Oxfam's DFID General PPA Year Three Annual Review

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The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) is one of Oxfam’s most strategically important partners. The Programme Partnership Arrangement (PPA) is a major element of Oxfam’s relationship with DFID, providing valuable opportunities for collaboration and engagement, as well as financial support for Oxfam’s work. Oxfam is one of four organisations in the UK which receive both a ‘general’ PPA to support core operations, and a ‘conflict, security and justice, and humanitarian’ (CHASE) PPA to support humanitarian policy work. This is Oxfam’s Year Three Annual Review of its general PPA.
  Oxfam's DFID General PPA  Year Three Annual Review General PPA  Year Three Annual Report   October 2014    Oxfam GB PPA Annual Reports Oxfam GB PPA Annual Reports are prepared for the programme funder, the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID). The reports are mainly intended as a report to the funder, they provide details of key aspects of Oxfam‟s development and humanitarian policy and practice work, share programme learning and highlight key achievements. They are made available on the Oxfam GB Policy and Practice website. This paper was prepared by the Programme Funding Department of Oxfam GB and was submitted to DFID by Caroline Foster For more information, or to comment on this report, email askprogrammefunding@oxfam.org.uk © Oxfam GB October 2014 Published by Oxfam GB on 02 October 2014 under online ISBN 978-1-78077-7 91- 7 Oxfam GB, Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 2JY, UK. This publication is copyright but the text may be used free of charge for the purposes of advocacy, campaigning, education, and research, provided that the source is acknowledged in full. The copyright holder requests that all such use be registered with them for impact assessment purposes. For copying in any other circumstances, or for re-use in other publications, or for translation or adaptation, permission must be secured and a fee may be charged. E-mail policyandpractice@oxfam.org.uk. The information in this publication is correct at the time of going to press. OXFAM Oxfam is an international confederation of 17 organizations networked together in over 97 countries, as part of a global movement for change, to build a future free from the injustice of poverty: Oxfam America (www.oxfamamerica.org) Oxfam Australia (www.oxfam.org.au) Oxfam-in-Belgium (www.oxfamsol.be) Oxfam Canada (www.oxfam.ca) Oxfam France (www.oxfamfrance.org) Oxfam Germany (www.oxfam.de) Oxfam GB (www.oxfam.org.uk) Oxfam Hong Kong (www.oxfam.org.hk) Oxfam India (www.oxfamindia.org) Oxfam Intermón (Spain) (www.oxfamintermon.org) Oxfam Ireland (www.oxfamireland.org) Oxfam Italy (www.oxfamitalia.org) Oxfam Japan (www.oxfam.jp) Oxfam Mexico (www.oxfammexico.org) Oxfam New Zealand (www.oxfam.org.nz) Oxfam Novib (Netherlands) (www.oxfamnovib.nl) Oxfam Québec ( www.oxfam.qc.ca ) Please write to any of the agencies for further information, or visit www.oxfam.org  Oxfam GB General PPA Report FY2013/14  –  Part 1 Annual Report 0 Contents 1.   General PPA   a. Oxfam‟s General PPA Year Three Annual Report: Part 1 (pages 1-80) b. Oxfam‟s General PPA Year Three Annual Report: Part 2  (pages 81-98) c. Annexes d. DFID feedback letter  Oxfam GB General PPA Report FY2013/14  –  Part 1 Annual Report 1 PART 1: PPA Annual Report PPA Annual Report for Reporting Year 2013/2014 Section 1: Background Information   1.1 Organisation Oxfam GB (henceforth referred to as Oxfam) General 1.2 Main Contact and contact details Caroline Foster, PPA Manager, cfoster@oxfam.org.uk,    01865 473900 1.3 Finance 2011/12 2012/13 22001133 / /1144 Annual Income of Organisation (£) 385.5m 367.9m 389.2m 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 PPA Funding (£) 11.2m 11.2m 11.2m As % of total organisational income 2.9% 3.0%   2.9% 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 Other DFID Funding (£) 12.4m 26.9 m 23.4   m
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