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Parent Information: March 17 2017 Season Start Good Evening! There are a few topics we need to discuss tonight. This document should provide all of the information necessary for a successful softball season at both the Varsity and Junior Varsity levels. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask anyone on the coaching staff at any time! Varsity Softball Steve Schiesel Cell (810) 459-2093 Email: Coach School
  Parent Information: March 17 2017 Season Start Good Evening! There are a few topics we need to discuss tonight. This document should  provide all of the information necessary for a successful softball season at both the Varsity and Junior Varsity levels. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask anyone on the coaching staff at any time! Varsity Softball Coach Steve Schiesel Cell (810) 459-2093 School (586) 825-2700 x. 14404 Email: Varsity Assistant Claire Wells Cell (586) 907-2349 Junior Varsity Coach Trainer Team Updates TEAM FACEBOOK SHHS Stallions Softball TEAM WEBSITE Twitter: @SHHS_BlacknGold EXPECTATIONS: 1.    NO alcohol or recreational drug use during the season. PENALTY  —  Removal from the team, parent contact, and counselor contact. 2.    NO smoking during the season. PENALTY  —  Possible removal from the team or suspension. 3.   Playing time Playing time will vary by level. a.   Varsity  —  At the varsity level, we are here to win. The best, eligible players will be put onto the field to perform. Eligibility per game will be further explained in detail.  b.   Junior Varsity  —  At this level, winning is not quite as important. The first half of the season, each player will be given an equal amount of game time. They will be able to further their game skills and knowledge. The second half of the season will be dedicated to creating the best squad.   4.   Eligibility There are school rules, and rules that my coaches and I have agreed upon in regards to player eligibility per game or event. These rules include: a.   An athlete must be in school for at least four full hours during the school day to be eligible to play in a game that day. Practices however they may attend and participate.  b.   An athlete must be passing at least four classes.    While this is the district policy, we feel your athlete should be passing all six classes. We maintain the district policy but may withhold  playing time if all six classes are not being passed. c.   There are excused and unexcused absences. If an athlete misses a practice due to an excused absence, then she will still be considered eligible for the next upcoming event.  Excused absences include :    Being sick from school {going home ill during school day (not after)}    Attending a funeral of immediate family    Being at a school function for a class/program, such as Band, NHS, Field Trip, etc. (email confirmation to Coach Schiesel required from teacher)    Attending tutoring after school, which will be verified (email confirmation to Coach Schiesel required from teacher) Unexcused absences include :    Skipping practice/going home ill after school    Having to leave for work    Planning a doctor’s appointment during practice time, such as Dentist Cleaning or Dermatologist Appointment    Vacation OTHER than the week excused for Spring Break     Not having proper gear to practice in and having to sit out If an athlete misses a practice or game due to an unexcused  absence, she will not play the following competition date and will sit the entire game. If she has a second unexcused  absence, she will sit the entire week of competition. By the third unexcused  absence, the athlete will be removed from the team. The athlete is expected to communicate with the appropriate coach when she will be late or miss a game/practice. Missing a game for a school reason or another reason does not count as a missed game for an unexcused absence. If an athlete is late to practice or a game and it is for an unexcused reason, that athlete will NOT  start the following competition and will sit for 3 full innings. If she is late a second time for an unexcused reason she will sit a full game. By the third unexcused tardy, the athlete will sit a game for each tardy. If an athlete sits 4 games for being late, she will be removed from the team. Missing a game for a school or personal reason does not count towards a game or innings for being late on a violation. (Example: Player is late to practice Tuesday so she will sit the first 3 innings of the next game; that same player is sick on Wednesday which happens to be the next game. The illness keeps the athlete home from school and the game; this does not count as the first 3 innings sitting for a team violation. The athlete will sit the first 3 innings of the next game she is in attendance for.)   5.   Clothing/Equipment All athletes are required to come to practices and games on time  and fully   prepared . Clothes worn during practice must be appropriate to wear in school; they also must be one of the following main colors: Black/White/Gray/Gold. Wearing just a sports bra or “ wife beater  ”  will NOT be accepted. No short shorts, leggings, thin tank tops (basketball cut is acceptable), or large cut tanks. Every athlete must come prepared to practice every day which means getting dirty and sliding. If a player doesn’t  want to get a hole in her shirt or pants, she should not wear them to practice or to a game. Also,  players should wear shoes out to the field every day, not just socks or bare feet (we don’t need anyone injured by broken glass/sharp objects). Players should please come with their hair pulled back and no  jewelry or metal clips in their hair. Athletes must not get piercings during the season or shortly before the season. Each athlete must also bring her own mitt(s)  and cleats  to practice. Batting gloves are recommended but not required. Players must ALWAYS  have a pair of tennis shoes in case we have to  practice indoors. The softball program will provide one game uniform, bats, balls, helmets, and catcher  ’ s equipment. 