,,6<,6,+ T'e ,,6<,6,+ meetin# occu(s /u(in# t'e &ee9 o7 T'an9s#i-in# so t'is /ate ma8 5e c'an#e/0
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