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Parent Handbook Table of Contents 1 I. Introduction II. Hours of Operation III. Licensing Statement IV. Staf V. Enrollment VI. Supply Fees and Enrollment Fees VII. Tuition and Payment Policy VIII. Tuition Discount Opportunities IX. Child Incident Forms X. Biting Policy XI. Clothing XII. Emergency Plans XIII. Weekly Newsletters XIV. Health and Wellbeing XV. Medication XVI. Child Accident Form XVII.
  Parent Handbook   Table of Contents1  I.IntroductionII.Hours of OperationIII.Licensing StatementIV.Sta V.EnrollmentVI.Supply ees and Enrollment eesVII.Tuition and !ayment !olicyVIII.Tuition iscount Opportunities I#.C$ild Incident orms#.%iting !olicy#I.Clot$ing#II.Emergency !lans#III.&ee'ly (e)sletters#IV.Healt$ and &ellbeing#V.*edication #VI.C$ild +ccident orm#VII.In,ury &ai-er#VIII.Classroom Information #I#.Lunc$es##.Lea-ing t$e Center !olicy##I.Holiday Vacation and Sic' ays##II.&it$dra)al and ismissal !olicy##III.ield Trips##IV.Home)or'##V.Handboo' Veri/cation !age0  &elcome to T$e C$ildrens Enric$ment Center of Haslett *I2 &e are $appy t$at you $a-ec$osen us to care for your c$ildren. &e $ope t$at t$is $andboo' )ill $elp introduce you to  T$e C$ildrens Enric$ment Center and ans)er many of your 3uestions. (o matter )$at age your c$ild is or )$ere t$ey are de-elopmentally )e are $ere to meet bot$ t$eir needs and your needs ali'e. Our program is founded on t$e -alues and principles of4 ã  Self5&ort$ ã  6espect or Oursel-es and One +not$er ã  Honesty ã  !erse-erance ã  C$arity &e are committed to meeting t$e indi-idual needs of c$ildren t$roug$ a c$allengingand nurturing en-ironment. &e pro-ide a safe and $ealt$y atmosp$ere for c$ildren to gro) socially emotionally p$ysically cogniti-ely and creati-ely. %y using an interacti-e curriculum c$ildren )ill learn primarily t$roug$ play )it$ t$e interests being t$e moti-ational factor for t$e learning t$at ta'es place.Our sta of )arm caring professional c$ildcare pro-iders maintain a positi-e and stimulatingatmosp$ere )$ere your c$ild is cared for and respected. 7our c$ild is -ery special and it is our goalto attend to all of $is8$er needs personal and de-elopmental. 7ou are an important part of T$e C$ildrens Enric$ment Center family and )e )ould li'e to ta'e t$is opportunity to t$an' you for s$aring your precious c$ildren )it$ us. ebra Ellis anielle Elliott9  O)ner8 irectorO)ner8 Operational*anager Hours of Operation ull ay Care *onday5riday :4;;am5<4;;pm!re5Sc$ool *onday5&ednesday =4;;am51149;am+fter Sc$ool Enric$ment !rogram *onday5riday 049;pm5<4;;pm License Statement  T$e C$ildrens Enric$ment Center LLC is a licensed program t$roug$ t$e *ic$igan epartment of Human Ser-ices. &e comply )it$ all c$ild care regulations set fort$ by t$e %ureau of C$ild Care. T$e C$ildrens Enric$ment Center )ill perform in a professional manner in all areas of its operation. Our professional sta )ill de-elop all program areas to meet t$e indi-idual needs of t$e c$ildren on a consistent basis.&e ser-e ages 9; mont$s >0 ?@ t$roug$ 10 years. Located on t$e same s$elf as t$e c$ild sign in8out s$eet is a blue licensing noteboo'. T$is boo' contains all information pertaining to our State of *ic$igan license. 7ou are )elcome to refer to it at any time. Child Care Givers and Teachers +t T$e C$ildrens Enric$ment Center )e understand t$e importance of $ig$ly educated trained and professional sta. Eac$ of our caregi-ers are re3uired to go t$roug$ an eAtensi-e criminal $istory c$ec' as )ell as a central registry c$ec' t$roug$ t$e epartment of Human Ser-ices. T$e C$ildrens Enric$ment Center $as at least one sta member )$o is trained in !ediatric C!6 irst +id and %lood %orne !at$ogens in t$e building at all times. Our Teac$ers stri-e to be a-ailable to s$are information )it$ you eac$ day and to allo) time for any 3uestions or concerns t$at you may $a-e. !lease feel free to contact any of our sta at any time regarding your c$ildren.+ note from our irector and *anager4It is -ery important to us t$e leaders of T$e C$ildrens Enric$ment Center t$at along )it$ our Lead Teac$ers )e also de-elop strong and lo-ing relations$ips )it$ t$e c$ildren $ere at t$e center. &e accomplis$ t$is by spending a large amount of our day in t$e classroom and in-ol-ed )it$ your c$ildren. +lt$oug$ some of our day re3uires us to care of t$e Bbusiness side of our organiDation you )ill often see us in-ol-ed )it$ completing $ome)or' art pro,ects games etc. &e $a-e an Bopen 
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