6.   Time Being on time will be essential this year. Being on time includes being ready to practice at the scheduled start time. For example, most practices outside will begin at 3:00 p.m. for varsity. Athletes are given approximately 30 minutes to be at the field with the proper equipment in place, dressed accordingly, and in proper footwear. The team should be stretched and warmed up, including arms loose, by the scheduled practice time. On the opposite end of this spectrum, we as coaches will also be checking the clock to ensure that  practice ends at the appropriate time. Practice times may seem long, but this is to include the time your athlete takes to clean up the field, put away equipment, and walk back to the locker room to get her belongings. The school has implemented a rule about picking up students. Coaches are to only remain at the school up to 15 minutes after practice has ended. After that point, the athletes are no longer considered our responsibility. If an athlete is left waiting for a ride longer than 15 minutes, and this occurs two or more times, the coach must inform the Athletic Director, who will then contact the athlete’s parent or guardian. If this should happen two more times after the parent contact, the coach will then notify the Athletic Director again, and the athlete may be removed from the team. Those athletes who drive themselves must leave the school grounds after the conclusion of a game or practice. The only exception is with a written note from a teacher for a study session, or to support one of our other athletic programs that have a home game. 7.   Phones Athletes may have their phones on them, but they MUST BE TURNED OFF at all times! Game times and locations have been known to change while we are en-route. Having a cell phone gives the athlete an opportunity to contact anyone coming to watch her, or her ride home. Unlike during the school day, if an athlete has a phone out during a practice/game and has not been given permission to get it out for a particular reason by a coach, the team will get one warning of the policy (after that the athlete will have consequences which may include additional cardio work after practice or deducted playing time for games, which could be the game they are about to play or are currently playing).   8.   Security By having two parents as security at every home game, money is generated for the Booster Club. These parents simply sit behind home plate, where there will be two chairs set up. One is in charge of the scoreboard, and the other observes the crowd to ensure everyone is behaving according to the school standards. To date, we have never had a problem at the softball diamond, and I hope to keep our record strong. Also, for helping the Booster Club, they have donated items to us in the past. 9.   Team/Attitude All athletes are expected and urged to give 100% at every practice and game. If there should ever be a  problem with another teammate or coach, your athlete is asked to talk to her coach about the situation or Team Captain(s) at the Varsity level if appropriate. We as coaches cannot guess if your daughter is having a problem. Please work with your coach to help prevent any misunderstandings. During game  play, we ask parents not to contact their athlete regardless if the player is sitting on the bench or on the field. We want the player focused on the game and the team. With that being said, we ask that spectators (including family/friends) DO NOT sit directly behind or next to the dugout so that the athletes are not tempted to speak with them. NO PARENTS, FRIENDS, FAMILY ARE ALLOWED IN THE DUGOUT BEFORE OR DURING A GAME FOR ANY REASON; THIS INCLUDES DROPPING OFF WATER/SEEDS/SHOES/ETC (PLEASE GIVE ANY ITEMS REQUIRED BY THE ATHLETE TO THE COACHES). After a game I am happy to have help of  parents/friends/family assist with equipment to allow us as coaches and players to leave from the game faster. While the team should be handling all of it on their own, I know it is appreciated by your daughters. 10.   Driving For our games, we will have one-way busing. This means the bus will take your athlete to the game, and then you must provide a ride home for your athlete. We would like to see parents picking up their own athletes, but we know this is not always possible. Please ensure that there is a responsible party  picking up your athlete, and that you are aware of what time the games end and what time your athlete should arrive home. As usual, we would like transportation to run as smoothly as possible. In the case that an athlete cannot make the bus for a school-related reason (MMSTC/FIELD TRIP/SCHOOL MEETING/ETC.), we ask the parents to arrange to pick up the athlete to take her to a game the same as you would for the athlete leaving a game. 11.   Food Food in the dugout should be kept to a MINIMUM. Water will be provided for every home game. Seeds and sport drinks are the only items allowed. NO other food or drinks (including Slurpees)! Tournaments have a different procedure and will be addressed at a later time. Also, athletes will  please make sure all trash is picked up in the dugout before leaving the field. This includes away games and practices, even if the trash was there.
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